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Doberman-Golden Retriever Mix


This breed is commonly called a Golden Pinscher or Golderman. Simply a combination of the two breed names. This combination breed is super smart, extremely strong and they make a wonderful guard dog.

These dogs are a unique and interesting combination. They are considered loyal, playful, happy, smart and highly alert. They do, however, like to be mischievous.



This breed of dog has a moderate level of energy and a multifaceted personality. The average lifespan for this breed combination is from 12 to 15 years. They can grow to be anywhere from 65 pounds to 95 pounds. Keep in mind, the more muscular, the heavier the dog is going to be. The coloring will range from golden, to black, tan and golden, or yellow and black.

The best type of family or owner that this dog should be with is one that is active and enjoys the outdoors. Dog trainers would be ideal owners, they are seemingly always moving.

Buyer Beware


When you consider adopting or purchasing a Golderman, research should be done. You need to know what the dog is like, will this work well in your family? Do you have the time to spend with a Golden Pinscher? The temperament of each Golderman may easily vary from dog to dog. Much of this will depend on where the dog was born, whether at a breeder or a puppy mill.

  The best way to know if you can trust this location is to ask these questions:

Do they let me visit the location?

The Registered Breeder owns a clean location and welcomes visitors to see and inspect the areas.

The Puppy Mill will avoid allowing visitors anywhere near the facility.

Does the facility have all necessary paperwork?

The licensed breeder will have any and all information you ask for, such as vaccinations, breeding information, and all other health records. They may not have a full genetic record, but will be able to explain how to find it.

The puppy mill will have very little, if any, paperwork available for you. They may actually handwrite a bill of sale.

Is the owner or breeder knowledgeable?

The breeder will be able to speak with you about the breed(s) that they maintain at that facility. They will most likely only have one or two breeds. This ensures that there is only the registered breed involved with each dog. In other words, no “accidents” will have occurred which would cause a different breed. The breeder and owner will be able to answer any questions that are logical.

The puppy mill breeder will likely have multiple breeds and not much order maintained as far as keeping each breed separate. This is one reason they will not allow visitors around the facility. This facility will not be able to answer detailed questions.

What are the prices at each facility?

The licensed breeder will have higher costs due to the legitimacy of the health records, the breeding standards and medical care given. There is no cutting costs for those that are actually legitimate breeders and owners.

At the puppy mill breeder, they will have much below average costs for purchase. The reasons should be obvious, they are not registered or licensed. Proper medical care is not given and it is possible that you will not receive the breed that you expect. With multiple breeds at this facility and no true control or maintaining order between breeds, it may not be obvious until the dog is much older.

What does all this mean for you, the buyer? This should show you that if the facility is not up to par, unwilling to show you the facility and where the dogs are kept, they likely are not legitimate. In other words, rather than spending any money here, run!

The cost may save you money financially, however, you most likely are not getting the breed you are seeking. The line about ‘Getting what you pay for’ is certainly true in the circumstance of a puppy mill breeder.

Little Known Facts


A Golderman may have a long coat. The Golden retriever is known for that flowing golden color coat. However, the Doberman does not have a long coat. It is quite possible that your Golderman will have a short coat.

These Golden Pinschers are a first generation Hybrid dog breed. This means that since the Golden Pinscher is still relatively new, the parents are each purebred. Which parent is which does not matter, you will have one Golden Retriever and one Doberman Pinscher.

Since both breeds are both considered to be large breeds, apartment living may not be ideal for the Golden Pinscher. Their weight can easily reach 85 pounds. This breed needs the room to roam and run, to be playful and burn off some of the energy.


This can be slightly confusing for new owners or those considering adoption. Since the breed is still relatively new, it can not be stated as a solid fact that the temperament of these gorgeous Goldermans or Golden Pinschers will always be the best of both breeds.

Historically, the Doberman is known to be trained as a security guard. Their temperament may lean slightly more to the fierce or mean side. While the Golden Retriever has always been known as docile and gentle. It is also wise to remember that the dog will have the temperament you teach. If you want a gentle and loving dog, treat it gently and with love. Like children, the animal learns what it is taught.

Is The Golderman Right For Your Family?

If your family is active, likes to be outside and moving, then this is the perfect dog for family. If you are looking for a dog that will love you just as much as you love him or her, then this is definitely the dog for your family.

If you want a gorgeous dog, with great features, a beautiful coat, and a temperament that is most known to be that of a Golden Retriever, then of course, this is the dog for your family. If you are looking for an animal that will still be a guard dog and protect your family, a dog that is loyal to your family, then this is the dog to research. If you have a home that gives the dog a place to run, enough room inside and the dog will be exercised regularly, then check out the Golderman.

Kids and Pets


The Golderman is a dog that is notorious for being the best of both breeds, again, still relatively new, however, no negativity has been reported in regards to the fierce side of the Doberman being the main temperament. From what has been seen thus far, more of the Golden Retriever temperament is more prominent. Your children will be great and have an awesome companion to grow up with.

When it comes to new pets or existing pets, be sure to use slow introductions at first. This will enable the two dogs, or the dog and cat, a chance to get to know each other without being forced together in the same room immediately.

Again, the reminder is that there is no guarantee which breed temperament will come to a puppy. The behavior of your new Golderman will show more of what it receives from you. If however, you do see more tendencies, small animals may be too much of a temptation for the dog.

Children should also be taught how to treat animals properly. A child should not be allowed to torment the dog in any fashion. When a child understands that they can rely on the dog, just as much as the dog is able to rely on its humans, a good relationship should build naturally.

Diet and Exercise


As stated previously, the combination of these two breeds is still relatively new. We are all learning. However, since both breeds are known as working dogs, they need a diet that is rich in protein. They need daily exercise and attention. They need love. The Golderman is a highly energetic dog, they need to run off energy, whether in an enclosed area or in a backyard that is protected.

Grooming and Healthcare

golden retriever growth

Like all of our family, being clean and healthy is of utmost importance. Be sure that you have retained the services of a Veterinarian that is knowledgeable and trained well in mixed breeds. This veterinarian is who your Golden will see when there are routine check ups to be done as well as emergency visits. The veterinarian may also care for dental issues as needed or will be able to recommend a proper Canine Dentist.



Training is an important activity that should take place as soon as possible when you get the puppy home. Training could be commands that are taught for common activities like walking, heeling or lay down. It is recommended that you have a variety of training for your Golden. You must remember, the Doberman is a stubborn and strong willed dog, enlist the help of a professional trainer to assist you with this.