11 Best 2 and 3-Tier Rabbit Hutches and Cages – Best Story Hutches

2 or 3-tier rabbit cages or hutches are often recommended for people who have limited floor space. Which are some of their best brands and what considerations must you make before buying or making them.

If you want to get more space, consider going for tiered or story rabbit hutches. These are like two, three, four or more hutches stacked together with a ramp connecting between the lower and upper story. They can be both indoor and outdoor.

They are a great way of doubling or tripling the size of your bunny house without taking a lot of ground space and are ideal for people who have several bunnies and want to create extra space for all of them.  

Do not confuse them with individual enclosures stacked together such as the PawHut 2 Storey Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Enclosed Run and Pull Out Tray.


Before buying 2 or 3-tier hutches, here are important considerations.

  • Unless the ramps are well placed, large rabbit breeds may not be able to navigate up and down the ramp with some of them at risk of falling. Therefore, ensure your ramps are gently sloping and large
  • Some of the space on both the upper and lower sections may not be used as it will be occupied by the ramp (for the lower one) and by the entry opening (for top story).
  • The additional space does not mean you do not need a rabbit run or playpen.
  • Finally, the concept of them being spacious might not add any value if they are both small. Both must be large enough to meet the minimum recommended cage sizes which are about a feet square per pound of your bunny’s weight.

Best 2-tier rabbit hutch indoor and outdoor  

There are many brands of outdoor and indoor two-story rabbit houses in the market. We went through several great brands, looked at what users are saying about them, as well as how they have been rated to come up with a few brands that will not let you down. These brands include:

Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch -2 tiers

Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages 2-tiers is one the best two-story bunny hutch in the market ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It features an aesthetically alluring design that will add charm to your home or backyard.

Both the upper and lower levels that are connected with a sturdy ramp have pull-out trays to trap litter and urine making cleaning easy. Furthermore, it has a hinged roof and three lockable doors to make access easier.

The roof is weatherproof, the natural cedar wood is treated with a safe water-based paint and the iron mesh used is chew-proof. Expect this enclosure to serve you for a long time.Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages,Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage 

It is made from premium durable weatherproof materials that can resist rain and other weather elements. Its downstairs ramp is non-slip and the hutch will give your bunnies a large area where they can play.

Also, it has a separate sleeping area, and it is easy to access via the hinged roof and large doors. This makes cleaning very easy. To ensure your bunnies are comfortable, the upper compartment features ABS plastic covers that cover over half its area.

Finally, it is pest and predator-proof, thanks to its solid fir wood that make it is pest resistant, and its heavy-duty steel construction make it predator-proof.SmithBuilt 48 Rabbit Hutch -Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

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TRIXIE Pet Products 2-Story

This particular Trixie hutch has dimensions of 45.5 x 25.5 x 43.5 inches in length, width, and height. Its ramp is non-slip and has a hinged roof openable from its upper side. Also, it has two pull-out trays made of plastic that make cleaning very easy.

Trixie also has 2 in 1 brand2-Storey brand with Attic (L), 52.25 x 32.5 x 47 inches among others, which are all durable, feature great workmanship using the best materials possible. TRIXIE Pet Products 2-Story Rabbit Hutch, Medium, Brown - White

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Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage 2 Story with a run

This Merax hutch is not just for bunnies but also for hedgehogs, chicken, guinea pigs, and other small animals.  It measures 50″L X 25″W X 36″H, has a black linoleum roof, and comes in either natural wood or auburn and white.

The nesting or living area is elevated, and there is a ramp connecting it to the lower level and run. The hutch has lockable doors, and it is easy to clean thanks to the slide-out tray.

Finally, its kiln-dried fir wood, waterproof safe paint, and powder coated wire will ensure it lasts serves for a very long time.Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage 2 Story pet house

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Lovupet 2 Stories Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage

Lovupet two-story bunny hutch is one of the most appealing and intuitively designed bunny enclosure you should consider having. It comes in various colors, including pink, blue, auburn, natural, and red.

The upper level has a sleeping or living area that is enclosed to give your bunnies the privacy they need while the rest of the upper and lower levels are for playing. Your rabbit can move up or down via a ramp.

It has double access doors on each level, slide-out trays, a feeding box, and the painted natural fir wood and steel wire makes it durable and resistant to corrosion, water, and pests.Lovupet 2 Stories Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage with Ladder for Small Animals

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BUNNY BUSINESS 2-Tier Double Decker Rabbit/Guinea Pig Hutch with Sliding Tray

It is a medium-sized pen with 36″ length x 18″ depth x 31” height, a closable ramp, four doors and a hinged roof that can be easily opened. If you need a bigger one, you can go for their 48-inch one that has adjustable waterproof leg protectors and covers.

BUNNY BUSINESS 2-Tier Double Decker Rabbit Guinea Pig Hutch with Sliding Tray
BUNNY BUSINESS 2-Tier Double Decker

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PawHut 40″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch Small Animal House Pet Cage

It is easy to access with three doors and features a pull-out tray for easy cleaning. It is designed to stand both the outdoor and indoor conditions protecting your furry friends from bad weather as well as predators with its sturdy steel wires.

The PawHut 40″ is large, with dimensions of 40″ L x 22″ W x 39.25″ H. This large size will ensure your bunnies are comfortable and happy with a place to play and sleep.PawHut 40 Wooden Rabbit Hutch Small Animal House Pet Cage

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Besides the above, other good 2-tire cages or hutches include the 4ft Chartwell Double Luxury Rabbit Hutch, CC Only RH-25, Hot Dog Go 36″ Waterproof 2 Tiers, and IdealBuy Pet Hutch House 36″ Waterproof 2 Tiers.  

Best 3 tier rabbit hutches and cages or more

To get more space, you can go for 3 or 4-tier rabbit hutches. These 3 or 4 story rabbit cages resemble the 2-tier we already have seen but have a second ramp leading to the third level. They are recommended for people who have several bunnies that stay together in this housing unit.

Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch

Buying the Yaheetech 37 inches 4 tiers or 52 inches 6 levels is a great way of expanding your bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets, squirrels, chinchillas, hedgehogs, and so on playing and resting space.

It comes with universal wheels that roll in all directions and ball-shaped casters to enable you to move it from one point to another as well as fix it at any point. You also receive a complimentary water bottle.

Cleaning the cage is very easy thanks to the large arched double access front doors as well as pullout tray at the bottom of the cage.

Your pets will be secure thanks to the rounded corners, smooth seams to minimize injury. Furthermore, it has latches for securing it.

Finally, it is very durable and sturdy. It has powder-coated metal square tubes and wires while the non-toxic hammertone paint makes it stylish while preventing wearing and corrosion.Yaheetech 52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Hutch

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Mcage 3 Levels Small Animal Cage

While the manufacturer says this 3-level cage measuring 24″L x 16″W x 24″ is ok for ferrets, rodents, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, mouse, mice, chinchillas, rabbits, gerbils,  dwarf hamsters, among other small animals. We find it too small for bunnies unless you have dwarf rabbits.

It is an all-metal chew-proof cage whose crossbars spacing is 3/8 inches making it safe for paws. Additionally, it has a double front door for access, a slide-out bottom pan coated with epoxy (epoxy is safe for pets), and removable wire grates that have a climbing wire ramp.Mcage 3 Levels Small Animal Cage

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SONGMICS 4-Level Small Animal Pet Cage with Lockable Wheels

This cage by SONGMICS makes a fantastic playpen for your ferrets, chinchillas, rabbits, or guinea pigs. It has four lockable wheels for easy movement, three non-skid ramps, and leak-proof litter trays at each level as well as three access doors.

To make cleaning this cage easy, beneath the PS plastic pegboard flooring (it won’t trap your critter’s legs), there is a slide-out tray to catch litter and urine. With a rubber mallet, you are right to assemble this cozy critter’s cage.SONGMICS 4-Level Small Animal Pet Cage, Ferret Chinchilla Playpen Hutch

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New Large Wrought Iron 4 Levels Cage with Removable Stand

If you need a 4-tier cage for your chinchillas, sugar gliders, rats, rabbits, hamsters, or squirrels, the New Large Wrought Iron 4 Levels Cage with Removable Stand is a good choice.

It measures 32″ W x 20″ L x 53″ H and has a wrought iron frame with ½ inch bar spacing. Furthermore, its levels have and ½ an inch metal grid, and it has a large front door for easy access.

Finally, this cage easy to clean, thanks to the slide-out tray that will trap all dirt, including urine. You have a choice of keeping or removing the stand which has wheels.Mcage New Large Wrought Iron 4 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Cage

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Tiered or story cages to avoid

While looking for story bunny cages and hutches, there are some brands not meant for bunnies which you should not buy that include:

Most of them are indoor cages such as Yaheetech Ferret Cage Indoor Small Animals, Livebest Folding Pets Wire Cage. 

Yaheetech 37’’/52”Ferret Cage Indoor
Yaheetech 37’’/52” Ferret Cage Indoor

You can also make your own if you are good with DIY and you get a good plan to use.

Two-story rabbit hutch plans or more to help you build one

If you would like to make your cage to be a 2 tier or story one, there are many online plans to aid you to make cheap ones that will be equally functional.

Try the Ann White, the Rogue Engineer plan or any other you will find online. 

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