Can Cats Eat Catnip?

Cats love catnip. And it’s perfectly safe – there’s nothing in it that may harm your cat. If by some chance your cat was to eat an outsized amount of catnip, it could cause a gentle tummy upset, but that’s unlikely to happen.

What is Catnip?

Catnip is a perennial herb of the Labiatae. It originated in Northern Africa and also the Mediterranean but now commonly grows wild throughout Europe and North America. The plant’s nicknames, catnip, catmint, or catwort aren’t any doubt inspired by the cat’s well-known taste for the plants.

Why do cats love it?

The active compound in catnip is nepetalactone. Cats detect this compound by smell. It’s for the most part though that the nepetalactone mirrors the impact of a cat pheromone, conceivably related to mating.

Catnip acts as a natural mood enhancer. it would make your cat act quite unusually; she may become more kittenish or particularly affectionate. She may roll, paw, or rub her face within the source of the catnip. Or she may hop almost and gotten to be spirited, running from room to room showing up to chase undetectable prey. 

A few cats will fair ended up exceptionally loose and gaze into space. All of this behavior could also be marked by lots of mewing or growling. The consequences of catnip are short, usually lasting between 5 to fifteen minutes. at the moment it’ll be a pair of hours before a cat will demonstrate the results of catnip again.

Why give catnip to my cat?

Since your cat will appreciate being given catnip, it makes a great treat to be utilized amid preparing or to empower a cat to utilize a scratching post or rest in her own bed. It also can be a decent thanks to encourage your cat to exercise, it should even help your cat relax. regardless of the reason, it’s good fun!

How should I give catnip to my cat?

Catnip products are available in a spread of forms. you’ll be able to buy powdered catnip or catnip bulbs which you’ll be able to sprinkle on the bottom or on a toy. A few toys come pre-scented with catnip or have catnip interior them. You’ll be able to also get catnip oil or oil spray, which may be wont to scent a toy or bedding. Cats will react to even very small amounts of catnip so you do not must use noticeably.

The Benefits of Fresh Catnip

If your feline is de facto into catnip, fresh is that the best thanks to go. Little, pre-grown catnip plants are as a rule sold at pet stores and agriculturists markets.

They’re easy to take care of — just add a bit water while ensuring there’s adequate drainage — and that they even have the good thing about regrowing. Well, unless your cat totally demolishes the whole plant in the very first sitting.

But be careful when you’re serving your cat a fresh catnip plant: She might become a touch too enthusiastic while she’s chowing down on the leaves and knock the plant pot over. So, it’s best to stay in plastic pots.

Smelling vs. Eating

As expressed some time recently, noticing catnip and eating it has two exceptionally distinctive impacts on a cat. Smelling catnip could be a stimulant for cats, getting them very excited. You’ll use a catnip spray to draw in cats to places you wish them to travel (their bed, carrying cage, kitty condo, etc.) and removed from places you’d rather they didn’t go. It’s the additional benefit of being a repellant. If a cat eats catnip, it acts more sort of a sedative.

If your cat is unusually hyperactive, feeding them a tiny low little bit of this plant might help them cool down. Tea made up of catnip has had identical relaxing effects on humans as chamomile. Since your cat won’t like tea, just try a laced treat.

Can I put catnip in my cat’s food?

Do you want your cat to lounge about listlessly over usual? Since catnip has no nutritional benefits, it’d serve no purpose as an additive. Eating catnip causes a cat to be more sedate, so perhaps it’d be an honest idea to feed Kitty a catnip laced treat before doing something she finds stressful, like taking her on a protracted trip or a vet or groomer visit.

How old should a cat be for catnip?

Most kittens won’t have any reaction in any aspect to catnip.

Kittens under the age of eight weeks are fairly indifferent to the current plant. it is not until their seventh month that cats seem to point out a true appreciation to that.

This is often probably thanks to the chance that the nepetalactone has an odor like feline pheromones, which a cat doesn’t really react to until she has reached sexual maturity.

To sum it up, catnip may be safely used as a recreational stimulant for your cat if employed in moderation. Eating catnip is fairly safe, though it’ll have a sedative instead of a stimulating effect. Continuously consult a veterinarian sometime recently making any exceptional changes to your cats eat less.