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Golden Retriever: Perfect Breed for the Family

Golden Retriever: Perfect Breed for the Family

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world as it exudes a cheerful and friendly attitude. His intelligence and affectionate dog image, perfect for the family, explain this success. Its gold fur is characteristic. She is also an excellent swimmer and fit for work. Hunting, guide dog for the blind, search and rescue are areas where he excels.

The quiet and docile character makes the Golden Retriever a very sociable, intelligent and kind animal.

The animals of this breed love socializing with people and other animals. It is for this reason that they are good companions for children and large families.

The Golden takes its day-to-day life as a game, with good humor. It still requires attention from his teachers to perform the regular physical activity.

Would you love to know more about this lovely breed?

Let’s take a while to enlighten you on why it is perfect for your homeā€¦

His story is that of a breed created to get the perfect hunting dog.

His friendly behavior and continued desire to serve made him the third most popular breed among families in the US / UK.


The Character of the Golden Retriever

Her ability to convey affection is known and her good character is appreciated by people with disabilities who need her help. The Golden also has great facilities for learning, it is docile and is the perfect animal for family life. He cannot bear loneliness, he is a player and rather patient.

It is one of the ideal companions for children because, among other things, it is not aggressive or gives so much importance to its territory. This makes her calm and friendly character the perfect dog for families.

Although the Golden Retriever is a perfect fit for living in an apartment, its size, muscularity and dynamic nature require a lot of exercise on a regular basis.

His temperament is as attractive as his coat. It is a dog considered family and ideal for all ages. He is intelligent, he has a rather friendly character, he is happy, he is elegant and he is handsome. It is easy to train and is a fairly versatile animal and adaptable to different functions which include hunting.

Although affectionate and cute, the Golden will be aggressive if his life or that of his loved ones is in danger.

With the exception of these particular cases, it will be very rare to see him show any aggressiveness on his part.

He accepts strangers or guests very well. It is important for him to welcome new people to his home.

However, the Golden Retriever, upon its suitability and ideal nature for families, it is considered a good dog for active people, for sports fans and outings to the open air. It is also perfect for home environments in larger homes.

It is even better if they are equipped with a garden or if they are in the countryside. If it is necessary to find a disadvantage to the Golden, it is this: its hyperactivity.

Whether young or adult, he plays without stopping. He loves to jump, walk, run, go in the water and mud, be in the company of humans. He must have many different contacts.

For the serene, quiet and seeking a calm and peaceful companion, the Golden Retriever is not necessarily the perfect companion.

But, do you want to prevent it from becoming hyperactive?


Then keep him busy, exercising, playing catch the ball or other objects.

The Golden Retriever is not the least bit aggressive, which is why he is the perfect dog for a family. The goodness of the Golden Retriever drives him to love his family and protect them from his life if it were necessary.

He is a very loyal dog, moved by good feelings and will never disappoint you. Even if its size requires a place to move around easily, if you’re thinking of adopting an animal, you should ask yourself if a Golden Retriever might be right for you. Its versatility makes it perfect for any type of personality.

It is easy to train because of his great intelligence and of course, his suave nature. As we said, the goodness of the Golden Retriever is beyond doubt.