8 Companion Dog Breeds For A Golden Retriever

Companion Dog Breeds

There is nothing stronger than a bond between an owner and their pet. Even though there are multiple animals that people keep as pets, out of all of them, dogs have always been considered a man’s best friend.

This is majorly due to dogs having the trait of being super loyal to their human. Although there’s a variety of dog breeds out there that people choose and pick from, a golden retriever is the most popular choice.

Just like you need your dog around you for company, they also need a companion for the hours you’re not around. So, if you’re an owner of a golden retriever who’s wondering what kind of dog breed you should get so that your furry friend has someone they can play with and be happy with, let us guide you.

Go ahead and read on below to know details of which type of dog should be joining your family next!

Golden Retriever Characteristic and Behavior

Companion Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers are very social and known to be everyone’s favourite because of their personality. Some of the reasons why they’ve always been the top choice to keep as pets include:

  • Gentle and Kind

These furry carnivores are well-known for being extremely gentle and affectionate hence why they make great pets. They easily get along with other animals and kids because of their friendly personalities and barely ever cause trouble. This is why golden retrievers are also kept by people to provide them emotional support.

  • Highly Intelligent

Ranked as the fourth smartest dog, golden retrievers love to explore and play different games that’ll challenge their minds. In the old eras, these dogs used to help the people hunt for prey as well. Golden Retrievers have unmatched energy so they’re always willing and ready to learn new tricks and play.

  • Easily Trainable

Because of their smartness, golden retrievers can be trained to do a lot of stuff easily. They’ve got amazing listening and understanding capabilities hence why you’ll notice that even in some movies such as Marley and me or Air Bud, golden retrievers were the dog of choice to cast. This is why they’re always a part of the search and rescue missions as well.

  • Loyal and Obedient

It’s a known fact that these dogs are the most loyal friend you’ll ever find. They even get worried if they don’t see you for an extended amount of time. They’re also extremely obedient so you know they’ll listen to you and be by your side no matter what.

Are Golden Retrievers Friendly With Other Dogs?

Golden Retrievers have a calm temperament making them a great companion. Apart from their owners, these furry creatures are affectionate and loving towards other dogs as well.

8 Dog Breeds That Are Considered as a Good Companion For Your Golden Retriever

Once you’ve decided that you need to get a partner in crime for your golden retriever, you must be wondering what dog breed should you be getting. To make it easier for you, listed below are the 8 different types of dog breeds that would make a perfect companion for your golden retriever:

1. Labrador Retrievers

Companion Dog Breeds

Labrador and golden retrievers are sometimes confused with each other because of the similarities in looks as well as personality plus they’re also the same size when they grow up. Both of these dog breeds are known to be calm and great with other pets and children.

So, getting a Labrador for your golden retriever as a companion dog would be a perfect choice as they’re both almost the same and will end up becoming best friends.

2. English Springer Spaniels

Companion Dog Breeds

English spaniels are incredible, social and loving animals that are family-friendly. Just like golden retrievers, they love to be around people and show their affection. English spaniels easily get along with other animals hence why they make a great choice to get as a partner for your golden retriever.

3. Beagle

Companion Dog Breeds

Although they’re short in size, beagles are a good choice when selecting a friend for your golden retriever. Beagles, just like golden retrievers, are filled with a lot of energy and are extremely friendly with other animals. This is why both of these dog breeds will get along with each other pretty well.

4. German Shepherds

Companion Dog Breeds

Although golden retrievers are the most amazing cuddle buddies anyone can ask for, they, unfortunately, do not act as guard dogs. On the other hand, German shepherds are famously known to be wonderful guard dogs. Both breeds have a lot of similarities between them, for example, they are energetic and need stimulating activities to keep themselves busy.

All you’ve got to do is just train and socialize them with each other and you’ll end up with two dogs who are extremely loyal to you. So, if you’re looking for a companion for your furry friend plus a guard dog then a German shepherd is what you should get.

5. Pugs

Companion Dog Breeds

Even though pugs are very small, it won’t stop your golden retriever From becoming best friends with them. Pugs were bred to be companion pets hence they love being around humans and other animals. They’re known to have a playful and mischievous personality so it’s of no surprise that they’ll adjust perfectly with your retriever.

6. Goldendoodle

Companion Dog Breeds

Mix golden retrievers and poodles together and the end product you’ll get is a Goldendoodle. This kind of dog breed is laid-back and love to make friends with humans as well as other animals. Goldendoodles have a super sweet nature making them very compatible with golden retrievers.

7. Boston Terrier

Companion Dog Breeds

Boston Terriers are also suitable to be companion dogs for your golden retriever. They love to stay indoors more rather than outdoors so this can balance out the hyperactivity of your retriever. Boston Terriers also love to snuggle, interact and show love to the ones they consider their family which makes them a great option.

8. Poodles

Everyone at some point in their lives has always wanted to own a poodle, who wouldn’t want these adorable small-sized dogs as their pet? The best thing about poodles is that they’re playful and affectionate. They’re also very easy to train and intelligent, just like golden retrievers, hence will match with the personality of your golden retriever.

How to Introduce Your Golden Retriever to The New Dog

After the hard decision of which dog breed to get for your golden retriever as its companion is over, the next thing to think about is how to socialize them to each other properly. No matter how friendly your dog is, you have to take some precautions before you introduce them to a new dog.

Below are a few things listed that you should do in order to have a smooth introduction between your retriever and the new dog:


This may not be possible to do but if you’re able to then the first step before introduction between the two dogs should be bringing the scent of the new dog to your golden retriever. The smell can be introduced by a toy, blanket, collar, etc. that’ll help your retriever to pick up the scent and be familiarized with it.

Neutral Rounds

The best place to introduce the dogs face to face would be on a neutral ground where neither of the dogs has marked their territory over. You can walk your retriever and the new dog side by side so that they can get used to each other.

Body Language

When your retriever and its new buddy are together, you will have to observe them for a while to see if they’re getting along with each other or not. If one or both of them have relaxed movements and are playing together then you know they’re comfortable with each other.

However, if there is growling, barking, stiff movements involved this can tell that the two might not be getting along so you’ll have to be very cautious.

Don’t Rush

Companion Dog Breeds

Even though golden retrievers are extremely friendly most of the time, Do not force your pet to interact and play with the new dog right away. Give time and let both of the dogs get to know each other so that they can be comfortable. If you’re crating your dogs when you’re out then make sure to crate them right next to each other.


It is natural for any type of dog to feel more at home and relaxed when they have a fixed schedule. By making a proper set schedule including playtime, food, etc., both your dogs will be happy.


Training is essential for your golden retriever plus the new pet dog. This will help them get comfortable together and become best friends along with knowing what boundaries you have set out for them.

Golden retrievers are very social animals hence they get along with almost every animal and human. Because of their friendly nature, they do not like being alone for a long period of time so they need someone around them most of the time. Luckily, there are many types of dog breeds that you can choose as a companion for your retriever.