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Nine Types of Dog Toys, An Overview

Nine Types of Dog Toys, An Overview

Canines love to play, they love to chew and chase. As a dog owner, you are looking for ways to keep your dog active and happy. Sure, you can take him or her for walks once, twice, or maybe three times a day. However, even the dog will get bored with just walks each day. You need to find other ways to occupy your dog so they do not get bored and begin to act out destructively or aggressively.

The way we do this when we have a dog as part of our family is to find toys that he or she can play with. There are likely millions of toys on the market today. Finding the perfect toy for your Golden Retriever will take some careful consideration.

To begin, what is the purpose of the toy? Will it be used as a training toy? Will it be used for play? There was a time when the only items available to interact with your canine were a rope, a stick, or a frisbee. Times have changed drastically since then.

Toys For Training

Training does not have to be all work. When training is somewhat fun for the dog, he or she is likely to learn faster. When you have training toys, they are meant to stimulate the dog and his senses, and also give him an outlet for energy.

It is not just your new family pet that uses training. Police dogs, water rescue dogs both use training toys also. The following are some of the best training toys for you to consider when looking to purchase some.


The Bumi is the best tug toy for training your dog. The Bumi is an S-shaped toy that makes tugging fun. The toy is squishy so it will not hurt the dog’s mouth, the grip is easy to hold for the human who is playing and this toy is made in the USA of all quality materials.

This toy is durable, can be washed in the dishwasher, and used over and over again as a chew toy when training. The Bumi is available in three different sizes, for the breed of dog you have. Of course, the Golden Retriever would benefit from the large size.

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Stick

The Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Stick and Training Stick for large dogs are the best when looking for a chew toy. With a lifelong guarantee, it is strong and extremely tough for breeds that are known to be aggressive chewers, such as Pitbulls. This sturdy chew stick is available in three sizes Small, large and extra-large.


Kong is one of the best classic toys that will also dispense treats while your dog plays. This is a toy that helps develop the dog’s mentality and ability. Not only is it a perfect chew toy that delivers treats, but it is also great for chewing, helps with separation anxiety and anxiety from storms.

This treat-dispensing toy for training is dishwasher safe and gives an opportunity for a bigger challenge. You can freeze the toy for a few hours ahead of giving it to your dog. This allows the toy to be played with long before the treat is distributed.

Chuck-it Glow Ball

Glow Ball is the best fetch toy used for training. The ball is the perfect way to give your dog a challenge when training. They work harder to bring it back when used as a training toy. All dogs love to play with balls and the Glow ball is no different.

The Chuck-it Glow Ball is available in four sizes. No batteries or charging cord necessary. Allow the ball to sit under a bright light for a minimum of 5 minutes to use this ball for night training.

ZippyPaws Plush Toy

ZippyPaws Plush Toy for Training is the ideal plush toy for your favorite puppy. Three fun plush animals to make training fun and enjoyable for both of you. The plush toy is made longer, with high-quality material and there is no filling within the toy that would make a mess, which also means they last longer.

Interactive Toys

This type of toy enables both you and your dog to enjoy playtime together. These interactive toys will keep boredom away. They can double as treat dispensers, they occupy alone time and stimulate the brain.

These interactive toys can be simple treat dispensers, they can be puzzles, such as to treat dispensing puzzles. The dog will need to choose the right puzzle piece to obtain the treat within. The majority of these interactive toys offer a variety of challenges for your dog.

The challenges could be to open a compartment by pressing a button, it could be to pull on a short rope, or even move a lever. These stimulating toys will take time for your dog to fully figure out and succeed. Always change the location of where you place the treats, this will keep the dog working his or her brain to figure out where it is.

Comfort Toys for Dogs

It is safe to say that even a dog likes to cuddle up with a plush toy once in a while. Whether the dog is lonely and waiting for you to get home from work, or during storms, the dog is scared or may be used for separation anxiety. Your dog, like many others, just wants a friend to hang or one to cuddle with.

  1. Heartbeat stuffed plush toy will be a huge comfort to those dogs who experience separation anxiety when the owner is gone. Hearing the heartbeat will remind them of their own mother or of their owner and how the owner holds them.
  2. Aromatherapy plush toys are also available for helping your dog get through some tough times. Whether it is sickness, loss of a loved one, anxiety or even panic.

Self Entertainment Toys

Many of these would include the treat dispensers, the aromatherapy plush toys, and others. One that should be listed for the top choices is a Soothing toy that the dog can lay on, next to, or cuddle with.

These great little toys have a removable buckwheat bag on the inside that can be taken out, heated for a very short time in the microwave, and then placed back inside the toy. This toy will help the dog to feel comforted and soothed when you are not available.

Another great aspect of this is that it will also conform to shape. When your little pup lays its head down, the buckwheat will surround the cheeks, or the neck and the dog will feel as though it is being held.

The Benefits of Toys

Your dog could become bored when he or she is left home alone. When your baby pooch has toys to keep him occupied, time will go faster for him. There will also be less chance that your dog will become irritable out of boredom.

When you provide the best toys for your dog, they will use their natural-born instinct to play with it, to figure out the puzzles, to learn from the toy. The treat-dispensing toys are great for working the thinking skills that a dog is naturally born with. They need to use the natural instinct of hunting to figure out how they can get the toy or treat out from the compartment it is in.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you could ignore the fact that all dogs love to play, that they all love the interaction and you will find that out of boredom your dog may begin to chew shoes, blankets, your favorite sweater, or your child’s toys. You could make the effort before leaving for the day to take your pooch on a nice long walk to wear him or her out.

Of course, this is no guarantee that the puppy will sleep the entire time you are gone. Training your dog that playtime and a fun time is always better with toys and done together is the way of training to prevent any undesirable issues.

Training is part of this. The dog will learn that there is a time to chew, a time to pull, and a time to play. They will learn when the acceptable time is and that chewing shoes or other articles is not good behavior.

Another valuable piece of advice is to be sure that you purchase a properly sized toy for the breed of dog that you have. Obviously, buying a toy for a huge pitbull is not going to be an appropriate choice for a poodle to play with or even a chihuahua.

Read up on all available information in regards to the toys you are considering. This will enable you to find the right size toy, for the right purpose for your pooch. In this way, you will both be able to have loads of fun!

In order to prevent undesirable behavior in your Golden Retriever or any other breed dog, purchasing a toy or two for them is the way to help.