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The Best Outdoor Activities for you and your Dog

The best Outdoor Activities for you and your Dog

What is the best activity for you and your dog? Well… it depends… on you AND your dog.

This is not a case of one size fits all, as both you and your dog have different personalities and needs when compared to another set of dog&owner. A husky will need and enjoy different things than say a Chihuahua.

The rule of thumb here is to find the absolute limit of your comfort when it comes to physical activities and go a little above that. No need to adopt something way out of your comfort zone just because it’s the norm and it’s seen as cool.

We’ve made a list of things to do outdoors with your dog and we’ve explained it based on how physically demanding each activity is, so you can choose something that’s right for you.

Jogging. It’s both cool and healthy to go out jogging with your dog. If you can handle it, there is simply no better outdoor activity in terms of physical effort you can do accompanied by your dog. This one is something all dog owners should strive for. Maybe you’re far away from being able to do it now, but you can still set a target of 1-2 years from now to reach a place where jogging every morning with your dog is not only doable, but fun.


Cycling. Before you get there you can start with some daily cycling. It’s way easier than jogging and still provides a great workout. You can choose the intensity by how fast you are going or what route you’re going to take. Always harder to climb a hill with a bike than pedaling on a straight road… By cycling you’ll be able to tire your dog and consume all his energy while you’ll spend moderate amounts of effort.

Swimming. This one is super fun for both of you and extremely healthy. If you have the means to do it, swimming rivals jogging when it comes to outdoor activities and might actually surpass it in terms of fun and health. Dogs love water and if you introduce them from a young age, they’ll jump right in as often as they have a chance. You can play fetch with your dog in a swimming pool or a lake, or the ocean. You can also race them on a swim. It will not damage your joints and it is basically the equivalent of going to Disneylang for your pup.

Hiking. You can’t do this every day, but when you have the chance, jump on it! There is nothing like being alone in nature with your pet. You can trek on easy paths at first and the more comfortable you become, the longer and harder the walks. You can have a camping trip planned once a year for the two of you, spend one or two nights in the bush. A feeling of pure freedom and a bond that will last a lifetime!

Regardless of your fitness level or the breed of your dog, you can find a fun outdoor activity that will entertain your pup and help keep you healthier. Start small and gradually advance towards a set target while having fun on the way.

In the end that’s what’s it all about, fun, quality time spend with your dog.