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Can Golden Retrievers Eat Apples?

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Many have often wondered if it is safe to give apples to their Golden Retriever. It is important to know that canines digest food differently than other animals. Truth be told, there is no real reason that a dog needs to have fruit or vegetables.

Especially if they are eating well-balanced food, to begin with.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with a Golden Retriever eating an apple once in a while. There are some foods that can cause a dog some serious issues, these could even lead to death.


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Apples are a fruit that is loaded with Vitamins A and C. There is also a good amount of fibre found in an apple. Apples are low in fat, and low in calories, which makes them the perfect snacks for an older Golden Retriever. It is important to remember to remove the core and the seeds before you give the dog an apple to munch on.

Apples can be frozen for the dog to chew on when it is hot and stuffy outside. Many people have also begun to make homemade dog treats. Adding mashed apples into the treats is a health plan that will allow the dog to gain more Vitamins.


Golden Retrievers Apples

The apple has beneficial fibre that helps the dog with digestion. The fibre also helps the dog to maintain a healthy weight.

Although the apple is low-calorie, it does have 19 grams of sugar. Eating one apple may mean this is too much sugar for your dog.

Sweet Tooth

Golden Retrievers Apples

If your dog happens to have a sweet tooth, an apple is a good way to satisfy the craving. Another wonderful benefit of an apple for a dog once in a while, chewing on the apple will help clean the dog’s teeth, which in turn can freshen the breath.

Do not think that eating an apple is a sufficient substitute for your dog to actually have their teeth brushed routinely. When it comes to how much you should give your dog, a single slice, maybe two is enough for your dog.


Golden Retrievers Apples

You may have a dog that loves apples and would be willing to eat an apple at any time. However, like all things, too much is not always a good thing.

The dog could develop digestive issues if he or she eats too much.

It is also possible that your Golden Retriever has an allergy to apples. This is another reason to not feed your Golden too much of an apple at one sitting. This allows you time to see if there are any adverse reactions to your gorgeous canine.

If your Golden retriever seems to have any issues such as vomiting, diarrhoea or other signs, refrain from giving the Golden Retriever further apples. This would be a situation where it is important to speak with the Veterinarian. 


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Giving a Golden retriever is not as simple as just tossing the apple down to your dog and watching them chow down. The app;e must first be washed completely to ensure that there are no chemicals or pesticides on the apple.

The apple should be sliced into quarters, where the seeds and core are then removed.

The seeds are highly poisonous to the dog. There is a small amount of cyanide. This is a toxin that can be dangerous for your Golden Retriever in large doses. To be helpful for your dog, peeling the apple makes it much easier for the dog to eat, however, it is less fibre that your dog will consume.


Your dog is able to eat applesauce. The applesauce has had the seeds removed and the core, there is also no peeling. Applesauce contains added sugars which are not good. If at all possible, make your own applesauce for your Golden Retriever. It will be a much healthier version of one of your Golden’s favourite snacks.

For a Golden Retriever, eating an apple can also help with bone and tissue health. This is due to the calcium and phosphorus found in the apples.


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The apple as a snack is exactly what a dog craves. It is slightly sweet and also crunchy. To reiterate, be sure to remove the core and the seeds. Although it would take an awful large amount of apple cores for the dog to be affected by the toxicity of the apple seeds, it is still better to not even have the cores and seeds around the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are able to eat fruit since the dog has evolved to eat an omnivorous diet. Their diet has progressed over thousands of years and the dog has developed a digestive system that allows them to digest plant-based foods.

Should They?

Golden Retrievers Apples

We know that most dogs can have fruit, the question is should they be allowed to have fruit? According to the American Kennel Association, dogs should eat fruit. The Golden Retriever will greatly benefit from the Vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in Apples.

We know that most dog foods were developed with the thought of a complete diet for your Golden Retriever, there will always be something missing in packaged dog food.

Benefits to a Golden Retriever

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Fruit does boost the immune system, decreases inflammation, and improves skin, hair and eyesight. Helps digestion. Fruits are low in calories and fat and are an excellent choice for a snack if your Golden Retriever needs to lose weight.

Apples are far less in caloric intake than many of the prepackaged dog snacks. This makes apples a healthier snack. The recommended amount of apple that you should feed your Golden Retriever is 1 to 2 slices. Remember again, do not feed the core or the seeds.

For the Golden Retriever, a portion of an apple a day can certainly keep the Veterinarian away. There is no specific type of apple that is not safe for a Golden Retriever or other canine to eat. As long as you avoid giving any seeds or the core. Small and thin slices are always the best, this way, the dog is unlikely to choke on any portion of the snack given to him or her.

The water content in an apple will help the dog’s teeth and also help keep the Golden Retriever hydrated. As stated some dogs have allergies to apples, In general, a dog is most often allergic to proteins in the foods, so apples are least likely to form an allergy in the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever is always hungry and always would love a snack. Apples are a snack that is okay to feed your Golden Retriever. All breeds of dogs can benefit from the apple. One way to remember the amount is to understand that snacks should not be more than 10% of the Golden Retriever’s diet.

It is also of importance to understand that no matter what type of diet the Golden Retriever is eating, the age of the Golden Retriever, an apple is a great snack compared to prepackaged snacks that are available for dogs.

The one time that a Golden Retriever or other breed of canine should not have any Apple for a snack is if the dog is diabetic. The sugar content in the apple is not good and will not do the glucose levels any good for the Golden Retriever.

Apples are also a low-cost alternative to other snacks and healthier by a mile. As you have all seen, all dogs, including Golden Retrievers, love human food and would do anything necessary to get a bite of some human food.

There are obviously some foods that you will always need to keep away from your Golden Retriever. As well as other dog breeds. Chocolate can and often does cause heart attacks or heart issues in the dog. Spicy and oily foods can cause a great deal of stomach distress or digestive issues.

We should specify that the Apple seed does not actually contain cyanide, what it contains is amygdalin.  This is actually like protection for the seed. If the seed happens to be punctured, this chemical amygdalin will begin to decay and form hydrogen cyanide.

This is only a minute amount. The average Golden Retriever would need to eat approximately 30 to 40 apples with seeds before the issues actually affect the Golden Retriever. This comes out to the equivalent of 3 pounds of just the apple seeds alone.


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The chances of the dog being affected by one or two seeds are almost nil.

Let it be known that puppies can also eat apples. Special care should be taken to ensure that the puppy does not eat too much and that the seeds are avoided.

The number of apples should be limited until you know if there is any reaction from the puppies to the apples.

The ultimate lesson to learn is that a Golden Retriever will certainly appreciate a chunk of an apple once in a while as a snack. The fruit is actually good for the dog unless the dog is diabetic.