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How to Socialize your Puppy with other Dogs and Humans as Well

Socialize your Puppy with other Dogs and Humans
It’s the Golden Retriever’s World we’re living in the present, but this surely doesn’t mean your puppy gets that “free pass” of being proper and prim. But what you have to make sure your lovely dog will become a responsible citizen, so for that you have to follow the described steps.

Socializing your dog with other dogs and also the humans, How will it work? Here’s how,

Daily Walks

Take your dog for a walk each and every day. Take him or her on exercise in the morning in the closest park to your home. Taking your Golden Retriever out to a public park or even anywhere out of the house will help him be more comfortable with the outside world, atmosphere and the other people around him. From the automobiles driving down the road to the ordinary mailman, the atmosphere becomes a whole lot familiar and friendly in the mind of your dog. Once, he gets used to the outer environment he will not freak out on different, unusual situations because he has been around the town and the blocks of the colony for more than a dozen times.
Moreover, taking your dog out on the walk will also be a healthy activity for yourself as well. Keep your little friend on the short leash and turn on your exercise. In the outdoor environment, there’s plenty of things that your dog will get to see and smell.  You have to take multiple different routes, this will allow your dog a chance to experience a variety of sights and make new friends, mostly other dogs. This will also help the dog to get interaction with other people as well. Like the grocery keeper, the coffee shop salesman, the peon and whole lot of other people.

Mixing it all Up

After that you have to expose your dog to a variety of people like mentioned in the previous paragraph and this point/activity is very significant to socialize your puppy to the other dogs (owned by the people who walk in the park) and the other ordinary people (without dogs), I’ll explain it a little bit more. The main reason to interact your dog with other people is to get acclimated to the other people. The idea for this guideline is that your dog only hangs out with one person all the time and that’s is you, chance are he may react fierce to any other person who isn’t that person (you), so it’s crucial that you teach your dog to meet and greet other people in a sophisticated manner. How will you be able to do that? By taking your dog out and reward him with a treat when he shows a proper behaviour of meeting and greeting the other dogs and people too.
Some points you must follow, the ultimate tips are:
  • Never reward and praise your Golden Retriever or any other dog for being scared of other dogs and people, if you do reward your dog after that encourages the skittish behaviour.
  • Reward him at the very moment when he shakes his hand with other people and doesn’t bark on other dogs, just in small amounts.
  • Also, if your dog ever tries to bite or bark at other dogs and people for no reason, scold him or her a little but not too much (the puppy is learning after all), after the puppy or young dog will stop barking on your command give him a nice little tasty treat.
  • Whenever, you go on a walk fill up your pocket or bag with some treats, small amounts only.
  • Be very timely in giving treats and praises.
The training is only effective for the puppies between 2 to 10 weeks of age. If your Golden Retriever, German shepherd, Husky, Pitbull, etc. any kind of dog, is older, it will be a whole lot difficult for your dog to get social and learn the social behaviour manners.
But that doesn’t mean you’re a little bit older than 10 to 12 weeks of an aged dog can’t learn, he or she surely can, but that will consume more time and most importantly more effort and a better environment. Mostly older dogs learn quicker if you teach them correctly with patience and love.

The dog Classes

Well, ladies and gentlemen, a boot camp action will never hurt anyone. It is always good to ask your vet about all of the local classes that might be a beneficial for your puppy. The reason for that is the dog training classes are one of those high places where your dog can meet other dogs and also other people in an entirely safe, friendly and a controlled environment.

The Treats Game

Almost all dogs will do anything in the world to get the treat they love, so like I advise earlier, it’s quite handy to stash those things your dog loves, especially while you are training the puppy. Anytime your dog will do strong positive interaction with another dog, you will give them their treat. This activity will encourage the good social behaviour.
Let your beautiful, lovely, charming and bushy and fluffy-tailed puppy have a good lap all around the park. If you’re confident in the puppy and trained him quite right for some weeks, try off-leash parks, or you can also set up a playdate at another friend’s place with their puppy. This will make your dog social with other dogs as well as the people you know.
If you’re short on doggy shampoo that hit the store with your puppy in the town’s market to buy a new one. Chances are he or she might make a new friend!

Additional conclusive points

Take the puppy out on schedules times and for limited times only, the too much outside environment will spoil him. Moreover, the training takes time, and the Practice makes a dog perfect, give your dog time to adjust to the world and teach him properly and patiently. Soon your puppy will become an obedient and social dog.