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How to Deal With a Fussy Dog

Fussy Dog

We all love a cuddly dog – one that loves to play is playful and friendly. And yet, when it comes to sharpness of mind, they may be second only to less sociable and more grouchy pets.

Having a dog with bad breath, the first step you should take should be a consultation with the vet. Picky eating can be a symptom of many serious, invisible to the naked eye diseases! A dog that regularly refuses to eat should undergo blood and urine tests and a thorough inspection of the inside of its mouth.

Especially if the dog’s defecation is accompanied by other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, or urinating. Many pets in pain (stomach pain or a broken tooth) will not want to eat – just like us! Therefore, if you have such a pet at home, you should ensure that its aversion to the bowl is not due to some medical condition. Otherwise, no efforts will solve the problem. If we make sure that our dog is completely healthy, we can start encouraging him to eat with these methods!

What to give your dog to eat?

Fussy Dog

Sometimes a simple change of food can work in an under-eating dog. Has he been eating the same food for a long time? Maybe he doesn’t like it, and you should try a portion of different food. If it doesn’t help, you should think about the consistency of the diet you’ve been using so far. A dog that is given alternately cooked and dry food may become pickier.

This is when switching him to one type of food usually works best. Dry food often gives better results, and because it’s well-balanced, it not only tastes good but also ensures your beloved pet’s healthy development and provides him with necessary ingredients. Do not give in to the cravings of our pooch and feed him treats.

It is also not allowed to lead to a situation where the owner serves the pet more and more sophisticated food. This will lead to a condition in which the dog will feel at home as the absolute king and impose on the owner to fulfill all his whims. Developing its authority at home can be started by introducing a simple rule: first, we eat (at least a few bites), and then the furry friend gets its food.

Change your dog’s food

Fussy Dog

A dog that has been getting the same food for a long time has a right to contact bored with it. Fortunately, for healthy dogs, nothing stops you from changing the type of food every few months. If your dog is picky about his food, try buying him a portion of food with fish, lamb, rabbit…

Something extra flavorsome for a change! If your dog is an exceptional eater, get a sample or a small bag first, just in case he won’t even look at it.

Feeding a picky dog

Fussy Dog

Your dog should be fed consistently, 2-3 times a day. Your pet needs to be aware that there are only certain times during the day when he can get his meal. It develops a natural rhythm of eating and not eating. The bowl should also not be left in the dog’s feeding corner for too long. The optimal time is 15-20 minutes. If our furry companion goes to the bowl (and there is still a big part of the meal!), it should be taken away unquestionably.

A Mountain of food standing all day long disturbs natural rhythm, gives the dog a signal that he can always demand more and something else, and thus blocks any feeling of hunger in him. Having an abundance of delicious things all the time, he doesn’t even have a chance to get hungry. It is essential not to feed our pets between meals. It is also important not to give him frequent treats. They are allowed only in specific situations when they act as a reward.

Store food properly

It’s not true that dry food doesn’t spoil. When in contact with the air, the fats it contains go rancid very quickly and become unpalatable and harmful! So if you notice that your dog starts to pick at the end of the bag of food, change to a better pet food storage solution. You can also buy smaller packages, so your dog’s food doesn’t have time to spoil before it’s eaten.

Do not give in to dog whims

Fussy Dog

Our pet, who has so far been accustomed to having his every whim fulfilled, is sure to try to continue to rule. You shouldn’t give in to him, even if he makes sweet eyes at us. Only consistency can make him change his habits. The most common mistake owners make is to give in to blackmail from a spoiled dog.

When a pissed-off dog refuses to eat, you usually try to give him “something else” so that he doesn’t go hungry. After some time, he will get used to the food and start eating it with taste. Don’t worry. Our wiggling friend will not starve to death voluntarily. Starvation will not harm the dog. There is no such possibility.

Check if you are overfeeding

Fussy Dog

Maybe your dog is picky because he’s simply overfed? If you’re giving your pet food in “eyeball” amounts. Overfeeding can also be caused by giving your pet too many treats throughout the day or feeding him at the table. Don’t be surprised if your pooch doesn’t want to eat his food if he’s getting loads of other flavorful treats from you!

Enhance your meals

Pleasant with useful! Some pets just don’t want to eat from a boring bowl… But they’re crazy about interactive toys! A meal served in a doggy puzzle or Kong is often such a big attraction that some dogs forget to eat it. Some pets will also eat their food if we use it as treats during training or a walk.

Change the type of diet

Fussy Dog

Dry food is an extreme convenience for dog guardians. However, not every pooch will be happy with hard peas. If your pup refuses to eat such food, try changing his diet to an incomparably more flavorful wet food. You can also feed him mixedly, even giving him half a dose of wet food and half dry food in one meal. Just mix well, so your pooch doesn’t spit out the peas!

Replace your dog’s bowls

Some pets are susceptible and won’t eat a meal unless you give them peace and quiet. A bowl set up in the middle of the kitchen or in a noisy living room certainly won’t provide such eating conditions! Try feeding in a quiet kennel cage or an empty space for pets with anxiety or large families. Some dogs may also refuse meals served in inappropriate, obstructive bowls – especially bowls that are too large, too high, or under-cleaned…

What not to do when your dog is picky?

Fussy Dog

Keepers of dogs that won’t eat sometimes have many other practical ideas for encouraging their pets to eat. However, not all of them will be appropriate. One of the popular methods is “flavoring” dog food with various additives – oil from a frying pan, butter, milk… However, such behavior may result in disturbing proportions of nutrients in a dog’s diet and stomach upset, poisoning, or pancreatitis.

If you want to enrich your dog’s food with healthy additives, you can add a bit of salmon oil or dried yeast (according to the dosage placed on the package) and an egg – chicken or quail.

We shouldn’t also encourage our dog to eat, replacing complete food with treats and chews. They don’t contain enough vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy functioning of a dog’s body. The situation is similar in the case of feeding cooked food to dogs – without proper knowledge, we won’t be able to arrange a menu for our pet that will provide him with all the necessary nutrients!

If we want to cook for our dog, we should first read a lot about dog nutrition or get help from a dog nutritionist.

Lack of appetite in a dog may indicate illness

Fussy Dog

Lack of appetite in a dog may be caused by health problems. If our beloved pet not only doesn’t eat but is also lethargic and doesn’t want to play, we need to visit the vet quickly. The reason may be problems with mouth or toothache. Then the dog doesn’t want to eat because it suffers while doing it.

Visible problems with the digestive system should also be an alarming signal for the owner. Diarrhea, high temperature, or vomiting is a sign that a visit to the vet is necessary. However, if our shaggy friend is cheerful, full of life, and wants to play, the problem is not in any disease but… in his character. Then you need the training and strong will of the owner himself.

Walking with the dog will help him gain an appetite

Fussy Dog

Healthy exercise in the fresh air is excellent for improving our four-legged favorites’ appetite and general mood. Large pooches need more practice than small ones, but any pet will do great with a walk that includes running, playing, and catching sticks and discs. It will burn a lot of calories, improve fitness, and won’t be boring.

After returning home, he will happily eat a portion of tasty food. Spending a lot of time with a barking companion always brings many benefits. We can get to know better his character, individual needs, but also weaknesses. Or maybe your dog doesn’t eat because he’s sad and bored? Let’s devote him more time and attention. After all, he is our beloved pet, and we want the best for him.

Are fussy dogs smarter?

According to a behaviorist, the traits by which some dogs would be called moody make them more attentive observers. Pongrácz believes that marauders, grumblers, and other canine sullenness use their temerity to better assess situations before taking action.