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How often should I Bathe my Golden Retriever and Why?

Golden Retriever dog bath, bathing

We wash our hair daily or at least 4 to 5 times week, the reason for that is the excessive dirt and oil in our head and the body as well. We wash our body to feel clean and fresh if we don’t wash up for 3 to 4 days we smell like s***. Yeah, that’s true if you are living in a moderate weather region, if it is colder or snowfall season you are good to go for maximum four to five days but not more than that. Bathing has excellent levels of benefits to the body as well as the mind.

Same is with your Golden Retriever, your dog has way more hair than you do, and those big long dual coated hair are always exposed to the outside environment. The dog body significantly gets in contact with ground, mud and other surfaces. This way your golden retriever gets a whole lot dirty even if he doesn’t look that dirty to you. The golden retrievers are very sensitive dogs, they love to be clean and tidy every time. So the question is you have to bath your dog but how often should you bath him or her? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we will provide the best guideline to bath your beautiful and glamorous Golden Retriever.

I hear too many questions from our subscribers and clients that should they even bath their Golden Retriever?

To answer this question, the Golden Retrievers are blessed with a warm double coat of hair/fur. Only this is one of the typical characteristics of the water dogs. That means your Golden Retriever needs bath consistently from time to time. How often you should bath your dog mostly depends on specific environmental and lifestyle factors that include:

  • The consistency of the swimming excursions

  • The time your Golden Retriever spent outside the home

  • The consideration of Rural or urban environment

  • The issue with the Local parasites/fleas/ticks and other insects

  • Lifestyle and environmental factors

However, your dog is a life aquatic animal and is totally capable of flinging away most of the water that is accumulated, just after a dip with that good body-shake they do. The point is the regular swimming can lead to dirty coat and also that unpleasant wet smell, that none of us likes.
But the key here is not to let your dog get into the water that is dirty somehow, most importantly the ponds with algae and fungus water issues. A golden retriever that loves to spend a lot of time indoors is going get a lot less debris and dirt than one who is regularly outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you should keep your dog at home all day long, let him play outside in the public parks but given him nice little warm baths after some days. This is also very necessary to keep your dog healthy and disease free. If you know of any parasite problem in your local area, it is essential to give frequent baths to keep your dog out of the harm way.

How often should you bath your Golden Retriever?

The answer to the question is: Well, It is important not to wash your Golden Retriever too much. The reason is the frequent bathing can strip away all the natural oils from your dog body hair and that oil is essential as it keeps the dirt away from getting the matt form. The matt look that can make your dog look disappointingly unattractive. Moreover, it can make the dog’s skin prone to dandruff and other infections. The key here is to use a very mild shampoo that will not have any negative impact on the Golden Retriever skin if slightly overused.

The reversal is not bathing often can lead to apparent problems. The Golden retrievers tend not to get those strong odours like many other dogs breeds to do because the Golden retrievers are superior, (No offence to other dogs and people), the Goldens can develop funk if they left unwashed for way too long.

What Should My Bathing Schedule Be?

Well, the best thing is to wash at least two times in a month if the weather is significantly hotter and it is likely that our dog needs a bath. If you are living in colder weather, then I suggest once in the month is more than a month or 90 days gap is recommended. Moreover, it all depends more on the environment your dog spends his daily activities, is it clean or dirty, is it healthy or harmful, depending on such conditions can lead to more baths in a month than just one time in a month. Of course, the Golden retrievers love to be clean, tidy and sophisticated.

Non-scheduled Baths

No matter what schedule you have made you should bathe real soon in an unexpected event occurs. For example, your golden retriever played in the muddy grass, and after 15 minutes your dog seemed like a chocolate retriever, so for that, you have to bathe him right away when you get home. Moreover, if your dog, unfortunately, got a minor infestation from another dog you better bath him right away with an anti-bacterial shampoo and it is highly recommended to take your Golden retriever to the nearest veterinary.

The Conclusive Thoughts

Whatever the conditions are of your weather and living environment, it is better to take care of your doggy carefully, never let him play in the mud or bushes. Talking about the bath, it is significant not to overdo the bath, and also don’t neglect it entirely. A clean and tidy Retriever is the happy and healthy Retriever. An unhealthy retriever will be a headache for you and the dog himself. Follow the above guidelines and provide your retriever with a sophisticated, clean life. Because that dog is probably the most loyal friend of yours and will love you forever only if you love him or her. I hope the content will be helpful to you and keep following our website for more guidelines to keep your dog healthy, fit, beautiful, well-mannered and a good citizen.