10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Occupied While You’re at Work

Roberto Manzotti

Does your dog like to guilt you into staying at home when you’re going to work in the morning?

Leaving your pooch all along at home can feel selfish, but it’s something that needs to be done. But, this doesn’t mean that your furry friend has to get bored at home just because you aren’t around.

In most cases, pets that don’t have much to do when you’re not around develop destructive habits or behavioral issues.

In this blog post, we will go through 10 ways to keep your dog occupied when you’re at work!

So, let’s get started.

Here are 10 Things that You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Occupied!

Turn On Animal Planet

Get Some Toys You Can Stuff

A Petcube May be a Good Solution

Chew Toys Go a Long Way!

Consider Doggy Daycare

Exercise Your Furry Friend

A Room With a View

Dog Puzzles Work

Consider Getting Your Dog a Playmate

Scavenger Hunt

Summing Up


Here are 10 Things that You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Occupied!

In this section of the blog, we’ll list ten things that you can do to keep your Golden Retriever entertained for hours while you’re at work!

1.  Turn On Animal Planet

You can stimulate your Golden Retriever’s brain by keeping the TV on while you’re at work.

We recommend that you let your furry friend watch channels like Discovery or Animal Planet as they keep dogs engaged for a few hours.


2.  Get Some Toys You Can Stuff With Treats

Give your dog a task that he’d be interested in when you’re headed off to work!

It’s no secret that dogs love treats.

So, why not use it to your advantage?

You can invest in a dog toy that you can stuff with his favorite treats to keep your furry friend occupied for several hours. Trust us; he’ll do anything to get his paws on the hidden goodness.

We recommend the StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy or the Milk-Bone Active Treat Tumbler

3.  A Pet Camera Maybe a Good Solution

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to check up on your Golden Retriever while you’re at work?  keep dog occupied

With an interactive pet camera such as the Petcube, this dream of yours can become a reality!

You can check on your dog, talk to him, play with him, and even dispense treats while you’re away.


4.  Chew Toys Go a Long Way!

You can never go wrong with a chew toy.

All dogs love and enjoy playing with their chew toys. With trial and error, you’ll find the kind of product that’ll keep your furry friend engaged for hours. And, one of the best things about chew toys is that they also satisfy your dog’s natural instincts!


5.  Consider Doggy Daycare

If you have an erratic work schedule and spend long hours away from home, your dog can get bored and lonely. He may even develop some behavioral issues.

So, we feel that enrolling your dog to a doggy daycare near you will benefit you as well as your furry friend!


6.  Exercise Your Furry Friend

Tire your dog out so that he sleeps while you’re away from home!

Dog breeds such as the Golden Retriever have high exercise needs so, you can take your dog for a long morning jog before work to ensure that he gets all the exercise he needs and is exhausted.

Trust us, it works!


7.  A Room With a View

Wouldn’t you grow tired of staring at the same four walls all the time?

Let your dog enjoy the view from your window and watch people pass by. He may also love barking at those evil squirrels and trying to protect your house when you aren’t home.


8.  Dog Puzzles Work

Challenge your dog’s intellectual ability and keep him engaged for hours by getting him a dog puzzle toy.

Dog toys such as the Kyjen HideASquirrel or Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy stimulate your dog’s brain and provide them an acceptable outlet for their energy.

They’re also extremely fun for your dog to play with!


9. Consider Getting Your Dog a Playmate

If you spend more than twelve hours away from home daily, you should consider getting your dog a brother or sister.

Dogs don’t do well in isolation; they always need their pack.

You won’t have to worry about your dog being all alone and sad at home when they have a furry friend to play with. It’s also heartwarming to watch two animals play with each other.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Hide away your dog’s toys and other treats around the house for him to find as a fun game. This’ll keep your furry friend engaged when you aren’t home.

You can hide as many things as you’d like to.


Summing Up

Do you now know how to keep your Goldy occupied while you’re at work?

Dogs are social beings and don’t do too well when left alone for extended periods of time. So, it is crucial for their wellbeing to keep them occupied and entertained when you’re off to work.

I hope that this blog post helped you out!

Consider getting your dog a partner of you spend a considerable amount of time away from home to ensure his emotional wellbeing.

Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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