Why Is My Rabbit Screaming?

Rabbit screaming is one of the possible rabbit’s sounds you may hear for both the house and wild bunnies. What does it denote?

A rabbit scream can be described as a long, loud and piercing cry. It may sound like a baby screaming. It is common to hear this sound from wild rabbits and at times from domestic ones.

What do rabbits scream?

If you hear a bunny screaming like a human being, it could mean several things which include the following:

Rabbit screaming
Rabbit screaming and angry

Severe injury or pain

The most common reason why your bunny may scream is if it is in excruciating pain or has been seriously injured. This will often be accompanied by other symptoms including teeth grinding, hunched posture, hiding or staying in one spot for a long time, among others depending on what causes the pain.

Various things such as forcefully ripping off fur from breeds such as the ‘Angora Wooler’ [1], severe gas and bloating, physical trauma among others can cause pain.

Sometimes, while dying, it is possible for you to hear this sound. Some rabbits scream while they are being slaughtered while others may make this vocalization when dying from a disease such as viral hemorrhage disease (VHD). This is related to pain and fear

Extreme fear or mortal terror

You can also hear this vocalization if your bunny is in extreme fear. Fear can be caused by various things including the sight, scent or noise of their predator, among other things.

In this case, your furry friend is trying to call for help as well as pass messages such as ‘I am so afraid’, ‘I am going to die’ among others.

Immediately you hear your bunny screaming, you need to go check if all is well. Prolonged fear can cause stress. Also, it is possible for rabbits to die from fright [2] and this is one of the sudden causes of death in this pet.

Extreme anger

This highly pitched and disturbing sound can also indicate extreme anger. Your bunny is trying to tell you ‘I am very angry with what you are doing or what is happening’. However, this is not one of the most common causes of this unhappy bunny sound.

Calling for help

Sometimes, the screaming is a means of calling for help. The bunny wants someone to come and save it. For instance, you will hear this vocalization while they are being pursued by a predator or if it has have been caught by a predator. He or she is trying to say, ‘come to help me’.

It could be out of fear. However, it also could only be a means of asking for help especially if they have been trapped somewhere even if there is no predator or anything that scares or hurts it.

Rabbit screaming predator call 

Sometimes, hunters often use the rabbit screaming sound to attract predators such as badges, ferrets, foxes, so on while hunting. 


If you hear your bunny screaming, you need to immediately pay attention and go find out what is making this sound since this is majorly a sign of extreme pain, terror or calling out for help.

Also, consider comforting him or her for several hours and keep him in a warm and quiet place once you have checked what caused it.

Finally, consider calling your vet if you do not know what makes your rabbit scream. 

Baby bunny creaming 

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