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Do Golden Retrievers Shed As Puppies?

Golden Retrievers Shed

The Golden Retriever makes the perfect family pet. They are loyal, loving and true to their owner. They are highly intelligent dogs and have a truly legendary coat of fur. A Golden Retriever is very sociable also.

The question is actually do Goldens shed when they are puppies? The answer is simply yes! They will actually shed hair all their lives. The first coat happens when they are young pups. Then throughout adult life, the Golden Retriever will shed at least twice a year.

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Golden Retrievers Shed

For most animals, shedding is a process of nature. This is true even for humans. You shed the old hair to make room for the new hair. It is more obvious when a dog is shedding due to the amount of hair that a dog has.

Shedding Schedule

Golden Retrievers Shed

It is typical when Spring comes around that a dog will start to shed. This is shedding the thick coat of fur in preparation for the warmer weather that is coming. A dog will also shed in the fall as they prepare for the colder months ahead. The thinner coat of fur will begin to fall out as the new thicker fur grows in.

When they are puppies, a Golden Retriever has a thicker, padded coat of fur. This thicker, padded coat of fur helps keep the puppy warmer during the first four to six months. This puppy coat will begin to shed and fall out as the new adult coat of fur grows in.

What are some other reasons that a dog sheds besides nature? There could actually be one or more reasons for the dog to shed. Some of these can be helped, and some maybe not. If it seems to be too much shedding or you are noticing several bare patches or spots on your Golden Retriever, please go to the Veterinarian with your Golden Retriever as soon as possible.

The Veterinarian is the only one who can definitively determine why the dog is shedding this much, or why your Golden Retriever has bare patches where hair once was.

Neutered or Spayed?

Golden Retrievers Shed

If you have just had your Golden Retriever spayed or neutered, this could be a reason for the extra shedding. Both males and females can experience excessive shedding after having the surgery. This can actually last for several months.

Males will experience the shedding more excessively than the female dogs do. This is due to the changes in Testosterone and other hormones that are responsible for keeping the Goldens fur coat thick and shiny.

Healthy Diet or Not So Much

Golden Retrievers Shed

All dog owners try to ensure that their Golden Retriever is getting the healthiest diet they can. A dog’s diet is a contributing factor to your dog’s health. If the dog has poor nutrition and a lack of exercise, the dog will have rough dry skin and it will also cause severe itching.

There will also be increased stress and damaged hair roots and follicles. This is further proof that the Golden Retriever is not getting all the nutrition he or she needs. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions on the type of foods you should be feeding your dog. You can also do research on your own to determine the food your dog should have. This is based on the dog’s age, weight and exercise routine.

Simply stated, avoid the generic type foods and search for one that has a good amount of fatty acids and is high in proteins. When you find a food that is good for nutrition, your Golden Retriever will once again gain back the thick shiny and healthy coat of fur.


Golden Retrievers Shed

Allergies are something that even dogs can suffer with. If your dog is shedding, it could be that he or she is experiencing some allergy symptoms. The itching may be so severe that your dog physically scratches all their hair off.

Most of the time the allergy that a dog is suffering from is from the proteins in the food he or she eats. Feel bad for your puppy, virtually every part of his or her body is itchy and driving them crazy.

You may also notice an eye or ear infection with your Golden Retriever. These allergies can happen or develop at any point in the Golden Retrievers’ life span.

Fleas, Ticks, and Parasites

Fleas and ticks can be treated with shampoos and flea colours or sprays. These should not be used unless there is a definite sign of fleas or ticks on the dog. Preventative measures may be taken to help prevent ticks or flea infestations.

It is beneficial to routinely check your dog very closely for signs of fleas, ticks, or any strange marks or sores.

As far as parasites, as mentioned, you can check your dog closely for any strange sores or injuries or missing hair, however, the Veterinarian is the only one who can definitively diagnose a parasite or parasites in your Golden Retriever.


Golden Retrievers Shed

Any drastic change in the dog’s life is enough to cause stress. If you and your family have recently moved to a new home, your Golden Retriever is probably feeling stressed out. This is new territory for the dog, there may be a scent of a former tenant or their pets.

Has the home routine changed? Rather than working from home during the pandemic, have you returned to your place of employment? This could be harsh on the dog also. They get used to you being there all day, and then suddenly you are gone all day. The dog is lost and likely lonely.

Gain Control of Shedding

We would love to tell you that there is an easy way to gain control over the shedding. This is not the full truth.  With some simple routines, you may help yourself find that the shedding is not as bad as you thought it was.

Bathing and Grooming

Golden Retrievers Shed

Brushing your dog is a way in which you can not only bond with your dog, but brushing can help remove much of the loose hairs. By brushing them out, you are eliminating all that hair from laying on your furniture, and floors or floating around in your humble abode.

The brush that is most often recommended is a slicker brush. This will help remove the dead hair, it helps detangle and is also one of the easiest ways to make your dog feel better. They will be less itchy and will scratch and paw at themself less often. This type of brush will also make brushing less of an issue for your Golden Retriever.

You should manage to brush your Golden Retriever at least three times each week. This will help to keep the shedding down to a minimum and make your Golden feel so much better. Plus if your Golden Retriever does not have any mats in their fur, this will make the groomer a happier person too!

However, a word of caution should be taken here. There are many tools for brushing, detangling and deshedding your Golden Retriever. Most of these ‘special’ tools cannot be used on your Golden Retriever. These tools can actually ruin the coat of fur that the Golden Retriever is so well known for. Many of these tools will just cut the coat rather than brushing or deshedding. You would be best off using a pin brush and undercoat brush or a slicker brush to remove any loose fur from your Golden Retriever.

Speak with your groomer as to how often your Golden retriever should have a bath. Obviously, if the Golden Retriever gets muddy and dirty and sticky a bath is definitely needed. If your Golden is generally a clean dog, the groomer may recommend once or twice a month for a full bath. As a general rule of thumb, most groomers will suggest every 6 to 8 weeks for the full bath.

The groomer is trained to care for animals, trust them and follow their suggestions unless there is a real issue such as mud, sticky or matted.

Shaving Your Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers Shed

This does not really need to be spoken out loud, however, NEVER shave your Golden Retrievers fur! The Golden Retriever has a double coat of fur. This means that there is a layer of fur underneath that topcoat. Shaving your Golden Retriever will put him at a greater health risk.

The two coats work together to protect the dog from sun and heat, cold and from UV rays. The double coat also helps them to avoid excessive moisture. If you remove this fur, for one, it will never grow back the same. Removing this fur risks and removes the natural protection that your Golden Retriever has.

The groomer is able to trim the ‘feathers’ a little but they will not entirely remove the fur.

Household Fur Control

Golden Retrievers Shed

To control the amount of fur in your home, I would highly suggest that you invest in a vacuum that has been proven effective for pet hair. This will be a major plus and help make a drastic chore easier.

Also, buy a swiffer broom or mop. Pick up sheets that attach to the swiffer and this will help to eliminate the loose hairs on the linoleum or wood floors. The Swiffer is also a bonus to pick up all the pet dander that is laying around unseen.