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Golden Retriever Saves Kitten

Golden Retriever Saves Kitten

One day a Golden Retriever was out exploring and found something interesting. The interesting thing had fur, moved, and seemed to be breathing. The Golden Retriever could tell that it was a small animal. Not just a small animal but a small animal in need.

What the Golden Retriever had found was a white kitten. The kitten was very young, weak, emaciated, lethargic, and a bit dirty. The poor little thing was knocking on death’s door. No one knows exactly where the kitten came from or where it’s mother and littermates were. It is also unknown how long the poor little thing was alone.

Upon discovery of the white kitten, the Golden Retriever decided to take the matter into its own paws. The dog picked up the kitten and carried it home. The small, weak kitten was limp in the Golden Retriever’s mouth and jiggled around. The little thing jiggled and dangled so much that an onlooker could have thought the little kitten was, indeed, dead.

The Golden Retriever carried the tiny kitten home. The Golden took the kitten straight inside to a soft blanket and gently set the kitten down on the blanket. The Golden Retriever’s owner, who caught much of this great rescue on video, jumped into action. She quickly filled a small bottle for the kitten and offered it to the emaciated, weak kitten.

The kitten drank with great gusto, making a bit of a mess as it did. The kitten drank every last drop of the bottle. The kitten was so hungry that it did not want to waste a drop! Meanwhile, the Golden Retriever stayed close, wanting to make sure that the little kitten it had saved would be alright.

As you can imagine, the poor kitten was exhausted after its ordeal of being alone, starving, being carried in a dog’s mouth, being placed in a completely new place, and eating a full mean that it needed a nap. The Golden Retriever and the kitten took a nap together on the soft blanket. The Golden gladly shared its warmth with the poor, little kitten. They had a good nap and felt much better after!


The Golden Retriever and white kitten became fast friends. They snuggled and napped together. They also like to explore the garden together. Neither of the pair is ever very far from the other. The Golden Retriever is especially close when the little kitten tries to go upstairs and is always there to give the little kitten a boost.

Somehow this Golden Retriever knew that the kitten had little chance of survival on its own. That the weak kitten needed help. Further, the Golden Retriever seemed to know instinctively that his owner would help the kitten and know just how to help the little bundle.

The owner, of course, posted the video to YouTube where it went viral. It’s easy to see why. Everyone loves an inspiring story like this where two unlikely creatures become fast friends. It is truly a story of love and overcoming differences.