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Blind Golden Retriever gets Adorable “Seeing Eye” Puppy

Blind Golden Retriever gets Adorable "Seeing Eye" Puppy

Adam Stipe purchased a Golden Retriever puppy around 2008. Adam decided to name his pup, Charlie. Through the years Charlie became a hugely important part of Adam’s life. Later Adam married his wife Chelsea, and Charlie became a big part of her life as well. Charlie was a companion and friend, and always goofy.

Fast forward to 2016. Charlie developed glaucoma in his left eye. Symptoms of glaucoma in dogs include eye pain, loss of vision, cloudiness over the eye, watery discharge, loss of appetite, and obvious bulging or swelling of the eyeball. The eye was causing poor Charlie quite a bit of pain.

Glaucoma can be a very expensive disease to treat. The outcomes of treatment are not always good and often result in blindness anyway. So, the couple decided to have Charlie’s eye removed because it was causing him so much discomfort. Charlie seemed to adapt well to his new normal of having only one eye.

Sadly, the very next year, 2017, Charlie started to experience pain and vision loss in his right eye. This was also due to glaucoma. Adam and his wife Chelsea decided to have the right eye removed as well. Chelsea said that “for us it was a no-brainer, empty our retirement fund to care for this dog because he makes us happy.”

Again Charlie proved to be quite adaptable. Living life pretty well, even though he was completely blind. He was managing moderately well.

New Years Day 2019 the couple decided to get another puppy. They were expecting at the time and they wanted their baby to be able to grow up with a puppy. So, they got another Golden Retriever pup and named him Maverick. Maverick was 4 months old when they brought him home.

Charlie was not too thrilled with the new furry family member at first. After all, he was managing rather well. Plus, being blind it was a bit difficult to keep track of the lively little Maverick. The Stipes weren’t sure at first if adding another puppy to their family was a good idea or not. But the two Golden Retrievers soon warmed up to each other.

As the two Goldens became friends Maverick seemed to notice that there was something different about Charlie. When they played Charlie would lose track of the toy they were playing with. So, Maverick started to put the toy back in front of Charlie to re-initiate the game.


Maverick also helps guide Charlie during walks. They often walk side-by-side like a pair of sled dogs according to Chelsea. Maverick helps to guide Charlie inside and outside the home, helping Charlie feel more comfortable in new situations. Maverick helps Charlie with everything from walking, to playing, to eating. Indeed, Maverick even doubles as a pillow for Charlie’s head at times.

Sadly Charlie passed away in July of 2019. However, you can see the story of these two lovely Golden Retrievers on Instagram @charlieandmav. The Stipes still post content on Maverick and all his antics.

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