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The most common Golden Retriever’s health problems

The most common Golden Retriever's health problems

Do you own a golden retriever? Then you need to be concerned about the health of him. Otherwise, your dog will get subjected to a variety of health conditions, which can make him suffer in the long run. Here are some of the most common health problems that golden retriever dogs and puppies should get. When you are aware of them, you will find it as an easy task to go for appropriate treatments quickly and ensure the good health of your dog.

Skin health conditions

Due to the long outer coat and dense undercoat, skin health conditions have become more prominent among golden retriever puppies. Bacteria can easily get trapped inside the coat of golden retrievers can give life to the skin diseases. As per professional vets, around 50% of the golden retrievers get skin health conditions. They include allergies and other skin problems, which can give life to red, flaky and itchy skin. If they are not treated properly, your dog will have to suffer from more serious health conditions. Pyoderma is a perfect example for such a frustrating health condition. The skin health conditions are more prominent among dogs that are exposed to cold air, warm air, parasites, ticks, mites, fleas, dirt and mold. Therefore, you need to be concerned about the skin health conditions of the golden retriever and make sure that it doesn’t get into any serious conditions.


HIP dysplasia

HIP dysplasia is identified as one of the most common health conditions that a golden retriever puppy can get. It is a type of arthritis. When your dog is diagnosed with this health condition, you will be able to notice a growth in the ball and socket joints of the hips. If you take a look at a healthy golden retriever, you will be able to notice that the upper part of the thighbone is shaped like a ball. This ball has got the ability to rotate in a smooth manner when the leg is moving. As a result, your dog can walk, run and sit down without any hassle. A large number of connective tissues can be found around this ball, which is responsible for ensuring stability. When the socket is shallow, your dog will not be able to walk, run and sit in a smooth way. This can give life to permanent disability as well. Therefore, you must analyze the movements of your golden retriever carefully and check whether it is suffering from any symptoms of HIP dysplasia.


When you take a look at the possibility of dog breeds getting cancers, you will be able to find golden retrievers on the top of the list. As per the records collected from statistical experiments, around 60% of the golden retriever dogs tend to die from a cancer. The chances of female golden retrievers getting cancers is significantly high when compared to the males. Out of different cancer types that golden retrievers can get, heangiosarcoma has received much attention. This cancer originates from the lining of the blood vessels that your golden retriever has. Therefore, it is important to take your dog to a vet on a regular basis and make sure that there is no space for a cancer to grow.

Loose knees

It is common for the golden retriever dogs to lose their kneecaps out of position. When the dogs lie down for an extensive period of time, there is a high possibility to end up with this health condition. The common symptoms associated with this health condition include sudden loss of support for the limbs, intermittent skip, limping and abnormal posture when sitting. When you notice your dog has slowed down, you need to take him to a vet because it is a sign of loose knees. There is a possibility to re-establish the strength of the knees in your dog. The vet will help you to go for appropriate treatments and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Von willebrand disease

Von willebrand disease can be considered as a blood disorder that is originated in genes. This disorder can commonly be found in the golden retriever dogs as well. Defective or missing willebrand factor has been identified as the main cause behind this health condition. It is a clotting protein that is provided to the bloodstream through genes. When the golden retriever dog is affected with von willebrand disease, it has a higher possibility to bleed a lot after an injury. On the other hand, they have a higher possibility of bleeding from the gums and nose as well. There are instances where the golden retriever will have to deal with internal bleeding. In such instances, you will be able to find blood in the urine of golden retriever.


Chest conditions

Chest conditions are common among almost all dog breeds. This includes golden retrievers as well. The chest conditions can develop due to the health issues that arise in the lungs, heart and the circulatory system. In the large dog breeds such as golden retrievers, there is a higher possibility to get the chest conditions. They are named as sabvalular aortic stenosis. During the chest conditions, arteries of the golden retriever dog where blood is carried will be thinned. As a result, the flow of blood to the aorta from left ventricle will be blocked partially. Due to this reason, your heart will have to work at a faster pace than usual. Along with time, the heart will be subjected to additional pushing of the blood. This can eventually cause the dog to die. However, it is somewhat difficult to analyze the chest conditions of golden retriever by taking a look at the external signs and symptoms. That’s why you will have to think about taking your dog to a vet on a regular basis.