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Why Grinding Your Dog’s Nails is Better Than Clipping

Why Grinding Your Dog’s Nails is Better Than Clipping

Does your Golden Retriever have long and sharp nails?

If so, then you know accidental scratches all too well because Goldies are quite excitable and can jump on you even if they’re quite disciplined otherwise.

So, it is a good idea to grind your dog’s nails with a nail grinder.

Trimming or cutting your dog’s nails can be tricky because you can end up hurting your friend and making the process really painful and traumatic for him. This isn’t fun at all and may even be something the two of your dread every month.

Nail grinders here are the best solution.

In this blog post, we will go through why you should grind your Golden Retriever’s nails and tell you everything that you need to know about it in detail.

Let’s begin, shall we!?

So What Are Nail Grinders?

Common Problems With Dog Nail Clippers

Problem 1: The Painful and Traumatic Process

Problem 2: It’s All About The Money

Dog Nail Grinder: The Better Alternative

Why Are People Switching To Dog Nail Grinders?

Scratches Everywhere

Self Harm

Furniture Problems

Why Grinding Your Dog’s Nails is Better Than Clipping

So What Are Nail Grinders?

Are you looking for an alternative to dog nail clippers?

The thing is that even though nail clippers have been around for a long time  but, they aren’t the safest and most convenient option out there. They also become less effective with time as the blade gets blunt.

And, a weak clipper could crack a tough nail which can cause pinching and is extremely painful for your furry buddy.

In this case, dog nail grinders come in handy. In fact, most professionals like the vet or groomers seem to agree on the fact that electric nail grinders are better for your doggy than the traditional nail clippers.

Grinding of the nails using these nail grinders is simply more precise.

This also reduces the chances of uneven pressure, breakage or cracks, and pain when it comes to grooming your furry friend’s nails.

Some nail grinders come inbuilt with a tool that polishes your dog’s nails and help prevent rough edges. So, there won’t be any scratching or snagging.

We feel that dog nail grinders are the best alternative to nail clippers.


Common Problems With Dog Nail Clippers

There are a lot of valid reasons why dog parents and even professional dog groomers have switched to nail grinders in the past few years. In this section of the blog post, we will go over them.

Let’s begin!

Problem 1: The Painful and Traumatic Process

Every dog who’s gotten his nails chopped using a trimmer has had at least one painful and traumatic incident with them.

It’s a fact.

M dog parents really don’t like getting their dog’s nails trimmed because they know that it can be painful for their dogs as they have ended up with a bloody nail at least once in their lives.

Regardless the experience you may have had with nail trimming, it is a traumatic experience for the doggy. So, many dog owners simply like to postpone getting their dog’s nails trims which can cause problems of its own.

The more you postpone trimming, the harder it gets for the groomer to bring the nails back to their original shape which, in turn, becomes more painful of the dog.

And if you’re a dog parent, you just know how your doggy friend just hates every second of nail clipping.

Problem 2: It’s All About The Money

When you’re looking to get your dog’s nails trimmed, you want a professional groomer who’s an expert and may not end up hurting your dog.

And, that, my friend, costs money.

The more experienced the groomer, the more expensive they are.

While going to an expert doesn’t necessarily guarantee that they won’t hurt your dog, a  rookie groomer isn’t a good idea, either.

So, in this case, trimming your dog’s nails yourself is a good idea if you’re on a budget.

However, nail clippers for dogs are quite expensive in themselves and need to be constantly replaced when they get blunt. So, dog nail grinders are quite practical and pain-free when you come to think of it.

dog nails

Dog Nail Grinder: The Better Alternative

We feel that nail grinders are the best alternative for your Golden Retriever because they are an easier and a more efficient method to trim your dog’s nails for you as well as your dog.

Did you know that nail clipping can lead to psychological problems in the dog which down the line can turn into behavioral issues?

This can simply be avoided by using nail grinders.

Why Are People Switching To Dog Nail Grinders?

Now that you know dog nail grinders are the more superior choice, people are switching to them because:

  • They are pain-free and don’t hurt your dog at all
  • They are cheap in terms of use
  • They’re a one-time investment as they last a long time

Here are some reasons why you should make the switch.

1.Scratches Everywhere

You know that Golden Retrievers have long and hard nails.

That, added to their excitable nature means that they might end up scratching you during playtime and you’d end up with nasty-looking scars all over your body. And, they hurt!

Grinding your dog’s nails means that they won’t be as long and pointed so, you won’t get scratched all the time.

2.Self Harm

Dogs love to scratch themselves and, if they have long nails, they might end up hurting themselves as well. So, you can avoid that altogether by grinding your dog’s nails and keeping them perfectly groomed at all times.


3.Furniture Problems

While dogs are no cats in the sense that they don’t scratch the furniture as much, they still keep scratching things accidentally and may ruin some of your favorite furniture—all of which can be avoided by using nail grinders.

Why Grinding Your Dog’s Nails is Better Than Clipping

Grinding your dog’s nails is a pain-free way of keeping them groomed.

Nail grinders work by filing your dog’s nails to ensure that they are blunt without causing any trauma or stress to them. So, your dog won’t run away from you the moment he catches a glimpse of the nail grinder.

However, the nail grinder will take some getting used to because of the sound and vibration. So, you should start when your dog’s still young.

Here you can find some of the best Dog’s nail grinder:





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