8 Best Rabbit Litter Box and Litter, Ideas and Cleaning them

Before you litter box train your rabbit, you need to know the various litter trays, boxes or pans available and choose the most suitable one. Here are the types including those with grid, grate, hay rack, corner and as well as litter to use.


Rabbits are clean animals, which with patience, can be trained to be able to use their litter boxes, just like cats and dogs. This post is going to focus on the types of litter boxes and litters you can buy. Once you know the various ones available, you can then go through rabbit litter box training in our next post.

Since rabbits vary in size from dwarf to medium to large to giant ones, buying a litter box needs you to factor in the size of your bunny. Go for a larger one for a larger rabbit and vice versa.

Typical litter box sizes for small bunnies under 5 pounds is 16″L x 12″W x 4″H, for medium under 10 pounds 18.5″L x 15″W x 6″H and for large ones 22″L x 16″W x 6.5″H.

Litter boxes, pans and trays ideas

They are various types and designs which may be made from mainly plastic, wood or metal. The metal rabbit litter boxes tend to be expensive, durable but are often cold.

Some of the common ones include the following:

Boxes, trays or pans

They come in many designs and are typically rectangular pans made of plastic with a shorter side for entry and walls around it. Some have flipflop covers.

They are affordable, easy to clean and come in varying sizes. Also, they have plenty of space where you can include hay inside them.

One drawback is as your bunnies are hopping out of them, expect some poop to be thrown out of the tray or pan and fall around it.

Go for those with closed tops to avoid poop being flung around. However, such may make your bunnies to feel trapped and uncomfortable. Having two exits may make them feel a little more secure and see what is happing around them.

Corner litter boxes or pans

They are designed to take the least space possible especially for those who may not be having enough space in their cages and will fit in most hutch designs.

As Bunny Approved notes, it is suited for bunnies that “like to push their bottoms into a corner while doing their business – urine will most likely go where it’s supposed to” go. Some have non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning, and odor-controlling charcoal filters, odor-blocking or built-in odor neutralizers.

Despite being space economical, their small size means only one rabbit can fit inside them and they have no space for hay for the rabbit to eat while it is doing its business.

However, you can modify them by placing hay feeder trays next to them to allow rabbits to eat while using them.

A good example is the Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner. There is also Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top and Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box from the same manufacturer which you can buy.

Rabbit litter box with hay rack

Since bunnies like to eat as they are pooping or urinating, having a litter tray or box with a hay rack is a brilliant idea. Unlike putting hay directly in the tray where it is likely to be spoiled, in this case, the hay is within reach but cannot be reached by poop or urine.

A drawback of this type is if it is made of wood, which is often untreated wood for safety reasons, it can get damaged making replacing the wood expensive.

Also, rabbits can toss it around as they hop out of it since it is low.

Litter boxes with a wire floor, grid or grill

This is an easy to clean cage with a wire mesh on its floor, and often with a tray beneath it. Rabbit owners will only need to pull the underneath plastic tray and clean it.  It is not recommended since it can hurt your bunny’s feet and it very uncomfortable.

Rabbit Litter box with grate or screen

They come in various designs and shapes, but they are essentially boxes that have a plastic screen or grate (that resembles the kitchen grate).

They allow urine to pass through them to the litter inside the plastic tray while droppings will stay on the screen or grate.

Since they are soft and have smaller openings, they are not as uncomfortable as those with a wire grid.

These litter boxes with screens or grate are often recommended for bunnies that tend to burrow, dig or eat their litter or substrate.

Their downside is the droppings can be flown around as the rabbit hops, get stuck on its fur especially if it has long fur like the Angora rabbits and it may be cumbersome to clean the grate or screen if some dung sticks on it.

Senior and disable rabbits litter boxes

Unlike normal bunnies that can hop in and out of their litter trays, senior and disabled ones may not be able to do so. They require geriatric litter boxes for them to enter them without having to hop or jump, which are often wedge-shaped with the entry point almost flat.

Besides the above, a shallow storage tub can also be modified and used.

Best rabbit litter boxes brands

With some ideas on litter boxes, you may want to buy one. If that the case, some of the best brands include the following: 

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan is the highest-rated and most popular litter trays for rabbits, ferrets, and other smaller animals. It comes in regular and jumbo sizes with width, depth and heights measuring 12.75″ X 9325″ X 6″, Height 16.5″ x 10.25″ x 8″ respectively.

Key features

  • This lock-N-litter pan will ensure there is no mess around it, i.e., no spills or urine leaks.
  • It’s long-lasting and won’t be stained or hold odors (it is made from stain and smell resistant plastic), making it easy to clean.
  • Tip-proof lock to ensure it doesn’t overturn as this can spill all the litter and create a serious mess.
  • It features a wire grill and plastic guard to ensure your bunny doesn’t get stained or soiled.
  • It is easy to attach to various cage types and easy to remove if you want to clean it.
  • It has a low front entry point while the back is high to prevent any spillages, especially of urine.

If you want a mess-free cage for your potty-trained small animals, this should be the number one choice of a litter tray. You have the option of picking the color you like!Ware Manufacturing Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan

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Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box w/ Odor Control

This hooded litter tray with a flip-flop is an excellent choice if you want something that also controls odor.

When not flipped, it has an opening of 8.25 x 8.25 inches. If you require a larger aperture, simply flip it to get an 11.5 x 14inches, especially if you have an enormous rabbit. Finally, its lowest entry point is 7.25 inches tall

Key Features

  • It has inbuilt charcoal filters that will absorb even the toughest odors from the litter box. This will ensure the area around your litter box smells fresh.
  • Features flip-top front opening and snap latches to make cleaning a breeze and very convenient.
  • It has a non-stick surface for easy cleaning and prevents litter from sticking on its wall in case of urine spray.
  • It is hooded to prevent urine leakage or litter scattering

Most people love this litter tray because it neutralizes odors, is easy to clean, the hood, and its non-stick surface.Nature's Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box with Odor Control

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Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner

Nature’s Miracle Advanced High Sided Corner comes in glittering graphite color and measures 26-inch by 23-inch by 10-inch, making it ideal for even larger bunnies and other small animals.

Key benefits

  • It is made from a non-odor absorbing plastic, i.e., uses odor-blocking technology
  • Guards against bacteria that produce odor, i.e., provides antimicrobial protection, and it is resistant to mildew and molds.
  • It features a non-stick surface to prevent litter from caking onto it and makes cleaning very easy.
  • It is space-saving as it will fit well into the corner of your rectangular-shaped hutch.
  • Its 10-inch wall height will minimize urine leakage and litter scattering

Nature's Miracle Advanced HIgh Sided Corner Litter Box

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PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Litter Box Training

If you need a great litter tray for senior rabbits or cats that have special needs, the PuppyGoHere is the right product to buy. It comes in three sizes, the 24″ x 15″ x 5″   24″ x 20″ x 5″ and 28″ x 22″ x 9″ ideal from the smallest to largest cats or rabbits. Dogs and puppies up to 35 pounds.

Key benefits

  • It comes with a litter training manual
  • Usable by pets that have challenges in using the standard litter trays, including injured or old pets, since it has a lower, wide entrance.
  • It is durable and sturdy
PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Litter Box Training

PuppyGoHere Dog Litter Pan Litter Box Training

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Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan 

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan measures 10″ long 13 75″ wide 6 5″ high, making it an ideal choice for small animals like rabbits, ferrets, among others.

Key features

  • Its design will ensure there is no mess around it, such as leaked urine or scattered litter, thanks to its elevated corners.
  • You can mount it easily to any kind of wire cage or hutch since it comes with built-in attachment hooks.
  • Its smaller size makes it ideal for people with smaller cages. It won’t take up much space.
  • It’s made from easy to clean plastic that is resistant to not only odor but also stains.
  • It comes in various colors, making it easy to find one that matches other cage or hutch décor.

Kaytee Hi-Corner Litter Pan (Assorted Colors)

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Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cat and Rabbit

This stainless steel brand comes in standard and large size measuring 19.68″×13.78 “×6” and 23.5″×15.5 “×6” respectively ideal for your felines and bunnies.

Key features

  • It is scratch-free and won’t get scratches. Therefore, it cannot hold dirt, and it is easier to clean as opposed to plastic brands that may get scratches.
  • It is odor-controlling and non-stick. Everything will easily glide off it.
  • Smooth round edges to ensure it doesn’t injure your pets
  • It is deep enough to prevent litter scattering or spillages

Durability, sturdiness (doesn’t bend), and non-stick finish features that excite most buyers. Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cat and Rabbit

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Bunny Wonder Plastic Dropping/Litter Pan for Pet 

Bunny Wonder Plastic Dropping/Litter pull out pan for Pet comes in three sizes, the 24 by 24-inch, the 30 by 30-inch, and the 36 by 30-inch. Unlike others, it is the pull-out kind of tray. Therefore, choose accordingly depending on the size cage.

Key benefits

  • It is very durable, thanks to the heavy-duty plastic used in making it.
  • Easy to clean. You need to pull it out, dump any litter, and clean it.

Only buy this brand if you have a hutch or cage that accommodates a pull-out kind of tray. Although it can still be placed inside a hutch and filled with some litter, it is very shallow.Bunny Wonder Plastic Dropping Litter Pan for Pet

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Erlvery DaMain Large Triangle Potty Trainer Corner Litter Bedding Box Pet Pan 3.8/36

This corner litter pan made of a durable and robust plastic will serve your small litter trained rabbits, galesaur, ferrets, and hamster well for a long time. It measures 9.64″ in length, *6.89″ in width, and 4″ high with a depth of 2.17 inches.

Key features

  • It is stain and odor resistant, making it quite easy to clean.
  • Its shallow edges make it easy for even baby rabbits.
  • It’s durable, odor, and stain-resistant.

Don’t buy this brand if you have large bunnies as they will easily scatter litter or urine, causing a mess around it.Veterinary Select Neo Diet for Cats for Kidney Health

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Best Rabbit litter – pellets, shavings, and newspaper

After buying your favorite litter trays, pans or boxes, you need to have a substrate for lining them. They are the same things we discussed on the rabbit bedding alternative in detail. Here is a quick summary of the various options:

Wood shavings and pellets – pine, cedar, and aspen

If you want to use wood shavings and pellets, ensure you do not go for softwood shavings since they are linked to liver damage and respiratory issues. Instead, go for Aspen and other hardwood shavings.

They are readily available, affordable and absorbent. On the downside, they may stick on your rabbits’ fur and may not control odor.


There are both commercial and DIY options you can go for. They can be in pellet form, shredded paper or just as papers.

For the DIY, you can use old newspapers or shred them. Unfortunately, these may not control odor, may be harmful if ingested excessively due to the ink. However, they are cheap and readily available.

On the other hand, the commercial ones, including paper-based options are the best rabbit litter odor control. Some popular brands include: 

Carefresh rabbit litter such as Complete All-Natural Paper Bedding 

These ones are Absorbent, animal-safe, odor-controlling and do not clamp on your rabbit’s fur. They are only available in pet stores and will are relatively expensive.Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

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 Yesterday’s News rabbit litter

They are dust-free, highly absorbent, unscented, controls odor but it is a little harder to scoop them when cleaning your tray or pan. YESTERDAY'S NEWS PRODUCTS 702303 Yesterday's News Cat Litter

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Critter Care Natural 

This paper-based brand is expandable, odor control, absorbent and safe. You don’t have to worry if your furry friend ingests some. 

Critter Care Confetti Paper Bedding

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Others equally good include the Carefresh Custom Rabbit/Guinea Pig Pet Bedding and the Yesterday’s News Original Formula Cat Litter.

Straw and hay

They are both comfortable, warm, edible and a lot cheaper. They are often recommended by most rabbit keepers.

Other options

  • Corn cob liter – Absorbent, lightweight but it may cause blockage in ingested. Not recommended by most vets.
  • Clay litters – Dust clay may affect your bunny’s respiratory system. Avoid them.
  • Clumping litter – not recommended since it can get stuck in their digestive systems and does not have one of the best smells.

Where to buy them?

These litter trays, pans or boxes are available in most local pet stores, at Walmart, Petsmart.com, Amazon.com, eBay.com among other places.

Cleaning a rabbit litter box

Depending on the litter you have, the design or type of your box or tray, they can be cleaned daily, after a few days. However, spot-cleaning and scooping out any parts that are dirty should be done daily.

It is recommended to replace the litter once a week and do a thorough cleanup. However, this may depend on the type you are using.

Rabbit Litter BOx Ideas and Cleaning
Rabbit Litter Box Ideas and Cleaning