33 Building A Rabbit Cage and Hutch DIY Plans, Designs and Ideas

Building a rabbit hutch or cage needs a good plan with steps, dimensions and various lists of materials and tools. We have the best bunny cage or hutch building ideas, designs, and plans that will help you come up with a unique, usable cage or hutch on budget.


Bunnies make a perfect pet besides their commercial value where you can have them as show animals, for meat, wool, pelt and laboratory tests.

However, before you think of rearing them for any of these purposes you need to ensure you provide them with proper housing beside the right food, required health care and grooming.

Rabbits can live in cages, sheds or hutches that must meet the minimum recommended cage sizes depending on their weight. Besides, they need a playpen or run where they can exercise daily.

Buying a hutch or cage vs. DIY?

There are many good rabbit cages and hutches you can get in the market which will serve you well. However, if you are a DIY guru, you can build a rabbit hutch or cage with simple DIY plans and guides.

An obvious advantage of going for this easy DIY rabbit cages or hutches is that they are budget-friendly and customizable to suit your needs.

This area focusses on the DIY guides to help you build your bunny cages at home with simple and readily available materials. Let us look at some of the most epic designs and ideas.

1. Free rabbit hutch plan by Rogue Engineer

This is an excellent DIY 2-story cozy outdoor rabbit home featuring a ramp connecting the lower and upper tier, and a small compartment for your bunny to hide in to have its privacy.

Rogue Engineer outdoor rabbit hutch

Design by Rogue Engineer

Jamison Rants of Rogue Engineer provides the required tools and material list, dimensions, and a step by step way to assemble this great looking bunny abode.

If you want to quickly make it or have someone make it for you, begin by downloading or printing his free rabbit hutch plan pdf. 

Do you like the see design details at Rogue Engineer.

2. Multi-cage video tutorial

This video tutorial will help you build multiple bunny cages even if you do not have strong carpentry skills. It has four cages all attached to a single housing unit and is ideal for people with several bunnies.

Multi-cage rabbit hutch with video tutorial


Here is the video tutorial if you would like to give it a try.

3. Converting an Ikea Besta Cupboard to a cozy cage

If you want a stunningly beautiful indoor rabbit cage, you have an option of turning an Ikea Besta Cupboard to a cozy rabbit home.  This is a brainchild of Evelien Lulofs, a Netherland’s interior designer who developed it for her Amigo and Tinq bunnies.

Indoor cage - IKEA cardboard conversion

Very cozy and nice-looking

Begin by finding a large enough Ikea Best Cupboard or sideboard, link its various sections, line the floor, place doors, shelves and add the various suppliers.  Here are the DIY steps.

4. All wire rabbit cages

If you need a much easier to clean rabbit house, you should consider going for an all wire one which will be safe and secure from predators. However, to make your furry friends comfortable, the cage flooring should be solid, have a mat or bedding.

The video has details on how to go about it to build this wire rabbit cage. Remember you need galvanized cage wire.

5. The Bunny Palace (DIY Ikea hack rabbit cage)

Beginning with two Ikea HOL storage tables, a wire mesh, 4 x castors, lino, a hand board, a litter tray, and a few other materials and tools, you can create this amazing indoor cage for your bunny.

Bunny Palace (Ikea hack rabbit cage)

Bunny Palace

If you would like to give it a try, Shona Craven has details and steps to ensure you get a hutch that will match well with your other interior décor.

6. A Kid-friendly rabbit hotel

Most of the best commercial rabbit hutches often have their main opening on their top part making it hard for young kids to lift the hinged roof doors or even reach them in the first place.

However, with this design that has a free pdf downloadable plan, this challenge has been overcome.

Kid friendly rabbit hotel

Kid-friendly rabbit hotel

It is a spacious wooden rabbit housing with mesh on the front side, large doors, and a corrugated PVC roof that can be adjacent to your garden shed, the backside of your house or any other structure.

Featured on Instructable.com, you will get all the supplies you need, tools, and a step by step on how to go about while building this spacious bunny house. Here are the steps to make it.

7. Cheap outdoor Rabbit Hutch Plans by Myoutdoorplans.com

A proper bunny housing should be able to protect your furry friends from predators, bad weather and be made from safe materials.

Its size will depend on the specific bunny breeds you have since larger ones will need more space and vice versa.

Outdoor rabbit plans

Outdoor plan

There are many online free rabbit hutch and cage DIY. However, we recommend settling on something that is professional.

This plan will give you all the materials you need and time. Also, there is a stepwise guide on how to put together these various materials. Here is all you need to build this outdoor bunny home.

8. How to build a rabbit hutch out of pallets

There are many DIY rabbit hutch building plans and guides you can take advantage of to build a low-cost cozy home for your bunnies. While doing so, do not forget to consider issues like the safety and sturdiness of your coop.

With this simple DIY, you can make good use of free pallets, wires, a tarp, hinges, scrap plywood and a few tools to build a great DIY pallet bunny hutch. Here are the steps by Sarah Cuthill you should follow.

Wood pallets rabbit hutch

Wood pallets idea

Also, Little Tassie Prepper has a different idea of how you can use the wood pallets to build a small rabbit hutch.

Wood pallet small hutch

Making a small one using wood pallets

9. Converting furniture into a rabbit hutch – Dressers

A simple and cost-effective way to get an elegant indoor bunny hutch is turning your dresser into a bunny pen or any other furniture that is spacious enough.

If you are interested in making a rabbit hutch out of furniture FiddlesAndBows has a good guideline for what you need and steps to follow that you will find instrumental.

Dresser bunny Hutch

From a dresser

Secondly, Instructables have a tutorial on upcycled rabbit hutch from dresser which requires some effort, upcycled dresser, and a few other materials.

Upcycled rabbit hutch from a dresser

Upcycled from a dresser

Finally, we also found an excellent one from Mobymom which will also inspire you not to throw away any dresser you are currently not using.

Dresser to rabbit hutch

From dresser

10. Rabbit hutch with a run (tractor)

Instead of building a hutch and then a playpen or run, you can combine the two. My Outdoor Plans has a detailed and illustrated tutorial accompanied by a video to help you create this kickass historical house for your bunnies.

Free rabbit hutch plan with a run

With a run free plan

We do not recommend it to newbies since it is a little complicated and will need a DIY guru to be able to make it.

11. Hanging rabbit cages

You will get many designs of hanging cages for bunnies including those made from PVC.  Rabbit breeders often like using them and are usually placed inside a housing unit that has a roof and proper ventilation.

Also, there must be a place where the rabbit wastes fall onto for easy cleaning such as a tray.

Installing them will need two people and you should ensure that their floor which is made of wire mesh is comfortable or has a place with a solid base.

Some of the places you can get good tutorials to guide you through and their appearance (pictures) include:


Hanging cages DIY



Raising-rabbits.com – Made from PVC frames

Hanging rabbit cages from PVC and wire

PVC and wire

Saveourskills.com – Hanging wire cage

Hanging rabbit cages DIY


Additional resources – video tutorial

12. PVC Rabbit Hutch Plans on Survival

This DIY has information on creating a kind of hanging rabbit cage that is constructed mainly with wire and PVC pipes to give you a durable housing with a total of six housing units.

Although there are various PVC rabbit hutch plans you can get online, we found this one ideal since it is straightforward, and you will end up with several cages.

PVC homemade rabbit cages


Would you like to try it or get information about this design including the material list, tools required, dimensions and a step by step guide? Here is all you need to build your PVC rabbit cage now.

13. Free Double door Rabbit Hutch

This is an easy to assemble and a well-illustrated DIY to help you make a sturdy, safe and durable outdoor home to your furry friends that will last many years, and is free of charge.

You can also convert it into an indoor hutch if you consider putting a solid flooring or a tray beneath it to trap urine and droppings.  Also, consider making its legs shorter if you want it to be an indoor one.

Free rabbit hutch woodworking plan

Woodwork plan

The tutorial will give you the list of all the materials you need, dimensions, and stepwise instructions on what to do.  Check it out and begin building it now.

14. Multi-cage sectional plans by Instructables

This is a large plan with five cages one for each of your furry critters by Daddy Engine whose cost will be less than $250.  You will learn how to build a 3 by 6 feet sectional hutch and a two bays, 4 feet adjoining section.

Sectional rabbit cage - INSTRUCTABLES


The DIY tutorial has the plan, video tutorial, a list of all the materials and tools you need, as well as a step-by-step guide on building each part. Learn how to make it from Daddy Engine at Instructables.com


15. Free Two-Story Rabbit Hutch by Ana White

This a nice looking spacious indoor bunny cage developed by Ana White that cost her about 150 dollars down from the $250 to $300 for similar sized hutch.

Ana white 2 Storey rabbit hutch


It is a wire and wood 2-tier cage with a ramp. Ana White provides a lot of photos to guide you through as well as a breakdown of the costs for various raw materials. Try it now.

How to Specialist has also a comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial that can help you make a two-story hutch.

2 - story hutch

Double deck

16. Simply Easy DIY’s rabbit hutch

Featured in Simplyeasydiy.com, this is a very easy DIY plan which will guide you on building the base stand, mainframes, face frame, door, and roof. It has all the dimensions you need to know, cutting lists and a tutorial video.

Free rabbit hutch plan from Simply Easy DIY

Simply Easy DIY

17. An indoor Rabbit Hutch with wheels

The idea of having a wheel bunny house may seem complicated to many people. However, if you love moving your bunnies around, it will be a good option you can go for. It will be suitable for smaller kids who might want to move this housing around.

Buildeaszy.com has all you need to build it including tons of diagrammatic plan, material list, and steps to follow. It is not as complicated as you may imagine.

18. Simple DIY single hutch plan

It is made of wood, wire and a corrugated roof to protect your furry friends from predators and harsh weather conditions and give them a luxurious home.

It is easy to construct, and Simplyeasydiy.com has all the materials, tools, and steps to follow to make it.


DIY simple rabbit hutch - single

DIY simple single hutch

A second basic design you can give a try is by Gardenplansfree.com. You will access the plan free of charge.

Basic outdoor

Basic outdoor

Finally, the other equally important tutorial that will greatly help you if you desire a single story type of bunny housing at House for Rabbit.

Single hutch DIY


19. Triangular or A-frame shaped Hutches

As instructable.com notes, this design is “safe, sturdy, attractive, predator-proof, tornado-proof, and hurricane-proof.” It is made with an A-frame giving it the apex look with a fully enclosed compartment for your bunny to escape to should it need privacy or under bad weather.

It has a lightweight structure and can be moved around easily. Its big door makes cleaning and getting your furry critter out easy.  Here is all you need to build it.

A-frame multiple hutches

A-frame multiple

Another DIY for this triangular rabbit hutch is by Ann White which you should also give a try.

A-frame hutch tractor

A-frame tractor plan

Finally, you can also try the knockdown outdoor rabbit tractor.

20. Instructables indoor bunny house

If you prefer having an indoor bunny, this 2-tier cage will serve you well without making your home look ugly. It can hold multiple rabbits, or one area could be used as a store if you have just one. See the materials, tools, and steps you need to build it.

Instructables indoor cage


21. The indoor or outdoor

Winter’s might be too cold for your bunnies, and they may want to go indoors. On the other hand, summer and spring might have the breeze to keep them enchanted.

This cage is made wire in such a way that a part of the cage is outside the garage while another part is inside. It is made by cutting away some panels from the garage wall and has a solid floor and a roof on the outside part.

Indoor and outdoor cage

Indoor and outdoor cage

If you find it amazing, begin building your own.

22. Rabbit Condo DIY plus video tutorial

The first idea is to build one from scratch. To learn how you can make your bunny condo, here is a video you can use. It has all the steps, tools and materials you need.

Alternatively, if you are the Ikea fan, you can convert one of your Expedit into a condo by removing some of the shelves and transforming it into a rabbit home.

Bunny condo IKEA hack

Condo IKEA hack

You will decide on how many cages you need depending on the size of your Expedit and number of bunnies you have. Here is a guide to help you build it.

23. Super rabbit condo

Another Ikea Hack for a condo is getting a large Ikea Gorm Shelving and converting it into a cozy condo. This condo can have multiple shelves and ramps to enable your bunnies to move from one shelve to another one. Here are the steps to build your super Ikea condo.

Super Ikea Condo

Super Ikea Condo

24. Bunny Do!

To build it, you will convert a BJURSTA bar table from Ikea into a 2-level house for your bunnies. It will blend well with other Ikea furniture making your house to look tidy.

Bunny Do

Bunny Do

A ramp can be used to make the upper part accessible, and if you want it to be a single level, you will move the drawer or shelve downwards. Here is a tutorial to help you make yours now.

25. Large outdoor rabbit hutch

This DIY plan features large doors that make cleaning much easier as well as handling your rabbits. Its large size will ensure your furry friend is very comfortable with plenty of room to play.

Large outdoor rabbit house

Large outdoor rabbit house

At Survivalboards.com, you have both steps to follow, materials, tools and even the video tutorial below to make it much easier.

26.  Mobile hutch

This is like the wheeled one we saw earlier. It can be used indoors or outdoors and has one great advantage of having wheels which makes moving it quite easy.

Mobile rabbit hutch - indoor and outdoor


Also, it has two compartments, a living area and an enclosed place where your bunny can escape when it wants to be alone. With a few materials, steps and tools and you begin building it.

27. Double-deck

It is ideal for people who have many rabbits and limited space. It looks like two hutches stacked together and it has legs.  It is a little complicated to make and it may need an experienced person. This rabbit plan pdf should guide you.

Double-deck hutches


28. Rabbit Housing Plans

Get two multi-row caged rabbit shed plans, one for meat bunnies and three others with details diagrams in PDF formats. Visit suagcenter.com for those designs.

29. 3-Tier Rabbit Cages made of wire

3-story rabbit cages will provide more space and a larger area for your furry friend. We found three great designs you can go for.

The first one is features a ramp that can be made with a tutorial at The Rabbit House.

3 - story wire rabbit cage


The second one has ramps and ideal for rabbits that need to exercise. You will find this design thrilling and you can learn how to make it from Bunny Blurbs.

3-tier race course rabbit housing

3-tier racecourse

For the third one, you need storage wire cubes, cable tiers, plywood and a few more things to make it. Here is how you can go about it.

3 - tier rabbit cage

Simple 3 story cage

30. wikiHow’s Extra ventilation

It resembles a traditional outdoor rabbit hutch with the front part having wire mesh. The only addition is the sideboards which can be hinged up give more ventilation. To make it, use the easy to follow steps at wikiHow’s guide to build it.

Wiki How extra ventilation rabbit hutch

Extra ventilation

31. Compact rabbit hutch

If you need one that is compact, especially to urban dwellers who do not have much space, yet it can give your bunnies a chance to graze, this is a perfect one for you. Ensure you move it from time to time to avoid your lawn being damaged.

Compact rabbit hutch

Compact outdoor

It has an enclosed pace for your bunnies to hide and they can shelter under this enclose or house if it is very hot. Here is how you can build it.

32. Rabbit house plans

This a perfect rabbit housing plan which unfortunately does not have the steps to follow but only a plan available in pdf format. It requires someone with some carpentry skills.

Rabbit housing plan

Detailed housing plan

Is this pdf for this housing plan something you can do?

Convert a table to a rabbit hutch

If you have some carpentry skills, you can convert an unused table to a cozy and great looking home for your bunny. You need a table, some materials, and tools to make it. Here is are the steps and elements to build it.

End of table hutch

From furniture

33. Welded rabbit wire cage

If you want an easier to clean, and durable bunny cage that will minimize instances of infection to your furry friends, consider building your enclosure using a welded wire. It is not so complicated.

Welden rabbit wire cage


Do you like it? Build your welded wire cage too.

Other DIY rabbit pdf plans

Besides the above, you also check on the following: