Can Cats Eat Turkey?


We all know that turkey is one of the healthiest types of meat, recommended in any diet for humans. And besides, its benefits are also very tasty!

I’m sure you thought of giving your cat turkey meat at least once. The cat is carnivorous anyway, so you probably thought it would be no problem to give it a little, right?

Well, that’s right, there is absolutely no problem sneaking your cat some turkey meat or any type of meat in general! So the next time it’s Thanksgiving, you don’t have to feel bad about it.

Is Turkey Safe For Cats?

The turkey you nourish your cat ought to be cooked and new. Ensure the meat hasn’t been sitting out for too long or gone bad. If it’s cooked turkey that you just wouldn’t eat, you mustn’t provide it to your cat.

Before feeding your cat raw turkey, make certain to try and do your research and always sit down with your veterinarian.

Per the RSPCA, it’s safe to feed your cat a cautious amount of meat. Like with dogs, cats can eat the raw, meaty bones of animals including turkey. The bone must be large enough that it’d be impossible for the cat to swallow it or choke. Supplementing with raw food should be done only occasionally but is usually accepted.

How Much Turkey Cats Can Eat?

How much food you feed your cat depends on his age and size and will be determined by a veterinarian. Turkey should be fed moderately. A nice, healthy amount is simply fine every now and so, but turkey mustn’t incline daily. On average, an adult cat can have a maximum of 1 ounce of cooked turkey meat at a time.

The Benefits Of Turkey

Lean meats are essential to your cat’s diet. they supply nutrients and chemicals like taurine that a cat is unable to process within his own body.

The greatest benefit is the high amount of protein found in turkey and other lean meats. When the turkey is served fresh with any fat brought to an end, it’s of great nutritional value to your furry feline.

Can Cats Eat Turkey Bones?

  • Cats and turkey bones aren’t an honest combination.
  • Gulping little bones like those found in turkey and chicken can hurt your cat’s framework.
  • Cooked bones maybe even more harmful than raw bones, because they’re brittle and may splinter, causing injuries in your cat’s mouth, throat, stomach, or intestines.
  • And sharp bone fragments can do over just scratch.
  • They can also puncture your cat’s intestines, causing the contents to get out into the body.
  • This can cause a heavy infection called peritonitis, which could be a veterinary emergency.

Can Cats Eat Turkey Liver?

Many people think that organ meats like liver are more nutritious for cats than muscle meat like turkey breast.

If the turkey is nice for cats, then is turkey liver even better?

The liver is high in certain supplements like vitamin A, press, and phosphorus. However, organs just like the liver and kidneys filter impurities from the body, so that they can contain toxins. The toxicity of organ meat is often high if the food animal is unhealthy.

Is Turkey Liver Safe For Cats?

 So, must you feed your cat the liver and other giblets found in your package of the whole turkey?

 Whereas you shouldn’t nourish your cat’s crude turkey liver, it’s okay to cook it, cut it into little pieces, and nourish it to your cat as a periodic treat. 

Bubbling is the most effortless way to cook turkey liver and other giblets a bit like the heart and gizzard. Make beyond any doubt to cook completely and keep them plain. Giblet gravy made for humans mustn’t be fed to cats because it contains other ingredients that might upset their stomachs.

Warning And Concerns About Turkey

The biggest concern with turkey is bones. ensure there aren’t any bones in any of the meat you feed your feline. Cats will instinctively chew through small bones, but you’ll be wanting to stay your pets as safe as possible and confirm the meat you serve them is bone-free. Cooked bones, like turkey bones, can splinter and cause internal damage to your cat.

Stay away from processed meats, ensuring the turkey you feed your cat is often fresh. Cold cut turkey that comes in parcels are tall in sodium and additives that are hurtful to cats inside the same ways they will be destructive to people. These prepared meats too as they had a division of the dietary esteem that new turkey has.

A Better Alternative

While turkey is often a decent source of lean protein an improved alternative is to present Kitty his own Thanksgiving turkey within the variety of turkey-flavored wet food. Wish him a contented Thanksgiving while he chows down.