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Rabbits for sale in California

rabbits for sale California

Rabbits for sale in California – Bunnies for sale near you

Location: Sacramento, CA
Price – 100$

These cute little MINI LOPS rabbits, one female, and one male, 6 weeks and 10 days old are for sale. They are too little to give away, therefore they will be available after 9-10 weeks old. They are as cute as you can see, so friendly and adorable. They are used to being handled and their fluffy fur will make you want to hug them all the time. You will fall in love with their individual personality.

We ask for pictures of the hutch and home prior to collection.

Blue Bell

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Price – 60$

This cute and friendly 14 months Female HOLLAND LOP rabbit is ready to be taken home by a loving, caring, and playful partner. She loves children and other animals.

Lilly and her fluffy fur
Lilly and her cute nose

Location: Fresno, CA
Price – 120$

Two baby MINI LOPS, one black and full of attitude male, and one calm and elegant female will be ready to play with you in 3 weeks. Both fluffy and ready to be hugged. They are all healthy and handled with care and love since they were born. Now 6 weeks old.

Location: Redding, CA
Price – 120$

We are looking to rehome our two bonded bunnies in 5 weeks’ time. 2 Baby unsexed Mini Lop bunnies are for sale. As they are only 4 months old, it’s still early to tell if they are female or male.

Location: Sacramento, CA
Price – 50$

One cute white with black Female Baby NETHERLAND DWARF is for sale. She is 8 weeks old and she is ready to be picked up in 2 weeks. She has such a lovely and friendly attitude you will not be able to resist.

Luna and the flowers
Luna’s cute nose

Location: Sacramento, CA
Price – 60$

Hi, here are our 2 dark brown/black Netherland dwarf rabbits. They are 10 weeks of age. As you can see they look like they are babies, but this is because of their breed. They are little, dwarf rabbits, they do not grow much in size. They are so cute, so beautiful. You will definitely love petting them. I Would prefer for them to get a welcoming home where they will be loved and well carried. They are $60 each.

Location: Redding, CA
Price – 150$

Our 7-month-old rabbits, one boy (brown) and one girl (white) have been neutered and vaccinated. They’re both cute and well-behaved.

They are used to living in a secure atmosphere that meets all of their needs. Now, they have access to an enclosed and secured courtyard that provides fresh air and more space. The delivery will include a four-foot hutch and a wide enclosure. In our home, they are not confined to their hutch and can go anywhere they want.

Please contact us if you are prepared to provide these bunnies with a loving and responsible family. We can wait for the right candidate to adopt these delightful bunnies because it’s not a hurried sale. There will be no first-come, first-served sales.

Location: Hayfork, CA
Price – 110$

Two bonded bunnies, 1 female lion head orange fur, 1 male orange fur with black nose and toes, 5 months old, each for $55.

Supplies: Food bowl and Food samples.

If you need a hutch, we have a three-story hutch for $20 that is perfect for rabbits to move around in and run up and down. Available for pick-up or delivery within a fair radius.

Location: Hayfork, CA
Price – 110$

Meet our little Netherland Dwarf rabbits, three brown (chocolate labrador) and one black. From the browns, one is a male (is a little smaller than the others) and 2 are females. The black one is also a male.

They have been very well handled and they are all prepared for depart. Unfortunately, I would have to insist on a $10 deposit because we have been let down way too many times.

Location: Hayfork, CA
Price – 80$

Two original breed Dutch Dwarf rabbits are available for $40 each. They are to be sold together because they are totally inseparable. One is female and the other is male (brother and sister).

When they were two weeks old, they have been treated every day for up to two hours and are very stable, peaceful, responsive, and bursting with energy. They know how to use the food bowl and react very well to whistle instructions. They will sit and be cuddled for hours. Both parents come from good bloodlines.

They both have a strong appetite and have been given limited quantities of fresh food. Until the weather improves, they will need to be kept indoors, particularly at night. They are cheerful dwarf bunnies with endearing personalities.