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How to Choose Bedding for Your Dog

How to Choose Bedding for Your Dog

Dogs sleep a lot when they do not do anything, they inherited this from their wolf counterparts, the wolf can lay around and sleep for long periods of time until they go on another chase, dogs retained part of this ability to sleep. Usually we sleep for about 8 hours a night; on the other hand, it is not strange for a dog to sleep longer than that, even if it cannot go out to play due to weather or for some other reason.

That is why it is important to use wisdom when choosing your dog bedding. Breed like Golden Retriever will spend the night in his bed, think about making him comfortable. He makes great companions. Thus the appropriate bedding will be a starting point for lasting friendship. The most significant subject, to begin with, is the comfort of your dog. Although this task may appear simple, it can be more complicated than just getting an old blanket for your dog to lie on.


Is your dog an outside or inside dog? For both situation dogs on a weather condition in your area need a simple pillow to recover. However, you must take into consideration the age of your dog. In moderate weather, a simple, padded and rectangular pillow should be enough for your golden retriever. These bedding may come packed with foam pieces, cedar chips, or some other cotton or wool material. During stormy weather, make sure that the outside retriever has shelter from rain, snow and cold winds. Here are some tips to choose suitable bedding for your Golden Retriever:

First of all, you need to determine where you prefer your dog bed to be. Would you have your dog bed inside the house? Or would you want to choose one outdoor? It all depends on your choice, you should settle for comfortable bedding location for your furry friend.

Secondly, good natural fibers like wool are ideal for your golden retriever. The wool absorbs moisture and keeps your dog warm. This ensures him an excellent night sleep. It is not a nice idea to give your dog an expensive blanket. In no time, dogs like Golden Retriever will chew the blanket. Therefore it may be best to avoid such a waste of money.

Don’t forget the pup’s you brought home would be parting the comfort zone he had been used to. Known experiences, memories, and scent will be replaced by strange ones. So it is very important to make it feel comfortable. If you think your golden retriever puppy is missing too much of its mother and litter, you can put a towel like a mattress for your dog. A soft towel can soften the dog slightly and will help him relax and have a comfortable sleep.

Doghouse is the next; it is recommended that if you want to keep a dog like Golden Retriever outside the house. It is very important to furnish a dog house appropriately for the comfort of your dog. Make sure the doghouse keeps your dog warm. You can stack up to the dog house with enough hay so that you can play with it and make him lie down too. It is nice also to provide a good a coverlet which your dog will wrap to feel comfortable.


In general, it is good practice to keep food and water near your dog bed, so your dog can help himself at night if the dog is hungry or thirsty. Make it routine to have your dog released one hour after the last meal. If you want to provide bedding for your furry friend by your side, be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and help him to the bathroom.

Providing the right bed is very useful for your dog to feel comfortable in a new environment, so you should pay special attention to the choice of bedding for your dog. If you choose to keep them outside the house, make sure you have a good time with your dog. Make your retriever dog feel at home.

Even as the provision of a comfortable dog bed is essential to improve the health of your dog, the basic principle of a happy and healthy dog is to implement adequate food, diet, exercise, and training in abundance. The complete process not only guarantees effective dog training but also improves the general health of your dog and promotes positive communication between the dog and its owner. With love and care, your dog can grow to become a man’s best friend, while he can change to become an important member of the family.