Do Rabbits Fart or Pass Gas?

Whether rabbits fart or not is a debatable issue. Even a bigger debate is whether these animals can pass gas loudly or not. Does it happen?

Flatulence refers to the expulsion or emission of gas generated elsewhere in the intestinal tract through the anus. The words farting, tooting, breaking wind, trumping or passing gas are colloquially used to mean flatulence.

It is possible for rabbits to suffer from gas which is usually painful. It could be accompanied by gurgling noises from the stomach as well as pain symptoms such as a hunched posture, teeth grinding, hiding, and so on.

Do rabbits fart
Do rabbits fart?

Also, a dilated stomach, lethargy and your bunny refusing to eat might indicate that your bunny has a gassy stomach. However, some of these symptoms could be due to other conditions including dental problems.

Various conditions can cause gas in this pet such as GI stasis, enteritis (including enterotoxemia and mucoid enteropathy), bloat and hairballs. Also, some diets such as kales, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower have been associated with this problem as well as diarrhea and bloating.

Finally, diets high in carbs, excessive amounts of muesli or cereal containing diets, grains, and so on can cause gas besides causing obesity and cecal dysbiosis – “disruption of the delicate balance of organisms within the rabbit’s digestive tract.”[1]

Can rabbits fart?

Now that bunnies suffer from gas. Do they fart to release it or not? We know rabbits do not vomit, burp or belch. How do they get rid of it?

If you were not aware, you need to know that rabbits fart. Just like dogs or cats fart, these pets do also expel gas through their anus. This might remain debatable since some people believe that flatulence does not occur in rabbits.

These animals do fart. Perhaps, the discussion should be whether they fart loudly or not. Here are pieces of evidence that bunnies can fart:

  • In the case of gas, one of the recommended ways to deal with it is to ensure your rabbit moves around as this will help move the gas out through the anus. This means that this pet can fart. [2]
  • Secondly, if your bunny has a gassy stomach, you will be advised to gently massage it towards the anus and not the mouth so that it can get out. Some people have detected the smell or heard the breaking wind after a massage [3]
  • Also, some rabbit owners have given their testimony proving that this animal breaks wind. For instance, one owner notes that “then suddenly I heard the funniest noise she’s ever made: the sound of her fart.” [4] This happened after the bunny showing gas problem symptoms.
  • Finally, a rabbit’s cecum is often described as a large chamber that has food and gaseous material (one of the fermentation byproducts). Also, radiographs have shown it. Therefore, if it is generated, it must be passed out through their anus.

With the above shreds of evidence and the fact that rabbis suffer from gas and some are generated in the cecum, it is reasonable to say that these gases can only exit via the anus. This shows that rabbits do fart.


If your rabbit has a severe gas problem, it is good to visit your vet since it can be very painful. Do not wait for this animal to farts it out since sometimes there might be an obstruction especially a hairball (trichobezoar).

If your rabbit farts a lot, you need to look at their diet since some can foods can cause it as well as other intestinal disturbances.

Remember to give these pets the right diet which should be mainly grassy hays such as Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay Pet Food accounting for over 80% of their food requirements. Fruits and non-leafy vegetables should be given sparingly as occasional treats while some leafy greens can account for about 10%

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