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How do I keep flies away from my dog?

flies and dogs

Why does my dog have a lot of flies?

have you noticed that your dog becomes quite attached to flies, despite the hygiene measures you have taken? If so, you should contact your veterinarian Your furry friend may be suffering from a condition called muzzle flies.

The breeds that are most affected by flies are those with straight ears, such as the Golden retriever. Sometimes your dog may not feel the bite of the insect, and when he is older, he will no longer feel it. This is a bit concerning because it is not just the wound that causes it, but it can also cause ear infections, also flies can lay eggs in the ears, further affecting your dog’s health.

Noticing the wounds, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian to check and proceed to clean, then proceed to disinfection, then prescribe some antibiotic that helps in the treatment, we must not forget that you should use a repellent to help us avoid bites, but also to help us treat our pet.

The aphids are made by the larvae of different flies of the genus Diptera. They feed on what they find, which is nothing more than dead tissue and organic matter that accumulates inside them. If not taken care of in time, they will cause serious damage.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about a disease that only affects the ears, but rather it can affect any part of the body. All the maggots need is an open wound, no matter how small, to harm the animal.

What are the symptoms of mucormycosis?

Symptoms of mucormycosis disease:

  • Unpleasant odor from the affected area
  • Appearance of larvae
  • Severe itching and/or irritation
  • The dog may shake its head vigorously
  • And then others, such as frustration and irritability, which will increase until it is corrected.

What is the diagnosis and treatment?

The vet will only see that it’s a muzzle bug on physical examination. Once he detects it, he will diligently clean the area and apply drops to eliminate the larvae.

Ways to get flies away from your dog

I would think the first thing you should be careful is to observe your dog, you must keep the area clean and sanitized, and if you know how to use a homemade repellent to help your dog with the tedious flies (although there is always the option to buy ready-made repellents. During the hottest hours, we have to keep him inside and not outside to get rid of flies.

Below I will try to show you some ways that you can use and thus avoid the unpleasant flies from our doggy friend.

Vinegar repellent

It is an acidic liquid with a very strong aroma that flies do not absolutely like at all, vinegar also has an ingredient that if it falls directly on the insect slowly the movements of the insect will become slower and slower until it finally dies.

This ingredient is called acetic acid. The ingredients for this miracle are just 10 drops of vinegar, a stick of cinnamon, and a glass of water, mix everything well and pour the contents of the Miracle Bowl into a spray bottle and we can use it immediately.

But for this remedy to work, we must take into account that some flies like sweet, so if the flies in your house are fruit trees, this recipe won’t work at all.

Dish Vinegar and Soap

Secure the plastic wrap with a rubber band and make small holes in the top. Flies will be attracted to the glass’s vinegar and fly through the holes. But, the dish soap will cause the flies to sink instead of landing on the vinegar.

A repellent essence

The fragrances of different oils are very strong and so insects will flee, so it is a good idea to use them in different parts of the house and on the edges of doors and windows.

To make this repellent, you will need 10 drops of each of the following oils:

  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • mint
  • citronella

You can purchase them in different health food stores, you need to put everything in a spray container and ready to spray in different parts of your house and you will see how this miracle works. But keep in mind the following essential oils can cause more problems than they solve:

  • tea tree
  • Pennyroyal
  • wintergreen
  • pine
  • cinnamon
  • citrus
  • mint
  • sweet birch
  • ylang-ylang

Most of these need a high dose to cause problems, but it is best to avoid using them as a fly repellent

The garlic repellent

One way is to make garlic. Insects hate this smell, and if you put a lot of it in your house, you will be able to use it immediately to flies, they will not at all try to get into your house, which is one of the best ways of cure, however, one disadvantage is the smell of this vegetable.

Fly Repellent with Aromatic Plants

Aromatic plants are ideal for repelling certain insects. Choose plants that can work, like lavender, mint, citronella, rosemary, sage, basil, and oregano. It can also help us because these are the plants we use in the kitchen.

What should we do if our dog catches flies and other insects?

In case your dog has been trying to catch flies and other insects, you should keep a close eye on what your dog is doing. Catching a wasp or bee in its mouth can end up not only with an unpleasant sting and swollen mouth for the dog but also with breathing problems and even a fatal shock.

It is very difficult to teach a dog to catch flying insects. A vigilant pet is usually the first to notice a fly and starts snapping its mouth even before we realize what is happening. Therefore, the best way to protect your dog from eating the wrong insect is to prevent its presence in our home.

Putting mosquito nets on the windows, taking out the garbage regularly, and removing insect nests from around the house are just some of the measures we can take to reduce the number of insects around our dogs. If we want to use chemicals, we should first read the leaflet of the preparation and make sure that it will not harm our charge.

Vaseline for dogs’ ears

Thanks to the 18 muscles responsible for the movement of the auricle, it moves in support of catching the slightest sound wave. Your dog’s hearing is one of its most highly developed senses.

A dog’s ears consist of three parts:

  • outer ear
  • the middle ear
  • inner ear

The outer ear is composed of the auricle and the ear canal, which is usually L-shaped and longer than in humans.

The variety of vaseline that can be sold in veterinary clinics in all sizes and shapes. For example, there is one called Lamar, so you can mention several Vaseline, it is recommended to visit your vet to prescribe the one that best suits your pet.

One bath a month

If you bathe and brush your dog once or twice a month, it will be less of a problem for your dog to attract flies, besides to monthly grooming bath and brush your dog if you see flies, especially in the summer. Remember to clean and trim the dog’s coat on the anus and genitals so it doesn’t get dirty when it’s lying on the ground.

Flies often lay their eggs in feces. If your dog has very poor hygiene during elimination, he is likely suffering from an infestation. You should train to go to the bathroom in the backyard, which is very easy to clean.

Washing clothes with baking soda

Wash your dog’s bedding at least once a week, it will prevent odors and stains, and automatically the eggs left by flies will be eliminated.

Apply baking soda to the bedding to remove stubborn odors. Sprinkle a little baking soda and let it work for about 15 minutes and then vacuum.

Keep your dog clean and healthy

Finally, it should be a good idea to keep your loving puppy in a clean and healthy place, as well as clean up regularly, as simply leaving your dog’s food bowl untidy can lead to the return of flies and other insects.

Here is what you need to do to keep flies out of your dog’s environment

  • Clean up after him
  • to keep his ears as well as his general hygiene
  • keep his place neat
  • Wash your dog’s muzzle after every meal
  • Wash your dog’s bedding
  • Clean your yard after your dog (bones, dirty kennel, excrement, etc)
  • Clean up litter around the house

These activities should be regularly done once a week, remember also to seek help from a vet doctor who will provide you with help in case of mussels that have affected your pet.