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5 Exciting Ways To Tire Out Your Dog

5 Exciting Ways To Tire Out Your Dog

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Now let’s hop onto the main light where we will be pointing out some of the amazing ways to tire out your dog, after all, we don’t get this chance often due to our busy schedule but we don’t we surely want the best out of whether we are going on a beach or hiking up the mountains sometimes tiring out your dog can be a difficult task.

As large dogs can be harder to exercise in large quarters than a small dog, by giving out a large dog by giving out a workout would actually be very helpful and working there brain rather than body more will get them to tire easily.

By following ways you can easily tire out your dog.

Play hide and seek

Wait until your dog is distracted by any of things like a treat, person or a ball and then sharply slide it into a piece of furniture or a duck and when your dog doesn’t come in looking for you make a fuss out and give her a treat when she lastly finds you out.

Set up an obstacle course

You can easily tire out your dog by creating many obstacles for them by rearranging the furniture or setting up DIY holes for a dog to jump on and off from it or use their own toys to create obstacles and by telling them to jump from one to another as stuffy toys will encourage a dog to jump on them and they will be very happy doing that.

Chasing out for the bubbles

So here is a secret that puppies love chasing out for bubbles and for that you will need a wand and whip it into the bubble mixture but, also make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals mixture as it can your effect and hurt your dog’s eyes. Your dog will be chasing the bubbles until he is tired as they love chasing out. You can easily make your own bubble mixture by searching over web which will be safe for your puppy.


Feed your dog through different tricks

if your dog has to find his own food this will be surely tiring your dog all you have to do find such hiding spots which can be tricky enough for your dog to get food from there go for large water bottles and putting food inside of it and encourage your dog to open it up from his nose which will be tiring out your dog and once the bottle gets opened close it again by giving very few foods which have fallen out of the bottle to your dog, other examples are a snuffle mat or you can try it all with some different toys too as this requires mental energy with the arousing scent of food will be stimulating their brain and this will tire them more easily than a long run on a field.

Gift your dog with a stimulating chewing toy

Give your dog a cute chew toy which they will play and chew all day long jumping on and off it tiring him out or the thing is that most dogs go crazy over the sound of a crinkly water bottle so you can add up things like jelly pebbles or glitter or ant fun thing in it and they will love it and would play all day long with it which will tire them out easily