Ugh… I’m Bored!!!

Alessandro Manduzio

We can start from a basic point: a boring dog is an unhappy dog.

He goes out three times a day only for normal physiological needs, maybe for a few minutes, a short sweep in the dogs area and then spend most of her day off, with the only company of the ticking of the clock of the watch. This is the classic example of a dog who can develop some behavioral problems.

Continuous barking, damage of furniture, scratching and licking insistently or having a perennial state of general agitation are all signals that our hairy friend sends to us and they should alert us.

What to do ?? How to fill our friend’s lives with the right motivations?

Without having the claim to establish "definitive" rules, let's try to suggest some ideas to make our dog's day a little more mentally rich ...

Choose the right games:

The games help to pass the time and each dog shows its preciousness. There are those who like soft plush toys, others who just love tennis balls or go crazy for puppets with the classic squeak. We should have a good variety and rotate them, making sure that the dog can not break and swallow some parts involuntarily. Everything we decide to propose through the toy (short snooping or simply pulling and dropping sessions), even for just 10 minutes, will be welcomed by the dog with joy and enthusiasm.

Interactive games

One of the most practical forms to stimulate the dog's mind is to play by getting a reward. If you do not want to make a "do-it-yourself" building with plastic bottles or cardboard boxes (Youtube explains many explanatory videos), there are many wooden or plastic games of increasing difficulty on the market where you can hide prizes of any kind . The dog can simply roll them or open up drawers or lift lids to get the contents out. Very valuable to spend time and at the same time reward the dog who sees his cognitive effort rewarded by reinforcing his self-esteem.

Olfactory track

A dog lives with odors! There is a whole world we can not imagine and constantly surrounds our friend. So why not help him to activate his more complex and developed sense? We make food a conquest !! At home we could hide prizes around the house in different places and create real tracks to follow. This is an activity that engages our dog very much on the mental level and seeing them at work concentrating on following a track is truly a show!

Today I teach you ...

Our hairy friend is undoubtedly a social animal, staying at our side makes him feel accomplished, and what he most gratifies most is to do things together with his human friend. Take part of the day with him to teach him every once in a while "tricks" (paw, give me 5) or commands (recall, stay etc.). On the one hand, we will learn a good education from the other, we will be even more concerned with the relationship we have with him .... and he will surely be happy !!!

The “coming-out” as an adventure

For the dog there is a rich sensory experience of physical exercise and information storage and must be aware of the fact that it is together. So let us strive not to be passive but protagonists of our / our exit. Playing with the ball, for example, does not simply mean to bring it back mechanically as a robot; You can hide it and invite it to explore it, unexpectedly change the type of ball or try to search it together.


With small tricks you can fill the life of our hairy companion in so many ways making it richer and more diversified and consequently less stressful for him and for us.


A satisfied dog is a much more receptive, obedient and relaxed dog.

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