10 Best Rabbit Feeders, Types, Homemade and Prices

This definitive guide on the types, choosing and best rabbit feeder will ensure you get a brand that will suit your need and serve you well without you spending a lot of money.

Your rabbits need to be fed with the recommended diets to ensure their wellbeing. To effectively do so, you need to have the right types of rabbit feeders and waterers which will make sure your bunnies can have access to the required food and drinking water.

The feeders must remain hygienic, and be enough to last them a whole day without having to refill again.

Choosing a feeder

There are many types, ranging from the homemade to automatic ones made from different materials including wood, metal, ceramics, and plastic. The choice of a bunny feeder will depend on several things.

Some of the factors to consider when you are choosing a good feeder to include the following:

  • Size – Will it hold enough food to last at least the whole day or several days for the number of bunnies you have? The amount required will depend on your bunny size and needs as well as your feeder sizes, i.e., large rabbit feeders will last longer. You should also consider your rabbit feeding schedule and avoid overfeeding them. To ensure they are not obese, regularly monitor their weight
  • Easy to use and safe – Is it easy to use or can it be easily accessed by your rabbits? Is it safe? Some made from wire can trap your rabbits in them.
  • The material of construction – Do you want a wooden, plastic, metallic or ceramic one.
  • Price – Is it within your budget limit
  • Suitability – Is it suited for the type of food you will be giving your bunnies? For instance, hay feeders may be slightly different from those used to give your bunnies pellets.
  • Rabbit friendly – Was it specifically designed for small pets such as bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, among others that have similar eating needs?
  • Minimize wastages – go for designs that minimize wastages by holding your bunnies’ food well with minimal chances of the food falling off, being soiled or wasted.
  • Less messy – The feeder should hold food in place, keep it fresh for longer times and prevent spillage or the food falling off.
  • Feeding system – Of the two feeding operations, the limited and free choice, you need to decide which one to go for since some feeders such as crooks and bowls may cause wastages if you go for free-choice feeding system.
  • Type of food – Is it used for hay, pellets, cereals, leafy greens, fruits or vegetables.
  • Means of refilling – Do you refill from outside, inside or must you remove the feeder to be able to fill it?

Besides the above factors, consider its durability, space it will consume if you opt for a rabbit hutch, how straightforwardly you can add more food, can it be fixed to avoid being tossed around, among many other factors.

Designs to go for

When it comes to designs, you will get designs slightly varying from various manufacturers. Some of the typical designs you will get in the market for sale include the following:

  • Hay ball or rolling hay ball
  • Combined hay and pellet feeders
  • Crocks, bowls or dishes including corner dishes
  • Feeders with bottom sifters or perforated bottoms (gets rid of finer particles, dust and minimizes wastages and chances of food being soiled). Good for pellets.
  • Food funnels and gravity feeders – which continually dispenses food as your bunny eats them using gravity. Suited for pelleted foods.

These are not the only designs as you will get many more designs from various manufacturers. We only gave you a few standard types.

Types of bunny feeders

All these and many designs can be made of wood, metallic, plastic, composite material or ceramics. Let us look at each briefly.

Metal rabbit feeders

These include the wire, metallic, and galvanized aluminum feeders. They are chew-proof and durable.

You will get designs suited for placing them inside your cage or those from the outside part. They can be used for hay, pellets and other foods.

If made from wire, the design should ensure bunnies cannot get stuck in them since they are curious creatures that may want to try just anything.


They are relatively durable and come in many designs including the gravity automatic ones and bowls. The plastic must be chew-resistant. Sometimes, a composite of plastic and wood is used.


You will also get wooden ones some of which are free-standing and can be placed anywhere in your coop or house. Many experts do not recommend unless they are made from untreated and safe hardwoods. This is because rabbits will tend to chew them.

Besides, if bunnies continuously urinate on them, they will ruin them.

Best rabbit feeder brands

With all the details we have seen, it is time to look at some of the best brands in the market and review them. While we will look at both those for hay and other foods, we have a detailed review of 14 best hay feeders

Kaytee Hay n Food Bin with Quick Locks

If you need nothing other than the best hay and pellet feeder for your bunnies, Kaytee Hay and Food Bin feeder should be your first and ultimate choice. It has a compartment for hay and pellets.

Unless you have an automatic bunny feeder that gives specific pellet portion, most brands that use gravity will not control the pellet quantities your pet eats. Yet, they should eat limited amounts, about 5% of their daily diet requirement.

It measures 5-3/4-inch long, 5-3/4-inch, wide, 7-inch high, meaning it can hold a generous amount of hay, is made from a composite of wood and plastic to ensure it lasts long, has quick locks to secure it, and will ensure there is no mess in your bunny enclosures.Kaytee Hay n Food Bin Feeder with Quick Locks

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Living World Ergonomic Dish

Living World Ergonomic Dish is a must-have if you have small pets as it is not only durable but also non-porous and will not harbor any bacterial. Furthermore, it has a heavy base to prevent tipping and comes in various colors, i.e., terracotta, blue, green, or pink.

Another feature that makes it a popular choice is its ergonomic design, i.e., it is ergonomically slanted to ensure your bunny and other pets can effortlessly reach their food.  You have a chance going for the small or large one measuring 3.5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 1.5 inches high and 5 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall, respectively.Living World Ergonomic Dish

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Ware Manufacturing Hay Ball

Ware Manufacturing Hay Ball is an excellent choice if you are looking for specifically a hay ball feeder. It features a fun ball shape design that has buffet bells, and it is made from a chew-resistant metal that is powder-coated.

It will ensure there is very little food wastage, you can easily attach it to any type of a cage, and it will last for a long time.Ware Manufacturing Hay Bal

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Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder with Brackets

According to the Kaytee.com, it is the “most effi­cient and convenient means of supplying up to 5 days’ worth of pellets, grains or seed mix diets to Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets or Chinchillas.” It measures 5.25″ long, 5.75″ wide, 8.25″. 

It is made from a chew-resistant high-quality polymer, has a locking snap-lock bracket for holding it and can be mounted on any wire cages. If you have a glass cage, get Kaytee suction-cups and insert them into the snap locks and use them to secure it to the glass wall. 

Also, it has a sifter floor to ensure fine dust particles are sifted downwards and thus will prevent the chances of respiratory problems.Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder with Brackets

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Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Feeder/Water Fountain

This intuitively designed rabbit, guinea pigs, chinchilla, sugar gliders, or ferret feeder or waterer will be an excellent addition to your hutch or enclosure.

Like any other gravity feeder, it will ensure a continuous supply of food or water. It can hold up to five cups of food and 48 ounces of water. One side of the base is for food, and if you reverse it, it will be a drinking fountain.

Its wide mouth makes cleaning it a breeze. Additionally, it won’t tip easily and will serve you for an extended time.Lixit Animal Care Rabbit Feeder Water Fountain

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Miller’s LITTLE GIANT Steel Small Animal Feeder with Lid and Sifter Bottom 

This is a galvanized chew and rust-resistant metallic feeder is an excellent choice if you have rabbits, ferrets, or other similar small pets. Its large size with dimensions 5.5 inches long by 5.125 inches wide by 7.125 inches high will ensure it holds adequate food for your animals.

It comes with strong independent attachment hooks, a hinged lid for easy refilling, and a bottom wire mesh to sift fine particles that may increase the chances of respiratory diseases.

There will be minimized spills that result in wastages. Furthermore, this feeder will serve you for a very long time.LITTLE GIANT Steel Small Animal Feeder with Lid and Sifter Bottom

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Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl

Bowls are not just for water but can also be used to feed your pets, especially when you are offering them veggies or pellets. Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl measuring 4.25 inches in diameter will do the job perfectly well.

It comes in various colors to help you decide which one you need, has an exceptional rabbit design, and its heavy-duty ceramic design makes it chew-proof and ensures it won’t tip.Kaytee Paw-Print PetWare Bowl

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Other innovative designed and great-looking bowls from Kaytee include Kaytee Vege-T-Bowl Carrot Kaytee Vege-T-Bowl, Cabbage, Kaytee Vege-T-Bowl, Radish among others that you will like how beautiful they are!

Prevue Pet Products SPV3500 Metal Small Animal Bin Feeder, Green

This gravity feeder is made of a durable powdered coated metal and has attachment hooks and can be attached inside or outside your cage (cut cage).  Furthermore, it has a refilling lid on its top. 

In terms of its size, it measures 3-7/8 inches length by 4-3/4 inches width by 7-1/8 inches height, allowing it to hold food for up to five days.Prevue Pet Products SPV3500 Metal Small Animal Bin Feeder, Green

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MLCINI Hanging Pet Bowl, Stainless Steel Food Water Bowls Bunny Feeder with Hook

If your bunny is fond of tossing their food bowl, it is time you go for the MLCINI Hanging Pet Bowl, Stainless Steel Food Water Bowls Bunny Feeder since it has attachment hooks. You can attach it in your cage with much easy.

The bowl is rust-resistant, thanks to the stainless steel used in making it. Furthermore, it will not leave behind some of the odors associated with plastic dishes.

Finally, it is effortless to clean, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.MLCINI Hanging Pet Bowl, Stainless Steel Food Water Bowls Bunny Feeder

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Other good brands you can firmly fix to the cage include the Ware Manufacturing Ware Plastic Slide-N-Lock Small Pet Crock and LIVING WORLD Lock and Crock Dish.

Sifter Pet Feeder with Lid by Ware Manufacturing 

Sifter Pet Feeder with Lid by Ware Manufacturing is another suitable gravity feeder that can hold food for up to five days. It comes with side hooks for attachment and has a chew-proof powder metal coat. Also, it features a bottom sifter for eliminating dust, and it will reduce food wastages and reduce the mess in your cage.  

Don’t worry about durability as it will serve you for a very long time, thanks to its powder-coated, chew-proof metal construction. Ware Manufacturing 5-Inch Sifter Pet Feeder with Lid

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Other good brands include: 

  • Less Wasted Hay Rack Manager by Mkono – best for baby pets
  • Ware Manufacturing Ware Plastic Slide-N-Lock Small Pet Crock
  • CalPalmy Food and Water Bowl (2-Pack) for Rabbit/Guinea Pig/Chinchilla
  • Kaytee Rollin’ The Hay Rabbit Feeder 
  • Andwe Hay Feeder Cylindrical Stand Feeding Manager


Rabbit feeding time – Bunnies are crepuscular animals. Therefore, they eat at dawn and dusk, when there are few predators. These are the times you need to ensure they have enough food. 

Rabbit Feeders price

Their prices depend on their quality, size, and material of construction with the average price of rabbit feeders ranging from $ 8 to $ 30. Larger ones will be above $20 while smaller ones will cost below $10.

To cut on their prices consider buying rabbit feeders in bulk. You will find them on Amazon.com, eBay, Chewy, Walmart, etc., including and your local pet stores.

Rabbit feeders homemade

If you do not want to spend money on buying them,  you can make yours at home. There are many rabbit feeders DIY online guides including videos that can be of much importance. There are even ones to help you make an automatic rabbit feeder.

To see how you can make a DIY PVC rabbit feeder watch the video below and use this resource


For steps on making a while rabbit feeder, Instructables.com has got you covered

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