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How to Train your dog to quit Jumping up People?

Train your dog to quit Jumping up People
Experience of having a loyal friend with you that keeps you safe and happy all the day long entertains you when you are sad gives you full company while jogging early in the morning and also someone whom you can say whatever you want. I am sure you all will agree that this kind of friend is no other than a dog.
All the owners of dogs want to make their dogs well-mannered. For this, the training starts from the puppy stage. At this stage, the puppy got the maximum attention. Not only the people in the house but also the visitors or guests play and talk with him. Due to this attitude, the puppy got attached to the humans. Now, he starts to greet people in his own way, and that’s the jumping up on people, holding the clothes of people with his mouth and running towards them. These are the typical attitudes of puppies, and the people love these but gradually the puppy turns to a big dog, and now people get afraid of him. They don’t want to get closer to a big dog because they are scared of getting any injury.
You also get very embarrassed when any of your guests are not so fond of dogs, but your dog is so used to greet all your visitors, and you can’t do anything to stop him from getting close to that guest. So, to avoid all this situation, you should train your dog from the beginning. When you teach your dog from the start, you will never face such situation of embarrassment. You can take your grown dog with you in the park or other public places. The well-mannered dog doesn’t do anything without your command.
So, following are the golden rules you should adopt from the very first day of training your beautiful pet. Following these pieces of advice, your dog will never get used to jumping on you or any other person.

Be persistent

This is very important while training any dog. You should use any technique to train your dog but don’t hope for the results in a day or two. Remember that you are dealing with a dog that doesn’t understand your language. So, treat him nicely. Follow the tactics for a longer time and give time to your dog to know what you are actually demanding from him. So, tell him the manners one by one.

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Don’t smile

When the dog is in his puppyhood, you can teach him well. You can show him a lot of things but concentrate on the attitude of your dog when he meets someone. Some dogs just bark and others want to smell the person so that they can recognise that person afterwards. So, when your dog jumps or gets closer to the people just don’t encourage him by smiling. So, he will understand that his owner doesn’t like this behaviour. So, next he will reduce this, and you will see many positive responses in a few months.

Change dog’s style of greeting the guests

You should also consider many ways to divert the attention of your dog when he got too much excited. You should train the dog to present any toy to the visitor. Train him to give you the toys when you enter the house. In this way, he will learn that presenting the gift to the person is good to get attention. When he presents such a thing, then you must encourage him. A great smile will make him happy. Place some toys by the door and when any person enters the home to make the routine of your puppy to give him the toy. In this way, the wave of excitement will vanish, and the puppy or the dog will never jump on the person.

Change the way of greeting your dog

Now, when your dog is grown up, and you are worried about his jumping on people which may knock any person to the ground, so just change the way of greeting your dog. Don’t get overexcited. Just stay calm and poise. Say the routine sentences and greet him with a great smile. This can help you in changing the behaviour of the dog. For puppies, this is also a great thing. You should treat your puppy from the very first day like this so that, your dog knows this that his master just wants a decent welcome from him.

Be consistent

If you want to change your dog’s habit of jumping up on people maybe in a park or in your house, your behaviour must be the same all the time. You should not hug your dog at one time, and on the other, you are scolding him when he wants a warm welcome from any of your friend. So, keep one attitude. It will help the dog to understand that jumping is not allowed. Also, your body language will help him a lot to understand.

The help of other people

When your friends, family members, neighbours and visitors are also helping you in this training session with your dog, then it will accelerate the results. Your dog is very much used to your close persons, so when they are also treating him like you do, then the dog will understand that no one is demanding a jump from him. This will take time because the dog will get confused about the behaviour. He will start thinking “What’s wrong with all of you? Why are you not laughing when I jump on you and why do you have this cold behaviour with me?” But after some days he will compromise with the situation.
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Do not shout on your dog

Yelling at the dog is not the correct way of stopping him from any bad habit. You know this that the dog doesn’t understand your language, so, when you shout on him, this can excite him, and he will jump on you more to please you, so, don’t yell or get angry and treat your dog politely.

Do not knee your dog in the chest

This method is frequently advised but avoid this as this doesn’t work always. Sometimes, you can get a severe injury as when you are on one leg, you can lose balance when the dog jumps on you. Getting violent is not the solution. You have to teach your dog patiently and persistently.

Avoid pushing

Pushing your dog while jumping will excite him as he will take this push as a reward and again tries to jump. So, avoid this as this is not a fruitful method. So, no pushing!

Don’t punish or scold your dog

This is not the way to stop the unwanted behaviour from your dog. This can make your dog angry as you don’t pay attention to him and will also weaken your relationship with the dog. So, avoid this behaviour.

Final words

You should pay attention to the best training of your dog from the beginning. When the dog listens and acts on your commands, you will never be hesitant to take him with you anywhere you want. So, “Nip the evil in the bud”. Discourage the jumping off the dog from the beginning, so that you will have not to worry about this when the dog become fully grown.

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