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Golden Retriever Behavior And Temperament

Golden Retriever Behavior And Temperament

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs around the world. In the US alone, it is the third most common dog. People often choose the golden retriever because of its temperament and behavior. However, it would be best to research whether they fit your lifestyle or not before getting a Golden retriever puppy.

If you are getting golden retrievers just because they are trendy or cute, don’t do this. Golden Retrievers are large, energetic dogs, and they love to attract attention and be surrounded by people.

However, in general, Golden Retrievers are very gentle and friendly dogs. They are always eager to please their master and love children and other family members. They don’t have a strong guard instinct; If you think they will protect you and your house from intruders, you are not right.

In this article, we will talk about the behavior and temperament of the Golden Retriever so that you can get help before choosing one for your family.

Golden Retriever Behavior

An ideal Golden retriever is one that has all the qualities of its ancestors. Here are some behavioral traits that are common in all purebred Golden retrievers.

Loyal and cheerful

Golden Retrievers are incredibly joyous and cheerful, and they love to please their family members. They are even good with strangers and other animals. They love the attention and cuddles, and they want to play with everyone they meet.

When they get excited, they translate their love into jumping. Although this is their style and manner of greeting, most people consider its aggressiveness. They are very smart and polite. Their friendly demeanor makes them good watchdogs, but they are not regarded as good watchdogs.

Highly energetic and active

Golden Retrievers are very active and love to exercise. If you are a person who has an active lifestyle, this dog will adapt a lot to you. Otherwise, you will face many consequences. These cute dogs are early risers, and after that, they spend a good time of their day figuring out what to do.

They love to go on vacation with their family and participate in physical activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming, hiking, or playing fetch with the children. If you cannot play with them, they can even play with the neighbor child who can throw the tennis balls.

They love to play all day, and that can keep them busy. A remarkable trait of the Golden retriever is their uniform temperament, but they are still not suitable for small apartments. Since they love exercises, they require large spaces and confining them to small apartments isĀ unfair to them.

Easy to train

Golden Retrievers are highly trainable. As you know, they love to please their owner, so they will practically do anything for reward, praise, or support. For these reasons, they are an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. These dogs are very sensitive, so they must be treated with great care, as they do not respond well to aggressiveness and harsh tones.

Most dog owners face one problem during Golden Retriever training because they do not like to walk on a leash. So you need to train them in the early stages, so they don’t pull on the lead. Their easy training made them the first choice for service and therapy dogs.


Golden retriever temperament

According to a study on Golden retrievers, they behave well and do not show inappropriate behavior even in situations where there is a need for aggression. The study found that 98.57 % of the Golden retrievers act appropriately in different situations. This means that Golden Retrievers are less likely to act aggressively. If you treat these dogs properly, they are very reliable and rarely show aggression towards their family.

Golden Retrievers are good with other Dogs

Golden Retriever Behavior And Temperament

Generally, golden retrievers do well with other dogs in the house. They behave very well if you socialize them from an early age. However, do not separate Golden Retriever puppies from their mother until they are 8-10 weeks old because this age is crucial for learning bite inhibition and other skills. If you want to get a Golden retriever puppy, get it at a young age so you can train and socialize him properly. If you’ve adopted them in adulthood, you can still train and socialize them.

The Golden Retriever with Children

If you are curious about whether or not your Golden Retrievers will be friendly to your children, don’t worry. They are one of the popular choices for households with children due to their trustworthy temperament.

One thing to keep in mind is that socialization is necessary for all dogs, including golden retrievers. You must socialize your dog with the children and watch over them while they are interacting. Their first interaction should be pleasant and in a good situation.

If your child is under five years old, never leave him alone with any type of dog. If your child is naughty and mischievous, teach him not to irritate the dog and build a good relationship. When children handle dogs gently and calmly, there is less chance of mishaps.

The Golden Retriever with other pets

If you already have pets at home like cats, ferrets or rabbits, don’t worry; the Golden Retriever will be the best option for you.

Many golden retrievers are seen to live happily with cats and ferrets in the same homes. But it is not evident that all dogs of this breed are safe for cats and other pets.

You must first correctly introduce your Golden Retriever and other pets. Keep an eye on them during the introduction and take things slowly. Give them separate resources in different places to keep the peace.

If you have to leave them alone at home, separate them by keeping them in different rooms or a crate.

Golden Retriever Temperament (Male vs Female)

Everyone has a personal choice of whether they want to have male or female Golden Retrievers. But if you’re going to make that decision based on the difference in temperament, you need to know that there is no significant difference.

You can talk to the breeder or rescue staff to find the Golden Retriever with a good temperament, but you should be open to both males and females.


Golden Retrievers are always excellent dogs for families with children and other pets due to their outstanding behavior and temperament. They are currently ranked number three in the US due to their kind and gentle demeanor and temperament.