Dog Nails, the Importance and How to Cut

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Nails are a significant factor for every living being. Apart from the beauty and other major factors, the most important is the health issue. Taking the example of human beings, all do their "nail cuts" regularly. No one prefers the long and dirty nails as these can cause damage to the health. It is also advised by the doctors to keep the nails of young babies and the children short so that these nails can't get the dust and also no injury is assured during playing. Same is the case with the dogs. Dogs play, walk, run and jump all the day. They also go out, and in all these events the nails get full of dirt. The bacteria and other germs accumulate in the nails to a dangerous level, and these all combine to make the dogs ill. These germs of outside can also cause a great deal of damage and harm to the health of people in the house. So, trimming the nails of the dogs and puppies and keeping them clean is the primary factor for keeping your pets healthy.


Care of the pet dogs

If you have pets and you also have to take care of them personally, then you are well aware of this that the pets mostly dislike it when they are caught for some time by someone else. They usually hate it when you grip them hard, and they are not set free for a long time. So, have to be patient for this and also it requires a long time for the cleaning of dogs and it's quite a difficult task. Sometimes, accidentally dogs get hurt while the process of cleaning and this thing also offends them and they get violent. Dealing with such a situation is also very important as during such a case only the master of the particular dog can handle him.

dog nails, cut and care

Use of efficient trimmer

Cutting of nails is a big task, but once you and your dog get used to it, it’s not more than just enjoying. It will become a habit for your dog to have a nail cut and you need to get a trimmer and can cut the nails. Hundreds of trimmers for cutting the nails of pets are available in the market. These are of different shapes and are designed separately for different pets. You can't use a big trimmer that is suitable for a big dog to your small puppy as this can hurt him in case that you cut the nail beyond the pink quick. This is a particular area that can be used as an indicator of the point where the nail should be cut as beyond this the bleeding will occur, and the dog will get injured.

So, the trimmer is very important while cutting the nails. It must be of best quality and should be sharp so that the cutting process should be quick and not too much time to consume as this irritates the dog and can make it aggressive. So, visit the nearest pet shop and choose the trimmer that suits your dog best and which can be easily handled by you. Just make sure that the trimmer is sterilised once a month, and all the germs are killed so that the dog remains safe from the unhealthy effects. If you are hesitant in using the trimmer and you think that you might hurt your dog while using such trimmers and cutters then, you must seek the nearest veterinarian, and in two or three sessions you can learn how to take care of the nails of your dog or a puppy.


Dealing with pain or injury

You can also do some damage to your dog while cutting the nails. Although it is not good for the dog as it hurts the dog much and also it can make the dog violent but you can treat this well by using septic powder and just sprinkle or put this powder on the wound, and you can observe that the injury will be perfect and it is fully healed now. There is also another thing available while dealing with the wound due to imperfect nail cut and that is ‘çornstarch'. This is very effective to use for the dog's wound, and the nail will be perfect in just a few minutes. Also, the pain will vanish. Most important is that you must care that the dog doesn't go out. This care can save you from diseases as the injured dog is more likely to get attacked by disease-causing agents then the uninjured dog. So, make sure that the dog is at a clean and safe place until it becomes fully healthy and the wound heals.

dog nails

Bad effects of long nails

Cutting of dogs' nails is not just for the healthcare of the dog, it is necessary. Without this the dog can lose balance, can fracture bones, can hurt the muscles and also the dog will face difficulty in standing, walking and running. When the nails of dogs are too long that the nails touch the ground, then the posture of dog gets disturbed. The balance of the dog will be lost as the entire weight is put on the rear. The back of the paws will bear more weight of the body of the dog, and thus it creates difficulty in standing and walking of dogs. So, cutting the nails of dogs is very necessary for the proper posture of the dog. The beauty of the dog reflects in the style of walking off your pet, and the appropriate cutting of the nails is the primary factor that determines the walking form of the dog.

So, cut the nails of your dog efficiently, and in this way, you can save yourself from the hectic routine that you have to face in the case when the dog suffers a loss in health or bone fracture in case of severe injury.


Cutting the nails to a perfect length

Proper awareness of cutting the nails of dogs to an ideal length of the dogs is necessary. The white nails are easy to cut as these nails are cut up to the pink quick, and in this way, there is no danger of accidentally cutting of the nail beyond the limit.

For cutting the black nails, there is a bit, but you can overcome this. While cutting such nails, you should proceed slowly by cutting up to a millimetre or two. While doing this, you will see a black circle, and that's the point where you should stop cutting the nails otherwise it will be not good for the dog. So, while following this procedure, you can see that it is quite an easy task for you to cut the nails of your pet dog and you can efficiently expertly perform this task.

Dealing with the expert

For the perfect health of your pet, you should seek an expert on the regular basis. In this way, the expert can teach you about any odd situation that you are facing. The professional can tell you about all the factors that contribute to the proper health of the dog, and in this way, you get safe from the unnecessary worry about your dog.

At last, take care of your dog, and he will take care of you!

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