50 shades of Golden

50 Shades of Golden. Episode 4

50 shades golden
Hello world,
It’s raining outside and I am sitting in my office looking at drops against the window and thinking…
In the afternoon we’ll hold Ilaria’s end school party in our garden, I am happy but still bit thoughtful.
This morning her teacher called, that unpleasant and unkind woman, recommending of not getting into any troubles. What does she mean by troubles?
I wonder if that’s a call to everybody or only some favorites.
It crosses my mind Ilaria’s party from last year, her real party.
The sun was shining and the planning was scheduled with a recital, she looked like a little fairy.
I had spent months in sewing her dress, motivated by Aperol and Spritz who were chewing pieces of it when they disliked it.
That day it was pretty warm so I decided to take both blonds with me, they would have loved that, indeed they enjoyed especially the buffet.
The kids were happy and running with them who then would steel all kind of food kids were holding in their hands, so to avoid them to turn fat when adult. Shortly a fantastic scene.
A thunder stops my thoughts and wonder again about the meaning of that teacher phone call but I decide not to worry about it.

The party
We are all in the main room at the creche, soon Piero and Francesco will join. Aperol, Spritz and myself are waiting to get in.
Just before I had let them run in the field next to school, they rolled in the mud. Of course they did it because they are smart, they saw on tv that mud protects against insects, it was a program about hyppos in Africa, but anyway mugs are bothering also here!

I  notice that everyone is looking at us and I can understand that, normal people don ‘t know the mud story but overall don’t educate own dogs through tv spots, even if less ignorance would help..

The recital
We are all looking at the stage, soft lights, our children focussed on their recital: they move on the right and left, sing, dance. Aperol is starring at Ilaria very carefully.
At a certain  moment Ilaria holds a red white stick with some bells around it and she starts shaking it at the music rythm. Aperol is excited, she loves music and bells. Now all kids are doing the same than Ilaria, now they are running. This recital after all is not the best, even Aperol noticed that and she is pulling the leash towards the stage.
I am enjoying what is going on, am sure my dog will do a great job, she has the rythm, likes music and is intelligent.
Teachers show a disapproval and surprised look, but after all it’s not my fault if they couldn ‘ t organize something nice and my dog has to take over.
And  now the real art begins like a drawing, Aperol jumps on everybody and gets all those coloured sticks to chew and destroy then, so that kids can’t take them anymore.
Then she pulls a kid from its dress tail, he falls down in the middle of the stage, I can hear crying and  complaining but I don’ t understand why they are so angry at teachers who tried to do their best, but not everybody is like Aperol.

The buffet
Unfortunately art is not for all and understand who doesn’t is a big gift.

Recital is over, parents are gathering their own child who were directed by Aperol, so at the end Ilaria is all alone.
A teacher, looking bit stressed but fortunately holidays are starting, announces that buffet is ready in the garden so everyone is going out.
We also go out and I am wondering if showing my disappointment for the low profile recital which is the worst I ever saw (actually it’ s my second one but this doesn’t matter) then I look at the teachers, whispering, showing signs of tireness and stress, so for today I won’t say anything, maybe in september…
While going back home I am so proud of my daughter and Aperol that I can only congratulate myself, considering that few years ago I knew nothing about dogs.
Now that I better think about it, I realize that dog lovers is like being a school recital where we look like those lost kids or frustrated because of the unreached target, or like the teachers, or others are like Aperol, simply perfect arriving at the right moment to solve the situation. So in life it doesn’t matter if it ‘s about art or finance or dog training, everyone plays a role and I chose of course to be Aperol, and you?

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