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Three Homemade healthy Recipes for your Dog

Three Homemade healthy Recipes for your Dog

When given an alternative, there is no question about it, homemade meals are the healthier and more nutritious option for your dog. They require far less time to make than you’d think and they can be made in advance and stored for days on end.

Homemade dog meals are super easy to do and they require far less preparation than a meal for a human. As long as you have ingredients that will be tasty for your dog and you take into account all their nutritional needs, they’ll eat every last piece of food you give them.

First recipe is centered around chicken meat. There can be two variations, one with chicken breast cut into small pieces and the second with ground chicken meat.

You start of by placing the meat in a pan with oil, over fire. Mix regularly until the meat is well cooked and then set it aside.

In the same pan drop the carrots chopped into medium sized pieces, cooked white rice and the chicken broth. Let it simmer until the carrots are done and then add the meat and the spinach. Let cook until the spinach has shrunk and is ready to eat.

Set aside until it gets cold, divide it into plastic bags and refrigerate for up to a week.


Chicken meat (breast or minced) 2 kg

Carrots 1.5 kg

Chicken broth 500 ml

Spinach 300 g

Cooked rice 500 g

For the second recipe you’ll simply need to mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl. After that leave them for 10 minutes to settle and infuse each other.

In the meantime prepare the over, preheat it at 160-170 degrees Celsius. Take a loaf pan, spread butter or a little oil on it so the mixture won’t stick and fill it 2/3 up. Put it inside the oven for half an hour to 40 minutes.

Take the pan out, let it cool down and simply cut it into meal size pieces. You can do two-three pans at a time and you’ll be set for the whole week.


Meat of your choice, minced 1 kg

Potatoes cut into small pieces 100 g

Carrots cut into small pieces 100 g

Celery, cut into small pieces 100 g

3 whole eggs

Cottage cheese  300 g

Rolled oats  250 g

The third and final recipe is for dog biscuits. You can use them as a treat and they are great when trying to teach your dog some new tricks.

They tend to last for up to a month so once you do a batch, you’re covered for quite some time.


The recipe is extremely cheap to make, far less expensive than commercial alternatives, so it will be well worth your time.

Just like the previous recipe, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until they form dough.

Leave it to sit for about 10 minutes, during which you’ll preheat the oven at about 160 degrees.

Take the dough and start to roll it until it reaches a thickness of 1 cm. Be creative and cut it into the desired shapes for the treat (you can buy online cool bone shapes cutters). Grease a pan and lay baking paper on in, put the bone shaped dough on it and place the tray in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Let them cool and store them in a dry place.


Wheat flour 750 grams

2 eggs

150 ml of beef broth (or chicken, whichever you prefer)

Bacon bits 150 grams

For the half an hour it takes to make any of these recipes you’ll get back a far healthier dog and you’ll save quite a bit of money. The dog treats alone will go a long way and they’ll be extremely appreciated by your pet.

Cooking is love and cooking is quality time. Try to practice is once a week, the results are unbelievable.