18 Best Rabbit Hutches on Sale & Buying Guide – Indoors + Outdoors


Choosing the right type of a rabbit hutch will not only save money but ensure it provides your furry critters with a cozy and spacious home. Here is all you need to know including best picks, and much more.

One of the best ways of providing your indoor and outdoor bunnies with a cozy home is knowing what to look for or what to consider in buying or building one.  Remember, an excellent choice will go a long way toward ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy. 


Rabbit hutch meaning

This refers to a rabbit house name, i.e., an enclosure often made of wire mesh and wood used to keep domestic indoor or outdoor rabbits. It is usually larger than a rabbit cage but smaller than a rabbit shed.

Choosing a rabbit hutch

There are many good hutch brands on the market that you can buy. However, before purchasing any of them, there are important factors that you must put into the account.

These factors will work as a guideline on whether the brand you are buying is suitable or not and they will also apply to those who want to make them on their own at home.

1. Size

It needs to have enough space to allow your bunny to make a few hops, quick turns, stretch in all directions and stand up on their hind legs without their ears touching its roof.

Always ensure it meets the minimum required bunny cage sizes, excluding the space taken by other supplies including litter trays, rabbit feeders, waterers, and so on.

Their size will be determined by the weight of the bunny you have since mini or small rabbits will require smaller hutches when compared to medium, large or giant ones.

2. Are they indoor or outdoor hutches?

Whether you will put your hutch indoors or outdoors will influence the kind you will choose. Outdoor brands should be able to stand the various weather conditions and keep your bunnies protected and safe.

Also, an outdoor one should be raised to avoid dampness. This will make them last longer and comfortable for your bunnies. 

3. Predator-proof

This is an important consideration you should never ignore when thinking of housing for any prey pets and animals. Ensure the house protects them from various predators such as dogs, cats, foxes, weasels, ferrets, badgers, stoats and so on.

Some designs will help enhance the security of your bunnies against these predators. For instance, A raised design with legs or raised stand will often be safer.

4. Durability

When buying them, always consider their durability especially if you are purchasing an outdoor rabbit hutch since it must be able to stand the various weather conditions and still serve you for a long time.

Good brands should have sturdy wood and corrosion-resistant metal wires or bars. Also, those with waterproof rabbit hutch paint may help reduce water damage including urine.

Looking at guarantees or warranties given by manufacturers and well as reviews from experts and users will help you decide on which brand will last longer.

5. Easy to clean

Choose brands that are easy to clean such as those with slide-out or pull out trays. Note that some designs can be cumbersome and time-consuming when it comes to cleaning them.

6. Accessible

It should be easy to access them. Choose designs with an openable hinged roof, or large front doors to make accessing your bunnies easy. This will make cleaning, feeding, and handling them in case of an emergency very easy.

7. Flooring

Unless you intend to come and modify it, go for ones that have at least a third of its floor having a solid flooring to avoid hurting your bunnies paws that could potentially encourage sore hocks especially if you have large rabbits.

8. Number of rabbits you have

Most manufacturers often state the number of bunnies that can be housed by a specific hutch. Being social animals, bunnies love being kept in pairs or trios.

However, unless the males are neutered, and female ones spayed, do not put those of the same gender together, especially if they have reached their breeding ages and you do not want them to breed.

9. A hiding place

Most bunnies prefer a place where they can hide and maintain their privacy. Look for types that have a compartment for hiding or sleeping.


Do not forget to put into consideration specific rabbit breed characteristics since some are very energetic. Also, select brands that are chew-free (or those protected from being chewed by your bunnies) and consider their prices among other factors that may be unique to your needs.

What to avoid in a bunny hutch

Even after considering all the above factors, there are some undesirable defects or things you must watch out for which include:

  • There should be no rough edges on wood and wire or some wires protruding into the coop. Also, the wood should be dry and of good quality.
  • Ensure only bunny safe paints and chemicals are used. The hutches should be polished evenly. Buy ones with stains or paints that are environmental, anti-fungicidal and animal-friendly.
  • Avoid those that are very high since bunnies prefer being closer to the ground.
  • If they have one, the ramp should be made of solid material and not too steep.

2 or 3 Tiers rabbit hutch types

This refers to the levels that a specific cage or hutch has. The more the tiers there is, the more space your housing will have. There are single, double, triple or more tiered hutches in the market.

  • Single (1 tier) – Has one level but they may have two sides. The fully enclosed hiding or sleeping side and one with wire mesh.
  • 2 tier rabbit hutches – They have two levels with an internal ramp to enable your bunnies to move from one level to the other. They have more space and ideal for two bunnies.
  • 3 tier rabbit hutches – If you have several rabbits, a 3-story cage will be ideal. Like in the case of 2 tiers, they have ramps to help them move up and down.

See more details on the 2 and 3-tiered bunny hutches including a few good brands.

Best Rabbit Hutches – indoors, outdoors, with and without runs

Getting the right hutch will go a long way in ensuring your pets are happy and healthy. Ensure know the recommended bunny cage and hutch sizes as this depends on the specific breed of a bunny you have.  Some of the rabbit hutches, including story (tiered brands) and some with bunny run or playpen, include the following.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run – Extra Small

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run – Extra Small is one of the most popular brands to people one or small bunny breeds or guinea pigs. Its two-story design allows your pet to go upstairs or downstairs. The upper retreat area has a sliding door that separates it.

Key features

  • It has a non-slip ramp that connects the living upper area or downstairs where there is a run. The top living area has a hutch door that can restrict movement between the two levels via a ramp.
  • It features a run that gives your pet access to the sun, and if they need shelter, they can go to the area lower level of the hutch. The playpen opens from above, and it is easy to attach or remove using metal hooks sold with this enclosure.
  • The plastic pullout tray will make cleaning very easy.
  • The hutch has double access doors, each with a sliding metallic latch for securing it. Furthermore, the roof opens from above, just like the run.
  • It is durable, thanks to the glazed pine solid wood construction and powder coated wire mesh, which will ensure it lasts for a long time. It has a year’s warranty backing.
  • Assembling it is not only easy but also a quick activity.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run - Extra Small

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Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage with Not Leakage Deeper Removable Tray

Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage with Not Leakage Deeper Removable Tray is an endearing bunny hutch with a grey and white trim, red and white, as well as red wine and white ideal for indoor or outdoor no rain use. It has overall dimensions of 38.2″ L x 19.6″ W x 33.8″ H making it suitable for 1-2 rabbits as well as other small animals like guinea pigs and hamsters.

Key features

  • It is made of cedar wood that has been treated with water-based paint and iron wire. The water-based paint used is 100% safe for your pets.
  • The slide-out tray used is deep to prevent leakage and make cleaning very easy. In case of any problem with the tray, you will get a free replacement from Petsfit.
  • The roof covering the wooden side has a piston hinge to help you lift it for easy cleaning.
  • It is very easy to assemble since the wooden side comes with pre-drilled holes.

While this is a great choice of a bunny enclosure, avoid buying it if your pets are great chewers as they will damage the wood with time.Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage with Not Leakage Deeper Removable Tray

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A great alternative of the Petsfit Rabbit Hutch Grey, Guinea Pigs Cage, Bunny Hutch Wood for Indoor Use measuring 36″Lx22″ Wx30″H.

PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch/Guinea Pig House with Run

This PawHut bunny enclosure is an excellent starter for your rabbits and other small pets. It measures 45.5″L x 24.25″W x 20.75″H and has a triangular or A-shaped frame with a run and an enclosed sleeping place, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key benefits

  • It is easy to access via the lockable doors, both on the run and enclosed area. These doors make cleaning and access to your pet easy while keeping it predator-proof.
  • It is light in weight and very stable, thanks to the triangular frame design. You can quickly move it from one place to another.
  • The natural cedar and powder-coated steel wire used in making it will ensure it lasts for a long time.
  • The A-shaped weather off the roof will ensure the living area doesn’t get wet.
  • It is easy to assemble.

PawHut Outdoor Triangular Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House with Run

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Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage 2 Story

This two-story Merax bunny hutch (coop) designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, chicks, among others, is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great indoor and outdoor enclosure. Its colors are auburn and white or natural wood while its linoleum room is black while its overall dimensions are 50″L X 25″W X 36″H.

Key features

  • It is made using a durable or long-lasting kiln-dried fir wood and painted with a safe, waterproof pain that can stand exposure, making the enclosure very durable.
  • It has a nesting box and resting area that is raised off the ground and accessed via a ramp to ensure your bunnies have a place to snuggle or have their privacy.
  • It comes with two runs with a roof, and heavy-duty wire mesh to give your animals have where to relax and play while ensuring they are very safe from predators and well aerated.
  • Cleaning this hutch is a breeze, thanks to the slide-out tray.
  • It is easy to assemble and features a lockable door. Furthermore, the nesting and living area is also lockable.
  • Easy to assemble

One downside is that bunnies may tunnel out since the run opens to the ground. Also, you get wood sealants for the doors.Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage 2 Story pet house

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Besides the above, other great brands from Merax include the two-story Merax Rabbit Hutch Wooden House Wooden Cage for Small Animals (Rabbit Hutch#1) with overall dimensions of 48” L X 19.7” W X 41” H, Rabbit Hutch#3 measuring 59” L X 22” W X 33” H, and Merax 70″ with to run or play areas measuring 61 x 24 x 27 inch (LXWXH).

Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch -2 tiers

When it comes to good and functional bunny cages, Petsfit never disappoints. This specific bunny cage measures 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key features

  • Both the upper and lower tier has a slide-out tray for trapping any urine and dropping. This makes cleaning the hutch very easy.
  • It’s made from sturdy natural cedarwood and treated using a water-based paint to ensure it remains safe in case your pets chew it and chew-proof iron wire.
  • This enclosure, being a multi-level, there is a sturdy ramp to enable access up and downstairs.
  • It has a hinged root, and three lockable doors to give you access during cleaning as well as enable you to access your pet.
  • The weatherproof roof will ensure your hutch remains dry at all times.

In case you have great chewers, ensure you have enough chew toys placed in corners to discourage your bunnies from chewing the wood.Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cages,Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch Farmhouse Red

This Advantek rabbit house has a stilted nesting box surrounded by an outdoor enclosure to ensure your bunnies remain secure and safe from predators and weather elements as they enjoy an outdoor environment. Its auburn and white color adds charm and will make your backyard or wherever you place it to looking stunning.

  • The cypress fir used is insect and rot resistant and part of the GoneGreen line since the grown in sustainable forests controlled by the government. Don’t worry about deforestation.
  • It has a ramp to enable access to the living area and the run that sits on the grass. However, ensure your bunnies cannot tunnel out.
  • It has large access doors to both the run and living area and nesting box. They, together with the slide-out tray, making cleaning very easy.
  • The wire face, as well as hinges and latches used, are galvanized to prevent rusting or corrosion.
  • The non-toxic, waterproof, asphalt roof that covers the nesting area will prevent weather elements while keeping it warm during winter and cool during hot summers.
  • It is easy to assemble

Advantek Stilt House Rabbit Hutch Farmhouse Red

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If you love Advantek secure shelters, the Advantek the White Picket Fence Rabbit Hutch with Connected Run & Pull out Tray ideal for 2-3 bunnies is another excellent choice.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny cage on Wheels

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny cage on Wheels is one of the best rated Aivituvin Hutch. It has an overall measurement of 61.2″L x 22.6″W x 33.5″H, making it a superb option for people who want an indoor or outdoor bunny, guinea pigs, chicken, and other small animal’s enclosure.

Key features

  • It is made using cypress fir wood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. This wood is obtained from sustainable government-controlled forests.
  • Moving the hutch around is a breeze since it has six wheels, two of which are locking wheels if you want it at one permanent place.
  • It has a total of three, 3-inch deep non-leak plastic slide-out tray to trap droppings as well as urine.
  • It has a ramp and door for easy access to the living area as well as a play area.
  • It has three huge front doors and a large roof that opens.
  • Suited for 1-2 bunnies
  • You get free chew toys as well as a metal hay feeder.

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny cage on Wheels

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This is not the only hutch that Aivituvin has. There are other great brands, top among them being:

SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch is a spacious two-story bunny cage whose overall dimensions are 48″ wide, 19-1/2″ deep, 33-1/2″ high. This roomy, and function enclosure will ensure your bunnies and other small pets live comfortably.

Key features

  • The specially treated fir wood treated makes this wood resistant to outdoor elements like rain. Furthermore, the epoxy-coated wire used will ensure durability as it is corrosion, fade, and rust-resistant, while the asphalt roofing is UV and water-resistant. Therefore, expect the main years of service with minimal maintenance.
  • It has a large living area with a separate sleeping enclosed box and a larger lower run or playing area accessible via a non-slip ramp. It also has a door separating these two levels to limit movement when necessary.
  • This enclosure has multiple access points or doors, including the hinged roof access with locking arms ideal for water and food refilling. Furthermore, there is a solid front door near the sleeping area with a metal slide bolt as well as an additional upper and lower level wire doors.
  • Heavy-duty locks, sturdy fir wood, and strong wire grills will ensure your pet is very safe.
  • The ABS slide-out plastic pans covering over 50% of the upper area makes cleaning very easy.
  • It is easy to assemble.

SmithBuilt 4 Rabbit Hutch - Two Story Wood Bunny Cage

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PawHut 91″ Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch w/ Outdoor Run

The PawHut 91″ is a large outdoor rabbit hutch or chicken coop 90.6″L x 27.6″W x 39.4″H with an upper living area and a run downstairs. This outdoor enclosure is best suited for not just bunnies but also chicken, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and other small animals.

Key benefits

  • The hutch is made using fir wood and galvanized, heavy-duty wires making it secure and very durable.
  • Both the living area and run front have huge doors for easy access when cleaning, feeding, or interacting with your pet.
  • Its textured roof can withstand most weather conditions. Furthermore, it is moisture-proof
  • The in-built window and sections wire mesh will ensure free air circulation in the living area.
  • if set on grass, giving your pets a chance to have a feel of grass. However, you need to ensure they don’t tunnel out or predators cannot tunnel into the enclosure.
  • The living area has a slide-out tray to collect any urine or dropping, making cleaning much more manageable.
  • It has multiple ramps for moving from the upper and lower level, and it is effortless to assemble as it comes with all you need to do so.

If you need a large, sturdy, durable yet very affordable rabbit hutch, this PawHut is one of the best deals you can ever get.Pawhut 91 Deluxe Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run

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Other notable PawHut pens you are likely to like include the PawHut 48″ L Wooden Rabbit Hutch Pet Playpen, PawHut 40″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch Small Animal House Pet Cage, and PawHut 122“.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof Two Story

If you need the two-story Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof, you have a choice between the medium in gray and white or brown and white or the large one that comes in glazed pine. The medium measures 41 x 21 x 38 inches while the large one has overall dimensions of 46 x 25 x 38 inches.

Key features

  • A non-slide ramp for moving upstairs or downstairs.
  • It is easy to access via the two the hinged roof that has a locking arm, two upper-level doors, and one on the lower level.
  • It comes with a plastic pull out tray to help you quickly and effortlessly clean the cage.
  • Its solid wood and heavy-duty powder-coated wire grill or mesh will ensure this hutch serves you for an extended period with little maintenance.
  • It offers more protection from weather elements thanks to the lower level wood panels on the backside.

Trixie Rabbit Hutch with Sloped Roof (M), Gray White

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Tangkula Chicken Coop, 58” Wooden Large Outdoor Backyard Hutch

This Tangkula Chicken Coup measuring 58″L x 21″W x 34″H is another amazing chicken, rabbit, ducks and other small pets housing unit. It has a raised leaving area (nesting box) and a fenced run to ensure your animals are safe.

Key features

  • It is made using premium galvanized wire and solid Chinese fir treated with eco-friendly, waterproof, and non-toxic varnish (paint), making the enclosure very sturdy, strong, and durable.
  • Its green asphalt composite pitch roof that extends to the run is waterproof and will keep the hutch cool when it is hot and shelter coldness during the cold season.
  • It has a ladder with timber ridges to ensure your animals can go up and down without slipping as they access the lower and upper levels.
  • The nesting area (living area) is completely enclosed with only a small area that has wire mesh for adequate ventilation.
  • It has lockable doors opening to the run and nesting box for easy access, including during cleaning.
  • It has a slide-out tray beneath the living area to help collect any droppings and urine, something that makes cleaning hassle-free.

Tangkula Chicken Coop, 58'' Wooden Large Outdoor Backyard Hutch

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Besides the above, Tangkula also has Tangkula (Natural 62”), the Tangkula 60″, Tangkula size 76″, Tangkula 67″ Chicken Coop Outdoor Garden Backyard Large Wood Hen House Rabbit Hutch Poultry Cage with Run, among many others.

Confidence Pet 62” Rabbit Hutch/Chicken Coop, Brown Multi-Level

Confidence Pet 62” Rabbit Hutch is made with excellent craftsmanship making it a good brand to buy for your guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets. The enclosure measures 62in x 24in x 29.5 inches and has two levels and a run.

Key features

  • It is meticulously sanded wood that is coated with waterproof and antifungal paint, the stainless steel wire mesh, and waterproof asphalt root makes it very durable.
  • Has two lockable doors for easy access
  • There is a ramp to link the lower level and the upper, which has a living area.
  • Cleaning it is easy, thanks to the double pullout trays with wooden ages.

Confidence Pet 62” Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop, Brown

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TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels

Having a bunny or guinea pig enclosure, you can tote around with easy sounds pleasurable. This is nothing short of what the 78.25 x 31.75 x 44.25 inches, two-story TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels will give you.

Key features

  • It features a run, a lower and upper level connected with a non-slide ramp with a restricting door. The top living area has a private place for sleeping or nesting.
  • A hinged roof that opens to one side with a locking arm.
  • One end has wheels, as well as an attic that has a removable floor. This will give you a chance to transform your hutch greatly.
  • It features a pullout tray for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Like any other Trixie brand, this hutch has a solid wood construction of glazed pine and powder coated wire mesh to ensure it lasts for a long time.
  • It is easy to assemble, and you have a one year warranty.

TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels

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Besides this brand, via the same link above, you can also buy the Rabbit Hutch with Attic, including extra-large as well as one with Gabled Roof.  

PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden Cottage Outdoor/Indoor Use

If you are looking for a tasteful designed and attractive looking bunny enclosure ideal for outdoor and indoor environment, look no further than PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden Cottage. It has two levels, and overall dimensions of 2.6” L x 17.2” D x 37” H and you can go for the auburn and white, grey and white or red and white colors.

Key features

  • The lower level has a cypress fir frame and powder coated wire mesh while the upper area will work as a spacious place for sleeping, sheltering, and having privacy. This upper area is enclosed, except for the small wire door to allow free air circulation.
  • The wood used is painted with non-toxic paint to make it durable and waterproof.
  • It has three doors for easy access when handling, maintenance, or cleaning your hutch.
  • The dual asphalt roofing used is weather-resistant and covers the nesting area as well as the run.
  • Cleaning this cottage is easy since it comes with three inbuilt sliding metallic tray that covers lower and upper areas.

PURLOVE Pet Rabbit Hutch Wooden Bunny Cage Small Animals House for Outdoor Indoor Use


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Lovupet 2 Stories Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage

Lovupet bunny enclosure is functional, appealing two-story indoor or outdoor hutch measuring 48″x20″x40″. It comes in various colors, i.e., pink, grey, natural, blue, red, or auburn.

Key features

  • It is made from natural fir wood and painted with an eco-friendly, waterproof, safe vanish and steel wire. Once painted, the natural fir wood becomes anti-corrosion, waterproof, and pests resistant. You get a one year warranty too.
  • The enclosure features two access doors on each level for easy access, including during feeding, handling, or cleaning.
  • The hutch has a living and sleeping area. The upper level has a sleeping area with a solid door near it while the remainder of the top and the lower level is more open to giving your pet more room to play.
  • It has slide-out, PVC trays that making cleaning a breeze.
  • It comes with one feeding box or trough
  • Ramp roof to ensure easy drainage if you use it outdoor.
  • The upper and lower levels accessible via a ramp ladder are designed to be combined or separated.

Lovupet 2 Stories Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig Cage Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage with Ladder for Small Animals


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Trixie 1-Story Rabbit Hutch Large

Trixie 1-Story Rabbit Hutch a simple, functional, and comfortable bunny enclosure whose dimensions are 46 L x 25 W x 36 H inches. It makes a classy home for not only your bunnies but also guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small pets.

Key features

  • Its waterproof roof, solid wood construction featuring a glazed pine finish and powder-coated metal lattice makes it very durable. Furthermore, it is backed with a one year guarantee.
  • It has multiple entry access, including a door and a hinged roof with a locking arm.
  • Besides the study design that assures your pet’s security, the slide latch locks will ensure predators cannot access your pets.
  • Cleaning this cage is very easy since it has pullout trays
  • Assembly is not only easy to quick

Trixie 1-Story Rabbit Hutch, 1-Story Rabbit Hutch, Large

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LAZY BUDDY Rabbit Hutch, Wooden Rabbit Outdoor Indoor Cage

The golden-colored Lazy Buddy Rabbit Hutch will provide your bunny with a place to play, sleep, and eat while keeping your pet very safe at night. It features a two-story design wit overall measurement 42.12*19.5*39.39 inch. We recommend it for a small rabbit breed or baby bunnies.

  • It is durable, thanks to the natural fir wood that is coated with non-toxic paint, making it eco-friendly. Furthermore, the cage is anti-corrosion, UV resistant, and waterproof. You will also get a one year warranty.
  • The three doors it comes with will give you a chance to access your pet quickly.
  • It is easy to assemble, and the removable trays make cleaning effortless.

LAZY BUDDY Rabbit Hutch,Wooden Rabbit Cage

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CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

CO-Z Topnotch is a two-story deluxe indoor or outdoor enclosure for your bunnies, chicken, guinea pigs, and other small animals. It measures 40.9*19.7*40.9,” and it is designed with a pet in mind ensuring it is both functional and very comfortable.

Key features

  • Its sturdy fir wood and anti-corrosion features will ensure it stands under various weather for a long time.
  • If you have limited space, this brand has a compact design, especially if you want to put it indoors.
  • It features a pet-friendly design with an enclosed place with a wooden separator for privacy and a larger open place for playing.
  • It has a ramp to access the lower and upper levels with an option of sealing the two levels creating two hutches.
  • The slide-out trays on each level will make cleaning simple.
  • It is safe with dual locks to keep the predators at bay.

CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch

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Other good brands

  • FeelGoodUK BUNNY ARK – Hybrid – Double Tier Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House Cage Pen Home (RH10) – 3/142 UK
  • BUNNY BUSINESS The Grove Grey Double Decker Rabbit/ Guinea Pig Hutch and Run
  • Merry Products Tudor Rabbit Hutch
  • Be Mindful Bunny Hutch for Rabbits and Other Small Animals 60/4.0
  • Trixie Natura Two Story Rabbit Hutch Large Run

Where to position it

When positioning your hutch, avoid windy places or placing it close to walls or fences. This will allow free air circulation and reduce the chances of mice lodging behind it next to the wall.

An ideal outdoor environment should be on a sheltered area that allows free air circulation and bunnies to access the sun but not the hot midday one unless the pen has a hiding or sleeping compartment where your rabbit can go and hide.


They should spot cleaned daily and any droppings or soiled areas removed to avoid problems such as flystrike. Once or twice a week, clean them thoroughly changing their litter and bedding.

New and used rabbit hutches for sale?

If you would wish to buy any of the above best bunny hutches or any other we may not have mentioned, try Walmart, Amazon.com, tractorsupply.com, eBay.com petsathome.com, Petco.com, chewy.com, omlet.co.uk, petsmart.com among other places.

If you want a used rabbit hutch for sale, check on classified ads on your local daily or weekly newspapers, and auction sites. You cannot miss some near you if you check for rabbit hutches for sale on Craigslist or eBay.com.