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Safe or Not: Can I Give My Golden Retriever Yogurt?

Can I Give My Golden Retriever Yogurt?

Yogurt makes for a healthy snack for people that care about their health.

It’s a tasty treat that helps you with the cravings in between meals and has a rocking protein content. It’s good for your gut and goes along with fresh fruit and berries. Like all things edible, your Golden Retriever might eye your yoghurt and even beg for a taste.

Hell, he could even find the container in the trash and lick it for all you know!

But, is it really safe for your Golden retriever to have without any health problems?

This is exactly what we’ll be going through on today’s blog post. In this blog post, we will answer the question, “Can I give my Golden Retriever yogurt?” in detail.

So, let’s jump right in!

Is Yogurt Safe for My Golden Retriever to Have?: A Quick Peek

Yogurt and Golden Retrievers: The Benefits

Can I Give My Golden Retriever Yogurt?: The Final Words

Is Yogurt Safe for My Golden Retriever to Have?: A Quick Peek

Yes, it is safe.

You can feed your Golden Retriever some yogurt but, only in a moderate amount.

Generally, dairy products aren’t too good for your Goldy to have as they aren’t a part of a dog’s diet in the wildlife. So, you see, a dog’s body has not evolved to be able to digest and benefit from them like that of humans.


It is true that yogurt is an excellent source of protein. However, it isn’t a good pick for your dog because it may cause him to have bloating and diarrhea.

Instead, investing in a good quality probiotic would be a much better idea for your Golden Retriever.

Moving on…

dog yogurt

Yogurt and Golden Retrievers: The Benefits

Greek yogurt is a better option for you Golden Retriever when compared to the conventional yogurt  available on the market. This is because it contains a higher amount of protein as well as smaller amounts of potassium and calcium.

There, of course, are some advantages of feeding your dog yoghurt.

In moderation, of course.

Let’s take a look at some advantages of giving your Golden Retriever yoghurt:

  • It can help in improving your Golden Retriever’s digestion (well, at least in theory)
  • It contains Lactobacillus acidophilus—-a form of live bacteria that are known to be good for your dog’s gut health
  • The probiotics in the yogurt help strengthen your Golden Retriever’s immune system and makes it easier for him to fight off nasty diseases

Technically speaking, yogurt is good for Golden Retrievers. However, you should only feed it in moderate quantities because it can make your dog gassy.

And, large breed dogs should only be given yoghurt occasionally as it may cause DV of given too often.

You can give your Golden Retriever yogurt as an occasional treat. It’s also a good pick for when you’re tricking your Goldy into eating his medicine!

But, it should never find its way into your Golden Retriever’s regular diet as it can do more harm.


Can I Give My Golden Retriever Yogurt?: The Final Words

Yogurt is safe for your Golden Retriever to consume.

However, make sure that you give it to him in moderate quantities.

The problem with giving your Golden Retriever dairy is that it is not a natural food source for dogs. So, therefore, it is known to cause digestive issues in dogs that can sometimes be very bad for your puppy’s health.

So, make sure that you only feed it to your furry friend as an occasional treat!

After all, your dog’s health is always the number one priority! For large breeds such as the Golden Retriever, it should be given occasionally as it can make your dog gassy which is a contributing factor of GV in dogs.

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