Good News! Finally Adopted the Senior Lab Abandoned in Vancouver

Roberto Manzotti

The animal shelter I Paw’d It Forward from SW Washington wrote in a Facebook post some weeks ago: “This is what a dog that has just been abandoned looks like”.

A real cruel scene, in the video they shared (recorded by a surveillance camera on the front yard) we can see a dark Tesla arriving at the Orchard Park of Clark County, a woman got out of the car and dropped her yellow lab, Henry, in the street not far from the park.

At first the dog was so happy…. His tail was wagging even faster.

In a few seconds the woman jumped into her car and ran away.

The poor Lab was confused, he suddenly was alone in an unknown place.

The footage recorded on the security camera has been posted on Facebook and became viral wordwide, in a few hours the owner has been identified. She has been called into Clark County for further investigation and obvious punishment because of her offense.

And now, the good news is…. The animal shelter “I Paw’d It Forward” found a new family for Henry who will take care of him. He is 13 years old, nobody deserves this cruel treatment but in particular a dog at this age.

Good Luck dear Henry, not all humans are so cruel.

Image Credit: I Paw’d It Forward

Video Credit: Animal and Pet World (Youtube Channel)



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