I Saw My Dog Eating June Bugs, Are They Bad?

Every pet owner or breeder is always concerned about the safety of what their pet eats. One such concern is seeing your dog eating June bugs. Are they safe or bad for your pooch?

Also known as June or May beetles, these are insect species under the genus Phyllophaga. They are often reddish-brown or black in color (but could also be other colors).

Do dogs eat june bugs
Do dogs eat June bugs?

Behaviorally, June beetles are active during the night and are attracted to a light source. Furthermore, they are not aggressive, i.e., they do not bite, sting or attack.

These insects are commonly noted during summer, they feed on plants and are clumsy while flying. The Japanese, European Chafer, Ten-lined, Figeater, and green June beetle are some of their common species noted in various places.

Can dogs eat June bugs?

Yes. Dogs can eat June beetles or bugs. In fact, is not uncommon to notice not only your dog but also your cat hunting for, capturing and eating these insects. They not poisonous and will not sting or bite these pets as already mentioned.

In fact, these pets will enjoy their crunchy taste and they will be an additional source of food they may hunt for from time to time together with others including crickets, flies, stink bugs, moths, grasshoppers and so on.

Are June bugs bad for dogs or good?

You already know that these beetles are not poisonous to dogs. However, do not be quick to assume that they are one of the healthiest foods for these pets. They may not be due to the following reasons.

  • If your dog ingests too many of them, he or she may develop stomach upsets, diarrhea as well as vomit. Therefore, you should ensure this pet does not eat too many of these insects. One or two might not be harmful.
  • Since their body is covered with a hard shell, they can cause intestinal blockages since these pets are incapable of digesting these shells.
  • It is always a good idea to stop your cats and dogs from eating any bug even if they are safe. This is because some of them might be vectors for various diseases that might affect these animals or even be caring worms or other parasites.
  • Since insecticides are often used to control various insects, sometimes these May beetles may be soaked in these insecticides which will harm your pet if it munches them.

We have seen the reasons why these bugs, as well as others, may not be the healthiest treat for this pet especially if they eat too many of them. However, they are not bad or poisonous.


The issue of cats and dogs eating various bugs should be a concern to everyone since some of them are poisonous such as fireflies, some types of caterpillars, spiders, and so on.

However, if your dog ate a June bug, you do not have to call your vet unless you notice the various signs that all is not well such as vomiting, diarrhea or signs of intestinal blockages, among others.