Best Cheap and Used Rabbit Cages for Sale

If you need a cheap or used rabbit cage, here are their pros, cons, where to buy them and how to prepare them to ensure they are safe.

Used rabbit cage on sale
Used one

Seeing adorable bunnies on sale often pushes many people to quickly want to purchase them without considering the cost of other supplies. One such common thing that most people frequently forget is safe housing – a rabbit shed, cage or hutch.

The first solution would be buying a small and cheaper enclosure. Unfortunately, a small one is not an option since there is a minimum recommended rabbit cage sizes depending on your bunny weight if you value its well-being and happiness.

On the other hand, a large indoor rabbit cage may cost you a fortune. This high cost often discourages many people from buying bunnies. However, the price or cost of a cage should not stop you from owing bunnies. They make great pets for yourself or as presents for your children. You can build hutch, buy cheaper brands or go for second hand or used ones.

Is it easy to build rabbit cages?

As seen above, large bunny enclosures are quite expensive. Therefore, it is common for some people to consider building their own homes. Whereas it is possible and straightforward, it will need a DIY savvy, a good plan, a few supplies, and tools.

If you want to make one, you can opt for a wood and mesh hutch which will be much easier to make. Alternatively, you can convert your garden shed to a cozy house for your furry friends.

Finally, it is also possible to make a wire rabbit cage. Whether you need a shed, pen or hutch, you will get a lot of resources online to teach you how to build them.

Best cheap rabbit cages for sale – indoors 

Whereas there are cheap brands available, do not fall into the temptations of getting a small one since it might be unhealthy for your bunnies.

Also, it should be sturdy, chew-proof including latches, easy to clean, secure and comfortable for your furry friends. Do not compromise the comfort of your bunnies because you want a cheap enclosure.

When considering the best cheap rabbit cages in the market, we looked at their size, suitability, durability, and other factors before coming up with the below brands which go way below under $100.

MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

One of the most affordable indoor bunny housing units you can buy is the Midwest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit, where you have an option of going for the extra-large or a smaller one.

Both the cages are easy to assemble, come with a free water bottle, feeding bowl, a hay feeder, and a one year warranty. Its base is 5.5″ deep with an elevated area that has a ramp and a feeding area, including the feeding bowl. Beneath the high zone, there is a hideout where your furry friends can have their privacy.

The Extra Large cage measuring 47.16L x 23.62W x 19.68H inches goes for under $75. It will provide a spacious living area for your furry friend while the smaller one measures 39.5 L x 23.75 W x 19.75 H that goes for under $60.MidWest HOmes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

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AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories 

This indoor rabbit cage comes with a hay guard, balcony accessed via a ramp that gives them ages dish (tip-proof), and a non-drip water bottle. Additionally, it has a perfect hideaway place beneath the balcony where your furry critters can go and have their privacy.

While it is quite affordable (goes for below $65), it doesn’t mean that is isn’t durable. It has an iron upper frame that has a large opening on the top and front part for access,  a PP plastic base, and measures 47.2 by 23.6 by 20.5 inches (LxWxH)

Finally, you are going to receive a whole year’s warranty, and this cage is very easy to assemble. Besides bunnies, you can use it to keep your pet chinchillas and guinea pigs. AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat with Accessories

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Kaytee My First Rabbit Home

If you need a compact but spacious cage for your critters, Kaytee My First Rabbit Home Extra-large measuring 42 by 18 inches will be a perfect choice that goes for about $80. Don’t worry about where to place it since it can fit on countertops or even dresser tops.

It features a deep plastic base to ensure your rabbit bedding doesn’t get scattered while its top has a wire that will promote proper ventilation as well as give you a chance to see your furry friend.

Finally, this cage is secure with a latch that combines the top wire and bottom plastic inaccessible by your pet and chew-proof, i.e., they are wire made.Kaytee My First Rabbit Home,

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Large Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

Yet another excellent and very cheap cage is the Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage large that goes for below $50 and measures 37 x 19 x 20 inches (LxWxH) inches. It has two access doors, one on the front end and the other one from the upper side.

Unlike others, this cage has wire flooring. However, the 1/2 inch grid is small enough to ensure your bunnies don’t end up with sore hocks while the cage remains very clean.

Finally, to prevent droppings and other food remains from scattering all over, this indoor cage has a slide-out pan, accessible from the front side that collects this dirt and urine.Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

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Second-hand cages for sale

The second option is going for used cages for sale.  Here are the advantages and disadvantages to buying used ones.


  • You might make a saving of almost about $100 with a second-hand one as opposed to buying a new one.
  • The previous owner may give you design issues and any difficulties it has
  • It is possible to get large ones because they are cheaper. 


  • They may not be in perfect condition, i.e., they may need some repair work
  • They might present the risk of infections if the previous inhabitants had diseases.
  • They may not be appealing aesthetically while inside your house

Where to buy used cages

Before purchasing any used cage, ensure dimensions, description, and a clear picture is given. This will help you obtain the correct size as well as one that is still in excellent condition.

Besides the above, consider if it will blend with your house furnishings. Also look at whether it is easy to clean or not (newer modern ones are easier to clean), and if it is worthwhile to buy it.

Some of the places to search for them include the following:

  • Daily and weekly newspaper classified section – Be looking at your local daily or weekly paper classified sections to see if anyone has some for sale.
  • eBay.com – Check this auction site regularly since the availability will vary from day to day.
  • Craigslist.com – This is one of the places you are most likely to get a used rabbit enclosure near you. It will bring results beginning with those closest to you.
  • Other places – check on classified ads on various sites such as newsnow.co.uk, Kijiji.ca, gumtree.com, preloved.co.uk among other sites which often have pet and pet supply listings.
  • Help from friends and family – Ask your relatives, family, and people in your circle as they may be having one they do not use or know someone who has one.
  • Search engines – use search engines such as Bing and Google to locate any seller or sites with classified ads for used bunny cages.

Cleaning and preparing it

Whereas most cages are metallic, you may find a few made of wood designed to be used indoors. You should avoid wooden ones since cleaning them is hard, and they may be having bacteria and other chemicals.

If you have gotten one, clean it using vinegar and water (ratios of 1 to 4 parts) removing any deposits. If possible replace water bottles, feeding bowls.

Finally, consider replacing the bottom wire with a tray or line it with some bedding to ensure it is comfortable for your rabbits.

Free rabbit cages

Although it might sound strange, it is possible to get free ones especially from people who no longer want to keep bunnies. If you get a free one, do not forget to thoroughly clean and prepare it too.

Check for coupon and offers

Finally, when buying them, always check for any discounts and offers as they may help reduce the total amount you will spend on your cage.

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