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Taking Care of Your Dog – Daily and Weekly Tasks… the F.E.E.T. Routine

Taking Care of Your Dog - Daily and Weekly Tasks

What’s the cost of your dog’s health? Is it thousands of dollars? Is it tens of thousands?

Actually… it “costs” 15 minutes of your time per week.

There are no sure things in this world, but you can drastically improve the overall health and comfort of your dog if you follow a simple 15 minutes a week routine.

We’ve called it the FEET routine: Fur – Ears – Eyes – Teeth. dog fiend

Fur: brush your dog at least once every week to get rid of all the dead hairs and spread the natural oils its skin produces over the fur. It will prevent tangling and it will keep your dog and your house clean.

Ears: check the inside of the ears once a week to spot any infections. They might lead to serious problems and if they are spotted in time are extremely easy to deal with.

Eyes: for all dogs it’s very important to keep the area around the eyes clean; for older dogs you should also inspect their eyes to spot possible problems that come with age, like cataract. As with any illness, the sooner you address it, the better.

Teeth: healthy teeth are vital for dogs and you can keep them that way by brushing them once a week with a special toothbrush you can find in any pet store. The most important segment are the upper teeth, with the two fangs coming out and the small teeth between them. Make sure there is no left over food and that plaque doesn’t take a hold of them. A 2 minute brushing will do the job.


With FEET you increase the likelihood of having a healthy dog with minimum time spend and almost zero cost. If you do this every week the dogs will get used to the routine and fight back less and less until you’ll be able to do it without a hitch.

FEET is quite the Bargain!