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The 10 Best Puzzle Toys for Your Golden Retriever

The 10 Best Puzzle Toys for Your Golden Retriever

Do you leave your Golden Retriever alone in the house for some hours?

Golden Retrievers thrive on attention and company. They are intelligent dogs that can can get bored when you’re not home. If there isn’t much that’s stimulating them, they can easily indulge in destructive behaviors such as chewing on things they aren’t supposed to.

To avoid this, dog behaviorists recommend you use puzzle toys.

Puzzle toys are designed to help keep your Goldy busy while you’re away and are available in various sizes to cater to your doggy friend’s needs.

Let’s take a look at the best options available to buy!


The Top 10 Best Puzzle Toys for Your Golden Retriever


KONG Classic

IQ Treat Ball

Tricky Treat Ball


Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser

Hide-and-Slide Puzzle

Dog Twister

Dog Activity Flip Board

Mad Scientist Puzzle



The Top 10 Best Puzzle Toys for Your Golden Retriever

Puzzle toys keep your dog occupied for hours and contain treats within them which keeps them interested. You dog needs to use his cognitive capabilities to unlock the puzzle and enjoy his treat.

There are various different puzzle toys available to buy on the market to cater to all needs.

Let’s take a look at our picks.



Hide and squeak by Outward Hound is a simple plush puzzle game in which you stuff the tiny squeaky squirrels into a  tree trunk. Your Golden retriever has to pull each of the squirrels out one by one. You just have to keep stuffing them back in and watch your dog enjoy this game!

This toy is an excellent food-free choice for your dog that’s bound to keep him busy for a few hours.


2.KONG Classic

KONG toys are one of the best available to buy on the market. You can fill this bouncy rubber toy up with treats that your Golden retriever loves, like doggy safe beef jerky, biscuits, etc.

This toy is bound to keep your Golden retriever entertained throughout the day as he’ll definitely be  pawing it around the house to lick out every last bit of the treat. The toy is available in various sizes for seniors, puppies, etc.


3.IQ Treat Ball

You can fill this IQ Treat Ball up with treats for healthy feeding and determine an opening based on the level of difficulty that you may want to set. If you wish to keep your Golden retriever entertained for all day, you can tighten the opening.

This one size fits all puzzle is an excellent choice for all dogs.


4.Tricky Treat Ball

This Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw is available in three sizes which caters to the needs of all size dogs. This ball looks like a regular ball but with tricky-to-find treats.

All you have to do is to simply load the ball up and watch as your dog pushes it around the house trying to get out his favorite snack. It’s simple, effective, and extremely easy to use.



This sustained play interactive toy provides your furry friend with multi-sensory stimulation which helps in keeping your Golden retriever engaged for a long time. The toy is made from durable non-toxic materials and can holds up to an entire meal worth of kibble.

This means that the toy won’t only satisfy your dog’s hunger, but keep him occupied for quite some time, too. This is best suited for larger breeds.


6.Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispenser

This treat dispenser exercises and feeds your dog at the same time. The toy comes with a large bottom chamber that you can fill up up to 3 cups of food while the adjustable openings at the top and the bottom allow you to adjust the level of difficulty.

The toy comes with a weighted anti-slip bottom which makes the toy wobble erratically and entices your dog to play. This toy can keep your Golden retriever engaged for a long time and is fun to play with.


7.Hide-and-Slide Puzzle

This clever puzzle will keep your dog mentally stimulated as it provides your Golden retriever with actions to retrieve treat rewards in different way and is great for dogs that enjoy treat games. The puzzle stimulates your dog’s mind and requires your dog to maneuver the levers to reveal the dog treats.

The toy can easily help reduce your Golden retriever’s boredom and makes the act of feeding interactive and fun.

With this toy in the house, you can be sure that your dog won’t resort to destructive behavior.


8.Dog Twister

This is an advanced dog puzzle that features a wheel of compartments to be filled with hidden treats. These treats are revealed only after the Golden retriever moves one block after another in a circle. It’s a level 3 game that’s bound to make your dog smarter.

You can even lock some of the blocks with a bone shaped peg for added difficulty.


9.Dog Activity Flip Board

This is designed for smaller dogs and is a difficult game. Each flap, knob, and cone must be operated in some way to get the treat. The challenge is that Golden retrievers don’t have opposable thumbs!


10.Mad Scientist Puzzle

This game will make you think that your dog is extremely smart. All your Golden retriever has to do is to flip over the three “beakers” to release tasty treats. The weighted base can of course be set on the floor, but the puzzle can also be suspended in the air.



These puzzle toys are designed to keep your Golden retriever happy and engaged for a long time. This means that you don’t have to be worried about him engaging in destructive activities while you’re away.

And, you don’t need to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone.

The puzzle toys mentioned above are safe and effective. They help curb bad behavior which is necessary for Golden Retrievers and are an excellent investment.

Which one did you like the best for your Golden retriever? Let us know in the comments!