Best Pet Camera For Dogs

Your dog is your best friend or even little baby; you want to make sure they’re doing great throughout the day or if you need to go out for any reason, especially if they’re older or sick, so finding the best pet camera for dogs is crucial.

Having the best pet camera for dogs was critical for owners that need constant checking on, and having one is immensely helpful as per what many dog owners said.

Listed below are our top picks!

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo camera for dogs is one of the best options and is the dog camera that I ultimately settled on due to the advanced features within the app, and the price isn’t too crazy.

You get a 1080p full HD camera with night vision that easily connects to your Wifi network for streaming live or checking back on what has been happening while you’ve been gone, all done on the Furbo app on your iPhone or Android device.

The night vision is actually pretty good, so you can see what your dog is doing while you’re in bed as well, and you can even hear and speak to your dog through the camera, so you can tell them no if they’re being naughty.

The Furbo can be set up to alert based on different events which you can enable or disable depending on which you care about, such as barking, movement, or if it detects a person is in the room. Each event triggers a recording, so you can check back if you missed whatever the alert was about.

A bit feature of the Furbo is the treat tossing; you can fill your pet camera up with treats, call your dog over and then toss a treat out to your dog. Unfortunately, it’s got a limited capacity, and the treats need to be on the small side to actually work well.

To get the most out of the Furbo, you need to sign up for the monthly subscription, which adds to the overall cost, and one of the most significant drawbacks is the limited storage of recorded video, so you really need to download all videos you want to keep each keep, or they’re gone for good.

Customers would highly recommend the Furbo pet camera as long as you’re willing to pay a monthly subscription for all of the features and benefits of the cloud service.

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

The WOpet Smart pet camera is a reasonably priced full-featured camera for dogs; it provides full HD video with night vision, two-way audio, and a treat dispenser, so it’s a comparable camera at a slightly lower price than the Furbo.

It’s got an excellent wide-angle view (165 degrees), so if you can find a good spot, you should be able to see an entire large room or space, and if needed, you can zoom in anywhere in view to see exactly what your dog is eating or doing.

One of the biggest benefits of the WOpet camera for dogs is that you don’t need a subscription, so there aren’t ongoing costs, but you do miss out on some of the advanced features such as cloud recording, so this is more of a live video streaming pet camera, and if you want any recordings then you do it live from your phone.

The treat dispenser has a habit of throwing too many treats at once, so you need to be careful how often you send the treats or test out how many are thrown depending on your treat size.

Customers would recommend the WOpet pet camera for people that just want to be able to check on their dogs’ lives, talk to them and throw some treats once in a while.

Petcube Bites 2 Lite Interactive Camera

The Petcube Interactive pet camera offers a 1080p full HD video with night vision at 160-degree wide-angle viewing. You also get two-way audio, treat dispensing, and sound and motion push notifications to your iPhone or Android.

It’s a fair bit cheaper than both the Furbo and WOpet pet cameras but still offers many similar features, making it an attractive choice if you want to spend a little less.

You can connect to the camera to see what your dog is doing, talk to them and throw some treats out, or set up automatic treat throwing so your dog doesn’t get bored during the day.

One feature that I’m not a massive fan of, but others maybe is the built-in vet chat that lets you connect to a vet for remote diagnostic of issues with your dog. However, I’m not sure how effective it is vs. just checking problems online, and it doesn’t compare to an actual vet visit.

You need to pay for a monthly subscription if you want the more advanced features such as event triggers to your phone, video downloads, and historical video viewing.

SKYMEE Mobile Pet Camera

The SKYMEE mobile pet camera fixes one of the big challenges with a camera for dogs by being able to roam around your home, so you can follow or find your dog, interact with them in a fun way, and even set up automated roaming.

You get a 1080p full HD camera with night vision, two-way audio, and treat throwing. Instead of having a subscription, you can save and access recordings from a flashcard that you need to buy separately (64GB max), which is a bit small, but you can take videos off and save them if needed.

The price is close to a Furbo, so it isn’t cheap, the controls can be a little clunky, and the Wifi connection can drop out at times.

While this is a great mobile pet camera, you’ll only be able to use it on hard floors as it won’t work well with a carpet that isn’t extremely short.

Buyers would recommend this camera for dog owners that want to follow their pet around into different rooms and don’t need other advanced features like push notifications or cloud recordings.

Petcube Pet Monitoring Camera

This Petcube pet camera is a more affordable option without features like treat dispensing but still serves as an excellent camera for dogs so that you can monitor what they’re doing via a 1080p full HD camera with two-way audio and night vision, but only 110-degree viewing.

With a monthly subscription, you can also get push notifications, cloud recording, and various advanced video features, but that’s not required if you just need a good camera for dogs.

Because this is a smaller camera, you can mount it up on a wall or in more locations than the bigger models with many features that need to sit on tables on the floor.

Customers would recommend this pet camera if you don’t want a big upfront cost, don’t need interactive features, but still want all the great video options and cloud features like event-triggered push notifications and cloud recordings that you can download to your phone.

Enabot Mobile Pet Camera

The Enabot mobile pet camera is a cheaper option than the SKYMEE mobile camera, but you can still follow your dog and ensure they’re doing ok no matter what room they go into. It can be set up for manual movement or automated travel and interaction with your dog.

The camera is 1080p full HD with night vision, and two-way audio, all of your videos are stored on flash cash you need to buy, but that saves you from any kind of subscription that other cameras want you to pay for, but that means no historical viewing of videos in the cloud.

Enabot doesn’t work well on carpet, so don’t even try, and be wary if your rooms have dividers or anything that could hinder the robot from crossing into other rooms, the wheels are small, so it really can’t ride over anything.

Customers would recommend this pet camera for anybody that wants a cheaper mobile camera to follow their dog into different rooms but doesn’t need advanced cloud features like push notifications or cloud video storage and doesn’t need any treat-dispensing that many cameras for dogs offer.

SKYMEE Automatic Feeder And Pet Camera

SKYMEE has combined a fully automatic feeder for your dog and a pet camera, which saves you space but requires the camera to be low on the ground, so it would be best for smaller dogs in smaller areas.

The camera offers 1080p full HD, night vision, and two-way audio to talk to your dog and encourage them to eat. You can also automate or manually dispense food, so even if not home, you can be the one feeding your dog.

You can store around 8l of small kibble to be dispensed, which is also why this is a better option for smaller dogs. In addition, you can control how much is dispensed at once, which is excellent, so you can limit dogs that may be on a diet.

Buyers would recommend this pet camera for anybody with a smaller dog that needs ongoing feeding throughout the day. It can be a good option if you have two dogs to call each one and feed them independently, and the other can’t steal food.

Owlet Pet Camera

Owlet is a US-based company that provides a moderately priced interactive pet camera; you get a 1080p full HD camera with a 165-degree viewing angle and night vision. High-quality two-way audio and you can even set up your treat dispenser to automatically give treats but play a recording of you at the same time.

The Owlet camera for dogs is on the cheaper end of interactive treat dispensing cameras for dogs, and it doesn’t require you to pay a monthly subscription, but you don’t get the advanced cloud features such as push notifications on anything happening and no video recording.

Customers would recommend the Owlet pet camera for anybody that needs a good quality camera for interactive play with their pet that doesn’t want advanced features outside of treat dispensing and won’t need push notifications or cloud recording.