10 Reasons Why 2 Dogs Are Better Than 1

Roberto Manzotti

It is a fact that people love to have dogs as pets in their houses. Keeping the dogs of best breeds is also a trend and people are now very conscious about this. Having Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, Pugs, Boxers or Bull Dogs in your house is always a fantastic experience. The dogs can be your loyal friends, they can be the best guards for you and for your family members, and also you can take them out with you. So, dogs are necessary are necessary, but you all are anxiously waiting to know the benefits that two dogs can give you rather than one. So, friends, there are numerous benefits that two dogs can serve you. Below I am discussing the ten reasons that will convince you of keeping two dogs in your house:


1. Your pet will never get bored

This is the number one reason that why you should have two dogs in your home. Dogs are living creatures, and like all other living beings, they want to live together with other dogs. This will help the dog to conversate with each other and also the dog will never get bored. Both dogs will play, enjoy and live together happily. When you come back home after work, you will be pleased and get relaxed to see that there is not one but two dogs that are waiting to see you and say you “Hello” in their own way.

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2. Two dogs will never get violent

This is the other benefit because when you keep two dogs in your house, they will always keep running and playing in the house. Sometimes, a little quarrel can also happen between the two. So, in this way, the excess energy of the dog is burnt, and now the dogs will not bother you when you want to work as they also have their own activities.


3. Ease in training

Don’t be hesitant to keep two dogs in the house. I know some people are reluctant to keep because they are afraid of the fact that how they will train two dogs. Believe me, it's not a difficult task. When you are teaching one dog, the other is copying. In this way, you just have to spend time on the training of one dog. Both the dogs will learn quickly as they are copying each other actions. Also, when you have a trained older dog in the house, he will teach the new puppy that what are the rules in the home or many other things. The younger one will learn how to sit, grab the log or how to jump. So, that will become easy for you to train the new one.

4. More face licks and more fun

One dog will entertain you, but when you have two dogs in the house, they will entertain you a lot. You will love to see them playing and running. You will have more licks on your face and body. You will notice that how much love they are offering you. The sense of loyalty and love will make you a lot happy and relaxed. Your life will become happier.

5. More amusement in the house

You and your family will have a great topic of conversating. You all can share different experiences of keeping dogs. More stories and more fun. You can tell your friends and neighbours about the various actions of your dogs. In this way, you will get much pleased and happy. The children in the house will love taking care of two dogs, playing with them and talking about them. So, keeping two dogs is a lot better than having just one dog.


6. More security in the house

When you have one grown dog in the house, it serves you a lot by guarding your house at night. The dog is a loyal animal and never leave his master in danger. Keeping two dogs doubles the security. Now, you will feel more relaxed as two dogs are guarding your house. When you have two dogs they will also take care of each other. If one dog gets hurt, the other can inform you and also, they are excellent support for each other.

7. More fun while walking

This is also a great experience. People love to walk city block every morning. When you have two dogs around while jogging, no one will even dare to touch you. Your big grown dogs will prove to be your shield and protection. You will love the feeling when other are gazing you because you are the owner of two beautiful and sturdy dogs. Many will also get jealous from you but this will be just a fun!


8. No more hindrance in your schedule

When you have only one dog in the house, he demands your attention. He wants to play with you and you also run, walk and talk with him to give him company. You can't do this for your dog all 24 hours. The reason is that you have to go out for your job, you have several other tasks to do in the market, and there are also many other chores to do. So, you can't take him out with you. When you come back to home, you want relaxation, but your puppy or dog won't let you. So, provide him another activity. When two dogs are present, they will never get bored and now you can work, relax and can take rest easily without any tension.

9. Jealous your friends!

Yeah, you can do this. You can make your friends and stinky neighbours jealous with your dogs. When they see that you own a couple of dogs, they will be amazed. They will wonder that how you are keeping two beautiful dogs in the best way. (They really don't know that keeping two dogs is a lot easier as the older dog can teach the younger one easily). Many of your friends own a cat or birds in the cage, but you have two grown Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds, you can't describe that feeling, right?

10. No missing in the jogging

Sometimes you get lethargic. You skip jogging in the morning and also the exercise that is necessary for you. Having two dogs of best pedigree cannot let you do this. When you think that you are training two dogs, you will automatically leave the blanket and get up jogging. So, this can save you from missing the morning walk that is much important for you. Your both dogs can also awake you as they also know their schedule. You will love to walk with them as they never let you bored during the walk. They will entertain you and thus jogging will be fun for you now.

So, all these reasons explain that having two dogs is always better than one. Keeping two dogs in your house is always appreciated as this multiplies fun, amusement, activities, face licks., loyalty, security, guarding and also the two dogs are a shield for each other. One can protect the other dog in case of any danger. So, keep two dogs and avail of all these opportunities.

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