Golden Retriever Price, everything you should know

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The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world for families. Families love it for its temperament, for individuals with special needs, it's due to its intelligence and an acute sense of hearing. Whatever the reason, it is undeniable that the golden retriever is a great dog to own.

Many people around the world have golden retrievers, and if you ask them they'll tell you the price as well it's because they make such great pets.

If you are wondering exactly how much golden retriever costs, the first thing you need to know is that they don't all costs the same. Because of varying factors like the initial price of the puppy, the diet, the location, and the cost of healthcare, it is difficult to give a ballpark figure of the cost of a golden retriever.

First, we need to examine the initial price of a golden retriever. There is a considerable range of variation in the initial cost of a golden retriever puppy. The golden retriever probably has the highest difference in price compared to any other dog breed.

Golden retriever puppies from dog shelters or pet stores without proper documentation (don't forget it's not to legal and we strongly advise against buying a dog without the right documentation) are considerably less expensive than puppies with excellent bloodlines, and sometimes when the puppy has an outstanding feature, in addition to being from an excellent bloodline, the price will definitely go up.

The advantage of buying puppies from pedigree bloodlines is that the high cost is limited to the upfront payment. As the puppies get older, they usually have fewer health issues and consequently lower vet bills. While they are more expensive initially, as time goes on, they often prove to be worth every penny.

Golden retriever puppies from pedigree bloodlines cost around $1000 and sometimes as high as $2000 in the united states. Please note that puppies from superior bloodlines may cost even more. The good news is that anyone can adopt a golden retriever for a token, you might need to pay as low as $350, which includes registrations and vaccinations.

In European countries like France, the United Kingdom and Italy; however, you can get a golden retriever for as low as 500 euro. In countries like India, the price of a golden retriever puppy ranges from 5000 to 20000 rupees.

The cost of adopting golden retriever puppies is high because of the effort needed to breed them. An adult golden retriever will eat as much as 4 cups of dog food a day. A pregnant golden retriever will need more food and more care from the vet. Breeders spend as much as $60 a month to feed pregnant golden retrievers alone. Then there's the vet bill.

Just like people, when a golden retriever is pregnant, she will need constant care and proper care from a qualified vet doctor. This will also add to the costs. After the puppies are born, they too will need proper vaccinations, microchipping and deworming.golden retriever price

If you accumulate all these costs, it becomes obvious why a golden retriever would cost so much.

In addition to the initial cost of adopting a golden retriever, you also need to consider the cost of keeping a golden retriever.

Golden retrievers are large breeds, and their puppies tend to grow pretty fast. Because of their size, they tend to consume a lot of food, especially males. This, of course, makes them more energetic. In a month, you need to be ready to spend about $60 on dog food and treats. Treats are essential when training dogs. They help with positive reinforcement by serving as a reward for good behaviour. 

In addition to feeding costs, you also need to take your golden retriever to the vet for regular checks and shots. Vet bills are definitely not cheap. Although golden retrievers are a generally healthy dog breed, they are susceptible to some conditions such as cancer, hip dysplasia, entropion, cataracts and Ichthyosis. The cost of testing these conditions ranges from $200 to treat Ichthyosis to $15,000 to treat cancer. For a normal healthy golden retriever; nonetheless, you would still need to budget a few hundred dollars annually for routine checks and the occasional issues.

Once you take care of the feeding and health care of your golden retriever, the next thing to consider is the training. Because the golden retriever is a large breed and also an intelligent one, you would need to enrol your dog in obedience training early. The golden retriever is trainable, so your dog will be well trained in no time. Training is important because the size and energetic nature of a golden retriever make manners and obedience a must. With about $100, you can ensure that your golden retriever is well trained.

Other expense includes supplies and accessories. Your golden retriever needs a collar and leash, especially in places where it is mandatory to leash all dogs. You also need to invest in a couple of bowls to serve your dog food and water. For regular grooming which is necessary because of the thick fur, your golden retriever needs a brush.

For sleeping, you need to buy your dog a bed. Because golden retrievers are so intelligent, they tend to get bored easily, and when this happens, they "entertain" themselves with objects they can find around them. This may include your favourite pair of slippers. To combat this habit, you need to provide your dog with some toys to keep him/her busy, especially while you are away.

To avoid spending an excessive amount of things that will end up being of no use to your dog, you should not go to the pet store and buy everything you see, rather, stick to the basics, and then, as you notice the need for certain accessories, you can then proceed to buy them.

A survey done by the American Pet Products Association revealed that it costs an average $1,641 annually to cater for a golden retriever properly. In addition to the initial adoption cost, the annual budget may seem on the high side. However, golden retrievers make excellent companions making this adorable fur ball worth every penny.

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