Do Rabbits Eat Dahlias or They Are Unsafe?

If dahlias are some of the ornamental or garden flowering plants you have, it is good to know whether they are safe to your pet rabbit or not. Are they safe or harmful and will these pets damage them?

Belonging to the sunflower or daisy family, Dahlia is a genus name representing various species of bushy, tuberous herbaceous plants. These perennials are native to Mexico and are relatives of plants such as daisies, zinnia, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums.

Can rabbits eat dahlias
Can rabbits eat dahlias?

Besides their floriculture value especially due to their flowers that come in various bright colors except blue, they have culinary significance (in Oaxacan cuisine) – meaning they are edible.

Can my bunnies have dahlias

Our best advice is not to give your bunnies dahlias. Most sources and references list them as potentially harmful or toxic to rabbits [1][2][3][4] together with others including arum, belladonna, caladium, bindweed, among others.

In fact, most of the plants that grow on tubers are often considered unsafe for these animals. Therefore, restrain from giving your bunny these plants.

Even in the wild, they are among the bunny resistant plants. Rabbits tend to avoid plants that have a rough, stick or fuzzy texture. This further affirms why we are advising you against dahlias.

However, if you cultivate them as ornamental flowers or for floriculture, you need to be aware that bunnies may nibble them since they tend to do so to almost anything, they come across especially young rabbits as they try to discover various tastes.

Therefore, use various ways to keep your domestic rabbits out of your garden or landscape including the use of repellents, fences, scares, etc., so long as the method is safe for these pets and other pets you may be having.

Finally, during our research, we noted some sources stating that dahlias are ok and safe. Whereas not much research has been done on their toxicity, these pets will not even like them. Therefore, simply avoid giving them to your pets.


We have noted that dahlias are one of the rabbit resistant flowers (ornamental flowering plants) and you should not give them to these critters. However, this does not mean they will not be nibbled at all.

If you want to give your bunnies a chance to try different taste and texture, there are plenty of alternative safe leafy greens, weeds and veggies you can give these pets including kales, spinach, cilantro, collard greens, apple twigs, carrot tops, berry leaves, and so on.