Golden Retriever Basic Training

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Because it is eager to please, the golden retriever reacts well to training to obedience. In addition to being playful and affectionate, he has an equal character. Very few dog breeds are as versatile as the golden retriever. The golden retriever is known as a game bird reporter and a pet dog, but it also makes a good service dog for the blind and disabled. This dog is also used for search and rescue missions.

The golden is confirmed one of the most popular home breeds in the world. They are very intelligent, quite easy to train, and great companions to people. With a credible level of loyalty to its owners, and lovable to children of all ages.

Though, this breed is a tasking dog breed as it requires it's owners full attention and time, so if you spend so much time away from home and your golden, it is probably not good for the dog. However, for a big family that loves outdoor activities and are willing to spend quality time with their golden retriever, the dog is a perfect company and will get involved in everything the family does.


Time and Tolerance

Even at being a very intelligent dog, the golden retriever is rather slow in growth; indeed, some owners will tell you that their golden never grew! This means that training your golden retriever may take lots of time and tolerance, it's more like teaching a little child. Short training sessions are preferred and more effective than long sessions. You should also know that the golden retriever loves to please its owner, so, use lots of praise on it.

Do not lose your temper or get mad at the dog if it does not get in line with the training or behave correctly. This will rather make matters worse. In such cases, the best thing to do is to ignore him, and again play on his wish to get his attention. The Golden Retriever hates it if it does not get attention, but not to worry, he will soon learn that you will make a fuss if he is not good.

Use Basic Commands

Strategize your training step-by-step and make sure the family is familiar with these steps. It is near useless if one member of the family uses the command "come here" and another uses a different command to signify the same action. So to make this easier, simply write out the commands you intend using in your training sessions and pin them where everyone will notice, so you all work together!

Begin with the name recognition training when the puppy is young, then advance to "come" command as soon as he starts recognizing his name. Once he's got a hang of coming when his name is called, then easily move on to instructing him to "sit" when he comes. To make the "sit" instruction easier and perfect, hold a treat above his head so he looks up at it, then gently push his bottom into a sitting position on the ground. Commend him immediately he sits, this will help him connect the command to the action. Remember, there will be failures and this will take time, but if you praise him each time he gets it right, his natural wish to please you will make him catch on to these commands.

Once he's mastered these moves. Then the next command is "stay". This is usually the most difficult for any dog, especially the golden retriever, because this is when it seems to him like you are walking out on him. To do this, command him to come and sit, keep him in the sit position and raise your hand, palm out towards him and say "stay". Take a step backward and repeat this command, as he stays there, keep moving further and further away, if he is doing fine, then turn your back on him and try walking away.

These are the basic training skills, once you have both mastered them and you are confident that he will obey you in any situation, then move on to advanced training and have a great time learning new skills and commands. But, if your golden is having a hard time catching up to these commands, don't despair, you could enroll him in a dog obedience training class. This will expose him to meeting other dogs and becoming more social by meeting other people too.

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