How to train your dog the Come on Command

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The importance

The "come on command" is one of those necessary dog training commands that you must teach your pet. The come on command is very crucial for your dog as it will help you control and manage your dog in almost all situations of life. Your dog is your pet, the more trained and sophisticated he or she is the more pleasure you will get in your pet and master relation. Teaching the come on command to your dog will bring you and your dog. The come on command is an invaluable dog training since this specific training could save him in every manner of emergencies and dangers. Moreover, it is quite doubtful that you will have to spend multiple long hours to persuade your dog to return to you at the public park while he has some other ideas to do rather than listening to you. Pursuing him in an effort to capture him will be an entirely unpleasant experience. With practice, time, patience, consistency and perseverance, you will be able to train your dog to display an excellent and useful recall performance. So without wasting any time let’s get into the content and help you teach your dog the ultimate come on command.

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Taking small beginning steps & the using of those tasty dog treats

It is not a good idea to let your puppy/dog off the leash if you aren’t sure he will come back to you when you call him. What you have to do is to teach him the recall procedure in your own house’s garden with the use of a long leash. Keep the tasty treats in the pocket to reward him when the dog comes back to you when you command him. To induce him for the obedience of your command, you have to take a few small, the procedure is to crouch down, and then call him in the excited voice. Like, say “return,” “come” or “here”, don’t call him by his name, instead choose an easy word whenever you are ready to gran his attention towards you. Say that word to him and see what happens, if you say it right in the right time positive chances are he will come to you.

The key here is to let your dog see that you are holding that delicious treat he loves, whenever you think it is time to call him. Once he understands that you will give him the treat for the result of your command, he will definitely come to you. Keep the treat in your bag or pocket until the dog reaches to you. Further, command the dog to shake a hand or sit command is recommended before you give him the treat.

Once the dog has returned to you, then all you have to do is to walk a little away from him before the come on command. Repeat this practice that you have carried out, and remember to use a unique and an animated kind of voice tone, whenever you command your lovely dog.

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Dog recall training game

Recall training is very significant and beneficial for your dog and you. With this recall training, your dog will be able to understand and learn the value of the command of his master, and that's you. So how it works? Well, it is simple, you need multiple controlled environments to practice all this with your dog. First select your same tone of voice by which you will call your dog every time, just don't make it weird and sound not like your voice, be natural but a little bold voice will be great. Ask one of your friends to come to you and help you train your dog, ask your friend to call your dog if the dog goes to him give your dog nothing but an angry gaze. Sounds fun right? It sure is, then you have to call your dog if he comes to you give him a treat and nice little pat on the head, and everywhere you want. Then again ask your friend to call him maybe the dog will go to him but when he does not get any treat, he will not go again. Also, practice the recall training in the outdoor environment like parks, the town blocks and in all other places where you usually go with your dog. Moreover, also practice this in the noisy environment like the footpath of the city or the market, if the dog starts listening to you carefully and diligently then that's the time your dog is trained and required that level of recall training. Never forget to give him timely treats and the delicious ones that the dog can never resist, even if he has to jump the wall to get to you when you command, just to eat that lovely pie.


The Use of obstacles in the training

You want to teach your dog to conclude spending that joyful, lovely and playful time chasing other fellas and those lady fellows in the park and come to you whenever you command him to. Therefore, for that, you have to make use of extraordinarily tempting and extreme delicious snacks as those treats that you will blackmail your dog with. He will surely leave those beautiful young ladies in the park or dog club and run to you because he knows he will get that extraordinarily delicious snack he loves more than anything. Your dog needs to understand that obeying the come on command is way more rewarding than the cheerfully leaping about with his lady friends and pals. But you can attract his mind towards your voice command with that simple dry dog food, you have to use something cooked juicy, tasty, spicy chicken snack or something like that, then and only then he will come to you and leave to gaze those glamorous ladies in the park. Moreover, never let him off lead until he comes on is excellent.

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