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Dog Age Chart: How to Convert Dog’s Age into Human Years


It is common thinking that in order to know how to compare the age of our dog to ours, we need to count 7 years per one dog’s year. Is it really so easy?

If we think that a “one year old” dog is ready for reproduction while a kid of 7 years is just learning to write and read, we must admit that it cannot be that way.

Therefore we searched a bit around and create the following summary table where to the dog age it corresponds the human one.

This is obviously just an idea because there are several factors involved such as breed, diet, health, activities and last but not least his size. We all know that unfortunately large-sized dogs used to live less than small ones…

The table could help us in understanding whom do we deal with, for instance our 8 months old dog might already looks like an adult but in reality he is like a 7/8 years old child. For this reason we cannot expect him to behave as an adult.


Same with our senior dog… if he is 11 we cannot take him to the disco because it would look like taking our grandpa to a nightclub till 4 a.m.

So the hereunder table should give you an approximate idea, definetly better than the usual 1=7