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In this corner, you’ll find some answers to your questions about health issues, nutritional needs, the best treats and dog foods available on the market, and more for your Golden Retriever! We gather our information from reliable sources to ensure accuracy.

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How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

You've seen your dog shaking his head and scratching at his ear. When you look at your dog's ear you see just a bit of...

How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

Why are Dogs' Noses Wet?

There's nothing like waking up to your dog's cold, wet nose sniffing your eye, right? Is that just me? Anyway, dogs...

Why are dogs' noses wet?

Natural Ways to Repel Fleas

We all know what fleas are. Hateful little blood-sucking insects. There are lots of conventional methods to prevent...

Natural Ways to Repel Fleas

How To Support Your Dog's Joint Health

Joints are wonderful things, they help your dog move, jump, chase, and have fun. But sometimes joints are painful. This...

Golden Retriever Joint health

Natural Treatments for Fatty Tumors in Dogs

What Are Fatty Tumors in Dogs? Fatty tumors are called lipomas. Lipo meaning fat. These are an encapsulated...

Natural Treatments for Fatty Tumors and lipomas in Dogs

Preventing Bloat (or GDV) in Dogs

All dogs can become bloated. However, large, deep-chested breeds are the most likely to get bloated. Also, be aware...

Preventing Bloat (or GDV) in Dogs

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut oil has lots of great health benefits for us humans. It also has wonderful health benefits for our dogs. First...

coconut oil for dogs

Dangerous Foods your Dog Should Never Eat

You are having a little snack or tossing some leftover cooked bones in the trash. And there is your Golden Retriever...

Dangerous Foods your Dog Should Never Eat

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Dogs

Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of essential fatty acid. This means that omega-3 fatty acids cannot be created by the...

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Dogs

Some Foods that You Can Feed Your Golden Retriever

There are lots of great treats and foods that you can feed your Golden Retriever. Of course, some individual dogs may...

Some good Foods for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers and Ear Infections

Golden retrievers are quite lovable, especially due to their cheerful temperament, and appealing appearance —...

Golden Retrievers and Ear Infections

Diabetes in Dogs... Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you believe that dogs cannot get the same sicknesses and infections as humans, then you are wrong because your dog...

Diabetes in Dogs, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Golden Retriever Lifespan

Are you wondering what the average Golden Retriever lifespan is? This blog post will talk about that, and more! So,...

Golden Retriever Lifespan and What Can Reduce It

Why It’s Important to Vaccinate Your Pet

Many people believe that getting their pet vaccinated is a waste of money. In this blog post, we share why it’s crucial...

Why It’s Important to Get Your Golden Retriever Vaccinated

Yes or No: Spaying or Neutering Your Golden Retriever

As a pet owner, deciding for or against spaying your Golden Retriever is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll...

Spaying or Neutering Your Dog

Heat Stroke in Summer and How to Protect Your Dog

Dogs love summers as much as their human companions do. However, the risk of getting a heat stroke is very real, thanks...

Heat Stroke and How to Protect Your Dog