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How to Train a Golden Retriever to be Calm?

Golden Retrievers in particular, if they are not well trained during their first few months of life, have a tendency to show behaviors that are not typical for this type of dog, and so they will require diligent care and a modification of their habits.

This is a laborious process that does not have to be done by a professional. It is a labor-intensive process that does not have to be done by a professional. It is important to remember, however, that changes in a dog’s behavior will not be a quick result, but only through hard work, especially if they are deeply ingrained.

The habits that will be changed are behavior related and are those that prevent Goldenly or his owners from going about their normal daily activities.

Some of these problematic behaviors that need to be changed are:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Barking
  • Stress
  • Separation anxiety
  • Stereotypes
  • Fear

These behaviors can be changed especially if the Golden retriever has been the victim of violence because it will be difficult for him to trust other people and even with a heart of gold.

The aggressiveness of the Golden retriever may be due more to fear than to aggressiveness. It is necessary to make a correct diagnosis of the cause of his behavior, which can only be decided by a veterinarian.

In the case of behavioral changes the priority should be the welfare of the dog because otherwise, the dog won’t respond correctly to the instructions you give him, it gets more in the opposite direction. So within the behavior, you have to use positive thinking and empathetic energy.

Because this gives an excellent atmosphere where our dog can slowly trust us, it allows you to reward your dog for good behavior and thus you will create an emotional bond with him.

This behavior will cause the dog to lose confidence and refuse to obey. Lack of nurturing will lead to arbitrariness, and too hard treatment will break our pet and its good heart, so training should be done carefully. It is worth enrolling your pet dog in a doggie daycare center, where qualified instructors will help us to properly conduct training.

Doggie training

Goldens learn quickly. It does not like idleness, so it willingly repeats tasks. Of course, training should be supported with treats, which will be a great motivation for the dog. As with any other breed, physical and mental aggression must not be used during training.

Golden Retrievers were bred to do high-energy tasks daily. Not surprisingly, they need a tremendous amount of exercise and physical activity, but when they do not get enough of it, they become all-around hyperactive.

How do you get started?

If your Golden Retriever is not currently getting much exercise, then giving him plenty more will be the best option. Also, do not underestimate the amount of exercise devoted to them. It is best to start slowly with 15 minutes of exercise interwoven with active play.

But about an hour of exercise per day is enough to prepare and teach obedience to our dog. The best and effective way to give our beast is an adequate amount of time dedicated to exercise and play is as I mentioned, Fetch is, a highly effective way to exhaust it without consuming itself. It sounds quite pointless, relax for your dog it is fantastic exercise!

It is also a good way if you try to work out with a mad hound by running with him, Often you will find yourself exhausted way before him, but fetching might be one of the right moves to take a break for a while so it is a perfectly nice method to exercise your Golden Retriever

Another option you have is to walk with other dogs. This is also an effective way of socializing as well as socializing our beloved pet itself because this species of dogs often play with each other and they use a tremendous amount of energy to do so.

This means that you will be able to exercise your Retriever in this way without getting tired. If you do not have enough time to do the exercise, one option is to use a dog walker. This way, you will be able to provide your pet with a large amount of exercise as well as physical activity that it needs, while also being able to save some time for yourself.

This makes early socialization important, which is best started from a puppy. New stimuli, places and people have a positive influence on the dog’s later behavior. Goldens love water and simply love to play in it.

That’s why, when we go for a walk near a body of water, it’s a good idea to take some toys for our dog and a blanket for us, so that we can relax with our pet or spend time in a nice place.

Goldens are good at dog sports. Games such as agility, obedience and tracking make our pet’s life more enjoyable. In the same way, we could do it when he socializes with other dogs because this way he will understand that this behavior is good.

A simple example of this would be a dog eating his master’s shoes. If we want to change this habit we should reward him when he uses chew toys instead of our favourite slippers.

You can also buy a toy into which you can apply food. With this solution, we will occupy our pet for several hours and at the same time will stop chewing slippers. Another way to keep your Golden Retriever calm is to give him plenty of exercises. This will help in many ways. With training, you will be able to tell your dog to stop when he is acting hyper and he will listen to you.

By doing this, your dog could be spending some of his mental energy on the training process itself, which will help you eliminate any bad behaviours. Likewise, you’ll be able to teach him to naturally wait for your command before doing things like biting his slippers or peeing on the door.

Keep it simple

While there are many things you can teach your Golden Retriever, there are simple commands. One of the first things that you would want to teach your Golden Retriever is the command “stay”. This is beneficial because it will be able to get him to stop inappropriate misbehaving more easily.

Also, you will be able to have an easier time with socialization and when you are at the vet, you will be able to leave him in place easier and without any unpleasant situations for you and your pet.

Once you have taught your dog the command “stay”, the very next way to adapt should be to enhance the training process and make him obey your commands. In order to wait for food when you feed him until you tell him he can have it and eat it.

The next thing you will want to teach him is the “come” command. This will be much easier for you to teach if you have already taught him the “stay” command. Teaching him the “come” command is beneficial because he will be able to get him to come to you when he is misbehaving.

Another thing you will want to teach him is not to run away in certain situations, such as when he is leashed or when the front door opens. This will make your crazy pet safer, as a common way for a Golden Retriever to get hurt is to run out the front door.

To achieve the above, you need to use classical conditioning, a type of learning in which you need to use a neutral stimulus that can reflect the dog’s automatic response, after repeating the conditioned stimulus several times. When you achieve this, that stimulus will now be the conditioned stimulus.

In this way, you can change your dog’s behavior, which controls the stimulus you receive and is widely used in dog training to solve problems with indecent behavior.


Golden retrievers are cute however when you are choosing a dog for yourself in a kennel then watch your dog’s siblings you will probably see that not all puppies are equally lively, some will be slower, there may be some distrustful or fearful dogs that will not have any intention of playing with you.

Which type of puppy we will choose depends directly on how the puppy will be raised – whether we will train the puppy to behave calmly because he is overburdened with energy, or we will focus on building confidence in our dog? The fact that we will teach the puppy to be humble is obvious, but raising a puppy isn’t just about training, playing and having fun, it’s also about time spent with our family members, which can result in a loving and caring family companion

With everything mentioned in this article, you will be able to properly train your Golden retriever and enjoy this companion very much and he will make yours. Remember, you are now with a very smart dog that will not be hard to give a lot of love and pampering too, but you also need to keep discipline when necessary.