Can Rabbits Eat Rosemary

Do bunnies eat rosemary

Rosemary is hailed for its many benefits to human beings including improving memory and concentration, improving digestion, as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, among many others. What about to rabbits, do they like it and is it safe for these pets?

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is an aromatic perennial herb that has needle-like leaves that are evergreen as well as purple, blue or pink flowers.

Native to the Mediterranean, this woody herb that belongs to the family Lamiaceae (the mint family) is used for both culinary purposes, for pest control as well as an ornamental plant.

Do bunnies eat rosemary
Do bunnies eat rosemary?

If you happen to be a fan of rosemary, you may want to know whether this aromatic herb is safe for these pets or it may be harmful.

Do rabbits eat rosemary?

Rabbits can eat rosemary (plant including leaves and flowers) as well as other herbs including dill, parsley, oregano, coriander, basil, sage, lavender, mint, lemon balm, thyme, and so on. It is safe. However, due to its strong taste, some bunnies may refuse to eat it at first.

Why should you give this pet rosemary while it is one plant that bunnies and deer often ignore owing to their strong scent?[1]. We are certain they are not often eaten by rabbits.

Firstly, a quick snap at its nutritional profile, you will notice that this herb has carbs, dietary fibers, fats,  and vitamins A, C, B6, B9. It also has calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc among others. Obviously, all these nutrients are vital to this crepuscular lagomorph.

Secondly, it has medicinal value, i.e., it “lowers blood pressure, Ideal for exhaustion, weakness, and depression in rabbits. The stems and leaves invigorate the circulation, stimulate the digestion, and are good for cold conditions.” [2]

Do rabbits eat rosemary plants?

The medicinal value and nutrients give it a big plus. Unfortunately, as already mentioned, it is not one of the favored foods and rabbits will hardly damage it while in the wild. Therefore, rabbits do not like not only this herb but others including mint, bee balm, thyme, lavender, and so on. [3]

However, just because they do not like it does not mean it is not safe. It is safe and it will not harm this pet even if they eat it.

Giving your bunny this herb

Ensure you know how to introduce a new type of food to your bunnies. It is done gradually as you observe for any signs of stomach upsets, diarrhea or gas.

Secondly, ensure the source of your rosemary is free of any farm chemicals and thoroughly wash it before giving it to your furry friend.

Thirdly, you must know the correct amounts of the various foods to give this pet. i.e., their right diet. Hay should be over 80%, high fiber pellets about 5% and the remainder fresh foods.

Fresh foods should predominantly be made of leafy greens and small amounts or treats of fruits and non-leafy vegetables.

Rosemary is part of the leafy vegetables. A chopped pack cup of about 6 different types of leafy greens safe for rabbits including rosemary is enough per 2-pound bunny weight.

Finally, keep varying the various fresh foods you give your furry friend since they will enjoy their varying tastes and textures.

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